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ID: c932fc 2 No. 33474 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 9a7bbb -1 No. 33477
File 13286377197.png - (51.27KB , 256x256 , bj.png )
finally i can live out my little sister fantasy thank you God
>> ID: 2cbfab 0 No. 33478
D/s guy at the end rocks
>> ID: c22cbb 2 No. 33483
If you don't think "ACTIVATE ROBOT MODE" is the hottest thing you can say to a woman, you are terrible at doing sex.

ID: 8d16d9 0 No. 33415 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Which one of you psychos is it
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>> ID: 828756 0 No. 33448
File 132786801220.jpg - (127.70KB , 800x600 , krap ready to kiss you bby u r purrfect.jpg )
This guy's not too far off from me, I think. People always asked me to keep talking because it soothed them back when I played tf2 : )

Also I love you too, friend!

>> ID: 148add 3 No. 33450
  Krapula reminds me of Nigel Thornberry
>> ID: 069d9d 0 No. 33451
where would you recommend i learn film krap
>> ID: 828756 0 No. 33453
File 132795675593.jpg - (34.21KB , 464x261 , _48477720_bearsap.jpg )
I don't know man I'm not a film major ask kpw man.

>> ID: 762be5 0 No. 33481
he looks like the guy from saved by the bell

ID: 9792fa 2 No. 33468 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: bd0304 -2 No. 33471
tinker give me a break
>> ID: eb05ab -1 No. 33472
File 132849211771.png - (442.98KB , 614x575 , sageruallyouwant.png )

ID: 328809 0 No. 33469 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

ID: c4a48f 1 No. 33467 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

ID: e262eb 0 No. 33461 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  it got an hd remake
>> ID: 6ee00b 1 No. 33463

Rondell Sheridan in glorious 720p
>> ID: b072de 1 No. 33464
4:20 hellyea bro

ID: e47946 -1 No. 33458 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  ray william johnson

ID: 774b89 3 No. 33454 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 0c0bf3 0 No. 33455
File 132800572438.gif - (1.31MB , 150x150 , 1314746873438.gif )
>> ID: 5e0815 1 No. 33457

ID: fec2d0 0 No. 33449 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

ID: 203685 5 No. 33408 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  get out of there, stalker
>> ID: 4829c2 0 No. 33409
>> ID: ec08a6 1 No. 33416
septic tank 5 is better
>> ID: 26f8b7 3 No. 33417
anyone have links to 1/2/4?
>> ID: ee609f 0 No. 33444
wububabababa thats some dirty stuff i cannot bare to watch this

ID: fa328f -4 No. 33433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: 6c0ef5 0 No. 33435
Starscream is back with your bi-monthly dose of atrocities from Brazil.

Brazil: We love pitbulls. LOVE 'EM!
>> ID: 03c3bf -1 No. 33438
Update 3 The man is in hospital work, not had his arm amputated, is receiving all the care of orthopedic hospital. source: network mass UPDATE 2 The video appeared on broadcast television, and was told the reason for the attack, the man Video was a drunk, and when he went into the drink and beat the dog kennel. so now it all makes sense why he was alone with the dog and a piece of bread on the side! UPDATED A pit bull breed dog had to be killed with five bullets in the early evening yesterday, city police officers. He tore part of the arm's owner, attacked in the backyard of the residence, at Avenida Presidente Wenceslau Braz, Lindoia neighborhood. Even with three shots, the dog reacted and moved to the head, neck and other arm Dejail Cesar Goncalves, 54, who was taken in critical condition at the Hospital Workers. Around 18h, witnesses to the attack ran to the module Municipal Guards, located a few meters from the victim's home. When the team went to the residence, the man was lying with his left arm and lacerated. Left with no other option but to shoot the dog aggressive. Resistant Three shots hit the pit bull, which stood and moved again in the owner, snapping his head, neck and right arm. "The dog did not stop the attack. We had to fire two more shots to contain the animal. The victim had his arm torn and possibly have to amputate it," said the guard Jamur. According to the guard, there are reports that the "demon dog" would have advanced in others, but the owner's wife would not call for I want to make clear that at no time was omitted help, we were close to the place we heard cries for help and went to see what was happening, were executed at the same time the main requests for help. The place where man was encotnrava difficult access, was trapped inside the kennel with the dog in his yard had more stray dogs, the wall was tall and sharp stakes, any attempt to interfere with someone in the attack could end up hurting more people and causing further injury in man. The video was recorded to show the aggressiveness of the dog that attacked its owner and not let go for nothing. The man asked for a knife, but this time it seemed that there was nobody at home or even neighbors
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> ID: 845634 -1 No. 33441
  is this the nasty dog related videos thread
>> ID: 1430f0 0 No. 33442
>> ID: f05bec 0 No. 33443

ID: 74eb7a 4 No. 33431 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 7bae4d 0 No. 33432
omg yess

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