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File 134726876363.jpg - (46.83KB , 800x600 , poster.jpg )
217897 ID: 54b412 1 No. 217897 watch
Hey Video Games, wanted to try and get in contact again.

We know how bad it feels to struggle.
We can help you in 7 minutes right now.

Having a hard time Financially? We have the
glass of water you need.

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All credit okay

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Car Repairs or Back to School Shopping
Whatever your need is we are the nations
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in just 1 hour in most cases

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Yours Truly
Will Smith
100 Day

Blue Global Media
7144 East Stetson Drive, Suite 300 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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>> ID: bde50f 0 No. 217898
File 134764249082.gif - (593.56KB , 220x227 , 1213512943914.gif )
Hey will, just wanted to let you know that I already have a get money fast scheme. So I do not require your services. So I kindly ask for you to go away from me you crazy stalker.

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