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File 13357246018.jpg - (85.06KB , 550x768 , morgan jaw.jpg )
217233 ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217233 watch
this doesn't even deserve a thread but:


i am trying to remember all my favorite episodes of x-play but it's so hard to like any of their reviews now. they were so skewed.

i think this is the final cut into g4tv that will sever all ties with tech-tv's good name
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>> ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217234
File 133572473926.jpg - (35.21KB , 350x279 , marcus fenix is confused.jpg )
also when did he start to look like marcus fenix
>> ID: 86283f 0 No. 217238
i know have now reason to watch g4 no
>> ID: 148cba 0 No. 217239
  We didn't get that kinda TV 'round these parts but appearantly you don't "mess with the sess"...? That sounds kinda dumb but then again it IS Jazz Utopian TV.

I dunno, a TV progrum dedicated to gaming seems like the opposite of what the industry needs.
>> ID: 9aa293 0 No. 217242
File 133580869539.png - (185.57KB , 1376x1529 , 12414493615.png )
>> ID: 77abec 0 No. 217244
I remember the lame show and tech tv and now I feel old.
>> ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217245
dun worry bro

tech-tv was good shit
>> ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217246
jesus christ girls like that used to exist

shes gorgeous
>> ID: 74fbe6 2 No. 217253
File 133587901515.png - (197.01KB , 255x343 , a8ddb2dac0c7fd1cf4e5e00fdb80984d.png )
Oh shit, I'm sorry.
>> ID: bcda26 0 No. 217327
remember bad influence?
>> ID: dc8df9 1 No. 217330
  sorry anon for interrupting

and imma let you finish

but fuck, i love this review
>> ID: 5f1ec6 1 No. 217427
is this what actual beatmania fans sound like
>> ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217439
File 133843305590.gif - (1.90MB , 300x169 , 1338387080866.gif )
i like to think they're much more mild mannered. most rhythm game enthusiasts are pretty dope people to chill with.

anyway, people, don't forget that with E3 coming up, you'll have the ever interesting Morgan Webb commentating on all things popular and undeserving of sixty United States dollars. if you value gaming at all, you might not even tune into G4tv which invariably means you're not insane and/or a video gaming leper, plaguing the community with your very existence. as it stands however, Sega's panel is set to be very interesting and several Sony sources regard this 2012 E3 as remarkable and foundational for the release for what they're calling the Play-Station four. you'll also find great news on the display shelves of Valve, already critically abused for announcing there will be no news of Half Life 3 at this years Electronic Expo.

be sure to tune in this coming June 5th to June 7th to catch all your trendy gaming marketing schemes and how they will pervert the hobby we have become so enveloped with.
>> ID: dc8df9 0 No. 217448
File 133858332214.jpg - (201.93KB , 615x349 , Adam_Sessler.jpg )

goddamnit marcus fenix
>> ID: 523ed8 0 No. 217854
He stopped being good when he started losing hair and when he became a massive liberal douche
>> ID: dbed84 0 No. 217855
totally agreed.

adam sessler was never good though.

that's just comin from the heart.
>> ID: dbed84 0 No. 217856
i always thought his reviews were undernourished and inapplicable to the games.

he's kinda tasteless, boring and not a regular gamer, [insert morgan and adam aren't gamers here]

but it was x-play and in those years any televised gaming was good televised gaming.
>> ID: c21a51 0 No. 217860
go away seuss
>> ID: dbed84 0 No. 217861
File 134400787412.jpg - (94.16KB , 500x545 , tumblr_m7fbwjPATk1raigz3o1_500.jpg )
you mean sess
>> ID: 9b715c 0 No. 217899
gaming goddess? Morgan Webb? BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
oh man that is funny stuff. She's hardly a goddess and gaming? she seems a casual more then anything.

>> ID: 9b715c 0 No. 217900
gaming goddess? Morgan Webb? BAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
oh man that is funny stuff. She's hardly a goddess and gaming? she seems a casual more then anything.

>> ID: 2d3ee5 0 No. 217915
File 134936770860.jpg - (91.40KB , 640x448 , Cliffy-B-Bonus-Round.jpg )

>> ID: 2d3ee5 0 No. 217920
Gametrailers talks about the death and decline of what used to be a proper survival horror. http://bit.ly/TgMDKi

[I don't think Resident Evil 6 is a good game. I think it's an average action game that does some things well, but it also does a lot of things wrong.]

so the relationship RE has had on the market is resounding and nigh impossible to ignore. Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Devil may Cry, all take cues from the market superior. it would be safe to say that perhaps the luxury of a quality survival horror is something the market deserves but at this point i can't deal with the entitlement issues everyone has regarding arguments about video games and not video games.

i don't feel like getting into it? i find people argue more about their right to say something about a video game, completely fucking the actual point sideways, making sure it never sees its day. this is probably why the Best Gamers are the Best Gamers.

but whatever, RE is just one in the long list of new games that aren't... fun!
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