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File 13285638628.png - (123.93KB , 256x256 , 1692_TribesAscend_1309225856[1].png )
215746 ID: f70f06 -5 No. 215746 watch
Old thread's on autosage, time for a new one.

FA player names:

If you want a beta key just post here, someone will give you one soon enough.
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>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215747
File 132856532721.jpg - (386.91KB , 780x749 , 1327293087200.jpg )
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 215755
Did some housekeeping on the spreadsheet. Cleaned up the stupid shit, organized by region, and made it a lot easier to read.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215756
File 132857171322.gif - (1.87MB , 380x214 , qSKd5.gif )
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215757
btw inf with fully upgraded superheavy as HoF is fucking hilarious and you all should try it
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 215758

oh god
>> ID: f70f06 -2 No. 215759
Oh, thanks.
>> ID: f39532 -2 No. 215764
File 132858370512.png - (81.03KB , 352x322 , tribes ascend.png )
Added my info

also looking for a key or two to get some friends in, just hit me up on Steam
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 215766
>> ID: 1ce9c2 -2 No. 215767
Anyone can get a key now if you like them on facebook.

>> ID: 2593c5 -2 No. 215770
im cabrasux if anyone wants to add me which i doubt
>> ID: 04424a -1 No. 215773
  >Harblue & Gr8Stalin
>> ID: ed927b -2 No. 215774
Added myself to the list.

Oh my god why didn't I install this sooner when I got my beta-key email weeks ago?
>> ID: 0a1ce6 4 No. 215778
  xoxo's final game of tribes.avi
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 215783
  they told me to go fast. i told them to get down.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 215784
next patch will supposedly make grenade throws consistent according to hi-rez
>> ID: a999a7 -2 No. 215786
  i made a few videos to try to convince my friends to play a few weeks ago, i'll upload them for further advertisement
>> ID: a999a7 -2 No. 215787
this is the one where i fuck up hilariously
>> ID: a999a7 -2 No. 215788
this is the one that really sums up what VGS and GOING FAST is all about
>> ID: a999a7 -2 No. 215789
and this is the one where i try to make a montage.

i'm a fairly pragmatic player (other than frequently attempting to melee), so i usually don't get anything too exciting
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 215793

So you mean I won't have a .5 to 1 second lag between button and throw with my discs? That was the hardest part to gauge. Just have to hit the button and start keep your aim tracking the opponent and hope it throws while you're still lined up, drives me crazy.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215795
I think they probably mean grenades actually flying straight where you throw them -_- which should have been in the game months ago
>> ID: b98f51 -2 No. 215800
Trying to throw sticky grenades at live turrets was a complete crapshoot, because you either dodged while jetting and missed, or you sat on the ground and took a load to the face and disintegrated
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 215805
File 132867534287.jpg - (215.33KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-02-07_00001.jpg )

So they're not going to fix the part where you get inconsistent lag time between hitting the button and throwing the grenade? Well --- shit.

New friends menu is cool though.
>> ID: 70c949 3 No. 215808
  stumbled on a random vid of xoxo getting owned
>> ID: c239c1 0 No. 215811
  apparently there's a clipping bug
>> ID: e2abed -2 No. 215812
File 132868945199.jpg - (324.68KB , 1680x1050 , 2012-02-05_00001.jpg )
fastest Juggy alive
>> ID: 7a5984 0 No. 215818
File 132873174380.png - (28.11KB , 585x737 , 1328723086497.png )
GeneralProfits add me.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215820
File 132873488788.gif - (1.51MB , 355x363 , 1328562272957.gif )
new trip code shitposting
>> ID: d3333f -2 No. 215821
  another reason to hate gar
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 215822
tempted to remove gar from the spreadsheet because real talk who wants to play with a llama
>> ID: 6f1799 -2 No. 215823
Guys what should I unlock with all dese tokens?
>> ID: dbfd84 -2 No. 215824
File 132874243289.jpg - (31.60KB , 250x250 , american_psycho_16855.jpg )

doubles always decide, and it looks like we got a winner
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 215825
good enough reason for me
>> ID: dbfd84 -1 No. 215826
File 132874286870.jpg - (32.60KB , 500x375 , redacted.jpg )
that felt, really good!
>> ID: 3d5967 -5 No. 215827
Just call me Kuzco the Llama Emperor
>> ID: 04424a -2 No. 215829
>> ID: 30eaa3 -2 No. 215831
Thumper techs managed to suck out all of the fun I had with the game, not even snipers, lock-on missiles, mine spam at the flag, stealth spinfusors, MIRV spam, Shrikes, tanks, pathfinders going 300 sanics could do this.

But thumper techs could.
>> ID: 3d5967 -3 No. 215833

Thumper techs are still 2ez stop trying to solo a gen room as a RAIDER.
>> ID: d3333f 0 No. 215834
can someone ban gar frm this thread tia
>> ID: 7d6493 -1 No. 215835
ughhh why didn't I buy juggernaught's chaingun

after next patch he'll literally have 3 weapons if you own his lmg.
>> ID: 04424a -2 No. 215837
File 132876979839.jpg - (292.27KB , 979x965 , X1 LMG.jpg )
I got fucking destroyed because I didn't have one of those today.
Just me and another Juggernaut one on one, fighting over a good mortar position, and for every spinfusor I missed he got 15 fucking rounds in me.
Meanwhile I can't regenerate because of the pissant tics of damage that stray in if I try to take cover.
I still don't think this game is p2w like so many scrubs cry about but there is such a thing as counter picking.
I should have just gone another class like Doombringer or Infiltrator to roust him out.

Or maybe I'm just total ass with spinfusor and need to get more BPS's on the slowest moving class in the game.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 215838

on the same level the jugg is unbeatable with that gun unless he runs into a doombringer who can land his shots. The firing rate on that gun is just so obscene you can't really do anything to him when you need 5 solid spinfusor hits to kill him. of course it just turns jugg into another kill stealing Pedro's adidas shirt doombringer open field only because he's completely useless with that indoors.
>> ID: dbfd84 -2 No. 215839
>> ID: 04424a -2 No. 215840
File 132877564659.png - (105.37KB , 300x227 , Tech.png )
>Damage reduced by roughly 4% on Technician's Thumper.
>only 4%
Even if that number was appropriate the damage isn't the main problem.
I can't decide which takes less thought to use, fractals or tech thumper.
Otherwise a pretty sweet patch.

Fractals don't damage generators anymore
Well shit.
>> ID: 3d5967 -4 No. 215847

That's stupid what are they thinking?
>> ID: df1ea8 -1 No. 215849
A 4% reduction? It's not even enough to prevent 1-shotting lights so I don't see the point of it.

I'm okay with fractals being exclusively for area denial now. It was just too easy to rush into the enemy gen and vomit all your fractals on it for an easy destruction.
>> ID: 388301 -2 No. 215853
While I do think that fractals were too good, they were really all that set brute apart as a unique class. This seems like some hefty overreach as well.

Now that Brute suicides won't work, generators are much easier to defend and deployables are that much more reliable. Are scrambler and raider able to survive long enough to take down turret protected gen rooms? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't turrets hitscan as well?
>> ID: dbfd84 -4 No. 215870
anybody got some clean pictures of the new models for diamond sword?

the beagle raider looks fucking boss
>> ID: 088152 -2 No. 215875
>> ID: 5cb4bb 2 No. 215876
  I love it
>> ID: 7d6493 -1 No. 215881
HiRezSean (art director) admitted that only the new Diamond Sword armors were good and that the blood eagle ones were garbage and rushed out as fast as possible and that they were going to change them. Thank god.
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 215882
To be honest I really like the Beagle's Sentinel and Infiltrator. Technician is alright, Raider is just dumb but whatever
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 215883
wish I could change the preview models to DS so I wouldn't have to look at Blood Eagle Betas all the time
>> ID: dbfd84 -2 No. 215886
wait seriously, what

the dsword designs look better overall, but that beagle raider looks like a fucking raptor ready to swoop down
>> ID: d3333f -1 No. 215888
swoop down on a dick maybe [BECAUSE ITS GAY!]
>> ID: efcfad -3 No. 215892
Raider has spikes and shit so I immediately spent 60,000 xp on unlocking stuff for it.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 215895
lol you guys actually LIKE the new Raider? really now? fucking cancer killing video game aesthetics.

I don't mind the idea, a more aggressive looking armor that really plays up the bird of prey thing but the execution is just awful.
>> ID: dbfd84 -3 No. 215896
the only thing that that sucks about the new raider model is the face looking too heavy, but that seems hardly significant to me because i think all of the blood eagle helmets look retarded.
>> ID: 5cb4bb 0 No. 215897
when I first saw the raider outfit I did a double-take because I thought it was a Heavy suit
>> ID: d3333f -2 No. 215900
after further highly analytical extensive testing bxt > phase rifle

that is all
>> ID: 4e0f99 -2 No. 215901
Started playing this game in the middle of the week and have really enjoyed it. Added myself to the list.
>> ID: d1663a -2 No. 215902
Now that I got the Stealth Spinfusor, INF finally became fun and can fight on even grounds with many classes rather than being raped by the Tech's Thumper and turrets over and over and over again. I can't believe how worthless bullet-based weapons are in comparison to 2-shot explosive guns.
>> ID: 7cc5f5 -1 No. 215903
Remove every class except pathfinder
>> ID: d1663a 1 No. 215904
  Push those sandrakers off our world
>> ID: efcfad -3 No. 215905
Calm down, it's barely even noticeable ingame.

You get very worked up about this sort of thing.
>> ID: 3d5967 -4 No. 215906
The new grenade fix is amazing, hit 2 blue plates with the disc on the first round with it.
>> ID: 3d5967 -4 No. 215907

no he's right the new one looks fuckin stupid like a goddamn stag beetle. raider should have like a damn bald eagle head helmet and wings and a flowing american flag cape imo
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 215910

uh that's because its broken (there's only the highest LOD model in the game currently) and actually just displays the default armor with slight color changes at ranges greater than 3 feet.

so yeah, its literally not noticeable in game at this juncture, you're right.
>> ID: d3333f -4 No. 215924
ok reuninstalled this shit again its a bad game yall
>> ID: 39ac35 -7 No. 215929
That tripcode does you justice
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 215931

liked this
even without the resolution stretching stuff this improves framerates and looks heads and shoulders better than other configs
>> ID: ee1701 -2 No. 215970
I got a key for this from a friend, now all I need is to be taught the art of GOING FAST.
>> ID: b709eb -3 No. 215975
press K to go fast
>> ID: f70f06 8 No. 215976
File 132918417213.png - (99.95KB , 614x438 , gravchen.png )
Light turrets aren't hitscan, but their short range/fast projectiles make them seem like it.

also i drew this i hope u like it
>> ID: 04424a 0 No. 215998
>> ID: f3be48 -2 No. 216023
File 132933951693.jpg - (67.16KB , 680x513 , sadshazbot.jpg )
0:57 pretty much that exactly happened to me today
>> ID: 04424a -2 No. 216049
  I just got the Light AR for my pathfinder today and finally started committing to the chaser role.
HOLY SHIT chasing is insanely fun and incredibly important!
As a decent chaser you can carry an entire team of shitties into the final seconds, whether or not they actually decide to cap the flag.

Return Flag - Press K - ERRY DAY

Edit: Watch this video! You may be going slower than you think.
>> ID: ac05ed -2 No. 216059
damn... I'm actually gonna have to bind both of them now. this totally ruins my hotkey layout

why are there two buttons for jetting anyway? can't you just hit the jump button then hit the pack button to do the same thing as jump jet?
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216061

Yes. I've been trying ctrl for jump/jet and right click for jet only. It's not working I think i'm just switching control back to jump and hitting both.

Or maybe i should turn on auto-ski and use spacebar for jump?
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 216062
you can.. ideally all three should be bound separately but that's a weird setup for me to get used to. The problem is frictionless skiing. Skiing used to be glorified bunny hopping so you could have jump/ski both on spacebar. You need jump to get vertical momentum into jetpack, but now because skiing is frictionless rather than jumping, you need to be able to jump straight out of ski if you want that vertical momentum into jetpack and you're not on an upslope. Having jump/jet enables this and also dumbs down jetting upwards in general so you don't have to worry about getting that initial momentum.

I don't have the patience to get used to a separate jump key. I guess I'll never be pro..
>> ID: 4a6c82 -2 No. 216064
I use JumpJet and that has never happened. The only thing I get that ever slows me down is suddenly hitting a snag invisibly and I am shot 100 feet into the air while on a flat surface.
>> ID: 904ecd -2 No. 216069
File 132945743251.jpg - (324.93KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-02-17_00001.jpg )
super heavy inf just took a whole new level.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 1 No. 216070
File 132946090431.gif - (2.23MB , 443x220 , chasing.gif )
>> ID: 401b7c -2 No. 216075
How the fuck do you play Raider?

The Arx Buster feels like such a piece of shit weapon, and yet I am always being annihilated by raiders.
>> ID: 485fa5 -2 No. 216077
the arx shots travel much faster/more accurately than thumper shots do, but they require impact before their explosion timer starts--the farther they are, the more you have to lead.

indoors, it's much easier to land stickies and the grenades explode faster overall, and switch to the smg to deliver massive lead facials.
>> ID: 1d31c3 -2 No. 216085
it's also more suited for armored targets like turrets, generators and vehicles
if you want to fuck up other players buy the grenade launcher, it can pretty much lay waste to anything indoors
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216091

The ARX's projectile speed is actually great for fast moving targets going in straight lines. Raider works great as pedestal defense too.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -1 No. 216093
File 132949897379.jpg - (165.89KB , 788x798 , 1329487441876.jpg )
ARX takes some practice, but it's a pretty good weapon. Much harder to use in the open field, but it's good against fatties.

I like running 'scrambler' to take out turtleing teams. White-out grenades are hilarious.
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 216097
one thing i've seen is people who fire a single crash bomber, then fire the second two while the tech is dodging , which kind of fucks up the rhythm of jump-shoot-land fights.
>> ID: 401b7c -2 No. 216101
Got it. Thanks for the advice.

I'll save for the grenade launcher and try to use the arx buster more effectively in the meantime.
>> ID: 04424a -1 No. 216153
File 132963469871.jpg - (181.04KB , 360x678 , wat.jpg )
5-1 With a minute on the clock, 6k WotD
Chasing is the greatest game stall, I've never loved llamas as much as I do now.
One guy jet straight up on Arxnovena, after I BPS'd him the flag shot a mile higher and the only decent capper on their team zoomed under it and missed right before it landed.
>> ID: 77e31d -2 No. 216162
Everything about this makes me just wish I was playing starsiege tribes instead. So I'm gonna try getting that to work on win7, pain in the ass with the community fragmented as it is.
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216163
>it's not Starsiege: Tribes HD!
good riddance
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 216164
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -3 No. 216165
SparklyNoises is credit to team
>> ID: 65840d -1 No. 216167
File 132968531280.jpg - (116.45KB , 600x798 , 1329508148691.jpg )
On a related note, I've found it's easy as fuck to cap when you're on the losing side of a really one-sided match. Nobody expects a soldier going 180 sanics to cap the flag, I guess. Usually fucks with the enemy team's morale, too; causes them to become overly defensive and begin turtling, for example.

Also, how the fuck do you deal with that one badass pathfinder repeatedly capping at 300+ sanics who doesn't seem deterred by base turrets, technicians, fusion mortars, doombringer shields, etcetera? Because I typically leave matches when one of those shows up, since the games end in minutes and nobody seems capable of stopping them.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216168
chasing is broken so the only way to really stop that is to have good sentinels or good e-grabbers
>> ID: d3333f -2 No. 216171
>> ID: 7049e1 -2 No. 216175
How do I get better at aiming my grenades as Juggernaut?

Or should I just lob them mindlessly and hope they blow someone up?
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 216176
Do you mean mortar? Use the notches in the crosshair. It will take you no more than three shots to hit your target if you adjust your aim using the notches.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216177

this only works on stationary targets

a true professional juggernaught (me) can blast flag carriers on the move

but yeah learn the notches for distance it helps a lot
>> ID: ead693 -2 No. 216190
Yes, there are few things more satisfying than blasting a flag carrier with a perfectly aimed mortar.
>> ID: 04424a 0 No. 216200
File 132980084076.jpg - (1.11MB , 1920x1080 , OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH.jpg )
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216208

Play jugg.
Go to their base.
Kill everyone at their base.
Kill them as they land with the flag.

And if you can't do that then their team is just better than yours so just take the loss.

Also wait for them to unbreak Shrike again.
>> ID: 48452b -2 No. 216212
File 132985341417.jpg - (971.11KB , 1280x850 , 130698502425.jpg )
I just got in, add me please.

>> ID: b53173 -4 No. 216215
File 132987072499.jpg - (104.03KB , 685x572 , llama.jpg )
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216224
some pretty funny jokerz™ decided to disappointing for the win raid the spreadsheet we had so instead of attempting to rebuild it I'm just starting over

http://bit.ly/fatribeslist - View the spreadsheet

http://bit.ly/fatribesadd - Add to it
>> ID: 495cc6 -5 No. 216225
File 132991534558.jpg - (37.88KB , 550x620 , 1323372411004j.jpg )
fuck off marty chang
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216226
feel free to tell me how much of a redditor I am in the input form
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216228
Also, patch tomorrow, and the beginning of Open Beta. On the off chance that you couldn't get a key before, you won't be needing one come tomorrow. All progression on Closed Beta characters will be saved (NO CHARACTER WIPES).


Major points:
>New gametype, Arena Deathmatch, with two initial maps
>New Capture The Flag map, Temple Ruins
>New Team Deathmatch map, Inferno
>Two new unlockable items for the Soldier class: Proximity Grenade and Utility Pack
>New default suits for Doombringer and Brute
>Ability to view either Blood Eagle or Diamond Sword skins from Class menu
>Service supporting Name Change
>Large number of bug-fixes and balance adjustments.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216229
File 132992518318.gif - (588.75KB , 265x181 , 125548526548.gif )
>servers now available in Asia and Brazil.


>> ID: 048e57 -2 No. 216233
File 132993383225.png - (150.61KB , 286x281 , official-FA-steam-group.png )

I made a steam group if anyone still cares about steam groups.
>> ID: d94f94 -2 No. 216235
you have a llama as admin im not touchin that shit
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216236

People who don't play the game are not invited.
>> ID: 048e57 -2 No. 216239
File 132994028364.png - (423.87KB , 704x528 , nobody cares.png )
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216242
Temple Ruins is, no joke, probably the best ctf map at this point. It does everything right:

-You spawn a decent distance from your base
-Distance between bases is the biggest yet, I believe. Map is pretty enormous by Tribes: Ascend standards
-Tons of steep hills and interesting terrain, like a volcano in the middle of the map.

Also they fixed the retarded ass Blood Eagle skins. They fixed Sentinel's color scheme, removed all the retarded 12 year old shit from Raider, and fixed Tech's helmet so he's not a retarded Bob the builder looking faggot.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216243

All the visual changes are great should be spot on. I'd try some but my internet hates tribes with a passion right now and I can't tell why. Just broke the 2000 ping barrier and my game crashed due to it.
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216244
I dislike the ugly nature of the automatically generated table google docs gives me with the form, so I'm coming up with a better solution: A nicely-formatted table much like the old one, but locked so that funny jokerz can't put shota porn on it. I'll still be using the form for player names, though.

http://bit.ly/fatribes - The new, shiny, easy to read FA Tribes: Ascend List.

http://bit.ly/fatribesadd - Go here to add your name to the list. I'll keep an eye on what gets submitted and I'll add whatever gets put in into the list
>> ID: 7049e1 -2 No. 216247
File 132994779357.jpg - (65.93KB , 640x480 , 1282596806113.jpg )
>Click the Get Gold! button
>TribesAscend has stopped working.
Otherwise, great update.
>> ID: d3333f -1 No. 216261
ive run into ret in a few games now and without fail he bitches and cries every game its really funny

just like tf2
>> ID: 7d6493 1 No. 216262
>bitching and crying
sounds like someone else I know hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
>> ID: 7330ef -3 No. 216263
Ive been playing some tribes under a dumb alias.

I used to bitch a lot about tf2 because its bad.

Tribes is actually fun.

Can you guess who I am?
>> ID: b02b90 1 No. 216264
anyone on this website ever?
>> ID: 7330ef -3 No. 216265

Congratulations. You guessed right.
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 216266
doombringer is arena is pretty goddamn funny
>> ID: 8e4f30 -2 No. 216267
Anyone happen to know the total amount of time needed in tribes ascend to unlock everything, without buying gold or w/e?
>> ID: 54536b 0 No. 216268
Hi Ranka
>> ID: 3d5967 -3 No. 216269

every round of arena i've been in they've been completely destroyed. that's the funny part right?
>> ID: c239c1 -1 No. 216275
nah, sabering hovering bumblebee mediums and sending them careening into the deathzone, lining the spawn zones with mines is what's funny. being unable to defend yourself with the chaingun is just sad.
>> ID: f70f06 -2 No. 216276
File 133012053665.jpg - (154.97KB , 1600x900 , hello welcome to the turret emporium.jpg )
(we still lost)

new map is pretty cool but it's got its flaws, arena mode is neat
>> ID: abaaf8 -2 No. 216277
ran into bames jond playing tribes ascend.

>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216279

The biggest flaw of this map is that stupid U ramp in the base that you clip into and lose all your speed every time you use it.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216280

I haven't seen a dmb do anything fun/hilarious like that the whole time i've played, all they've done is died. Juggernaut is hilarious because how tight everyone packs together on the lava map.

tbh superheavy dmb with the boltcaster is probably the best class for it period because he's an immoveable knockback machine.
>> ID: c239c1 2 No. 216281
ban gar
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 216298
  good dmbs know how to wrassle with a beowulf
>> ID: fa5b1f -2 No. 216299
Fucking Doomniggers.

Also, hold on. The chain gun doesn't do damage to tanks? What? I thought DMB was the anti-vehicle class?
>> ID: ebfcca -2 No. 216301
force fields probably do, so does his missile launcher and thrown discs. Don't know why you would make a troll video of trying to cg a tank but whatever.
>> ID: f70f06 1 No. 216303
apparently some sites are giving away promo codes for a free soldier utility pack; they're moving fast but gamespot just got an extra 1,000: http://www.gamespot.com/event/codes/tribes-ascend/

good luck
>> ID: d3a98a -2 No. 216304

got one B)
>> ID: eca59e -2 No. 216305
File 133027632150.jpg - (157.87KB , 500x377 , gravcycleparadise.jpg )
Don't rely on the class desriptions. At all. Doombringer can destroy vehicles with the Saber Launcher but that one is pretty bad too. Best thing against vehicles is Raider I think.
>> ID: efcfad -2 No. 216306
Landing shots on Shrikes is pretty damn hard for the raider, that's one area where the doombringer's pretty great.
>> ID: eca59e -2 No. 216307
Shrikes are really as to take down with any kind of SMG, the Raider is really effective unless they've changed it because I haven't played Raider in a while and nobody uses Shrikes anymore. Saber Launcher is pretty decent against Grav Cycles though.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216308
"shrikes are really easy to damage with any smg?"

that's what you're saying right? Full raider smg last i tried can take out nearly half the health on a shrike in one magazine even without hitting every shot. did something change?
>> ID: eca59e -2 No. 216310
Yes sorry, I meant easy. I also get about half the health down with a mag. Played some Raider today after talking about it and nothing seems to have changed.
>> ID: 00a109 -2 No. 216312
mah nigga
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216331
I'm tired of the scoreboard telling me i'm on diamond sword and lost every round.
>> ID: 5cb4bb -1 No. 216335
Hi-Rez is running a promotion on their Facebook page now where you can get 250 gold for free.

>> ID: f70f06 -2 No. 216338
thanks for this, that's enough for a free perk or weapon!

also there still might be some free soldier utility pack codes left >>216303
>> ID: 5cb4bb -2 No. 216339
I have pretty much everything I want unlocked (I only play like 3 classes) so I'm holding onto it for when Hi-Rez eventually releases decorative shit
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216341

yeah I'm just gonna hoard it until something comes out that can't be bought with xp
>> ID: c239c1 -2 No. 216343
>> ID: b709eb -2 No. 216346
ok that free gold is enough for either the nade launcher or the scrambler for the raider
which is more important ?
>> ID: efcfad -2 No. 216347
Shield generator is really good combined with survivalist, so I'd definitely get the grenade launcher.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216348
File 13304654287.jpg - (338.06KB , 1178x958 , therock.jpg )
>that feel every time you get captain zubis
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216349

>> ID: 3d5967 1 No. 216350
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216359

This is every round of air arena for me btw.
>> ID: 7d6493 0 No. 216361

T:A beta forums in a nutshell
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216363

captain zubis is when you get 10+ blue plate specials in a single match
>> ID: b709eb -2 No. 216376
yeah well I tried that and I have to say after trying both weapons raiders hard as fuck to play well
sometimes I do well but other times most times they so holed up in the gen room I just can't do anything I might as well stop trying because what else am I good for?
Also if they have a tech with a thumper I just quit the game I kind of want my mouth to stay ulcer free.
>> ID: efcfad -2 No. 216378
The grenade launcher is actually effective outside the gen room, provided you get pretty good with it. Definitely better than the arx buster. The arx buster is good on indoor situations as well, but frankly being able to bounce grenades means the launcher can at least scare the shit out of generator room parties by sieging them until more people arrive. Plus it has a huge magazine and a larger splash radius.

Thumper techs are gay as shit but in my experience raider's one of the best classes to punish their retarded bullshit with.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216380

The best being MIRV juggernaut because nothing beats that thing indoors.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216382

raider is probably the strongest class in the game in just straight up combat
>> ID: efcfad -2 No. 216383
Yeah that shit is just fucking insane, but against an ordinary jug indoors a raider with decent energy can just eat a shell with shield gen, which no other class can manage. To me, a max energy raider with the launcher is quite possibly the best generator attacker.
>> ID: 3d5967 -2 No. 216385

MIRV close hit shell does nearly 1500 damage and then the raider has to deal with an 840 damage MKD shell and a 910 damage spindisc (600/650 on CQ impacts).

There is absolutely nothing in the game that can survive the juggernaut trifecta except the beowulf.
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -2 No. 216393
Huge influx of new players is really noticeable now. Maybe I'll take a break till it settles, but right now it's silly.
>> ID: 7d6493 -2 No. 216407

yeah I've been just dominating the fuck out of all the games I've been playing lately, but occassionally I'll get some games with enough gold people to make them worth playing.
>> ID: df1d9b -2 No. 216413

That one we were in together was great. Also are you blue plating people while cloaked with that stealthfusor? I saw you hit 9 that round and I didn't see you hit one all game (because you were invisible).
>> ID: 2386f9 -2 No. 216469
I haven't dominated anyone, but I always get like 20 fps at average with minimum settings, so I'm going to put all my blame on that.
Honestly though I am terrible at videogames.
>> ID: f70f06 -2 No. 216506
Patch incoming:

>Sonic Punch, fully unlocked, creates a shock wave with each melee swing that pushes back nearby players, and can force a flag fumble.
>Added proper animations to the Heavy when driving or riding on a Grav Cycle.
>Mirv Launcher and Mortar Launcher now use standard 50% projectile inheritance.
>> ID: ccc93e -2 No. 216507
>CTF Temple Ruins has been removed from the public queue pending technical and design improvements.
>CTF Bella Omega has been removed from the public queue pending design improvements.

About fucking time.
>> ID: 7cc5f5 -1 No. 216513
they should remove all the maps because they all require design improvements
>> ID: df1d9b -1 No. 216514

I dunno, i kind of like suddenly hitting a rift in subspace where everything has 6000 N*m of vertical momentum.
>> ID: 5f3492 -2 No. 216516
i think you mean 6000 sanics
>> ID: df1d9b -2 No. 216518

Nope. Because as jugg those vertical spikes give me 400 sanics.
>> ID: 17d007 -2 No. 216540
fucking garbage fluff patch, call me when they make some serious changes or release private servers where you can just set server flags to fix the game yourself.
>> ID: b709eb -2 No. 216542
Bugged tech turrets too shoot twice as fast
>> ID: c239c1 1 No. 216543
  i love patch day
>> ID: 5cb4bb 4 No. 216608
  new trailer
>> ID: 5ba0f0 -4 No. 216611
Made me laugh pretty good.
>> ID: ffef2e -4 No. 216625
Check the tags too, amazing
>> ID: d3333f -2 No. 216653
File 133153369746.png - (19.72KB , 590x559 , zxc.png )
hitscan or go home
>> ID: e76e11 -1 No. 216661
in case you didn't know, they uploaded some of the tracks from the game onto soundcloud:

>> ID: d17198 -1 No. 216730
playing jug 24/7 until i'm 10:1 on profile
>> ID: df1d9b -1 No. 216731

persistent stats are making me regret all those tac suicides in ctf.
>> ID: d17198 -1 No. 216733
Defend the Enemy Generator.
>> ID: d17198 -1 No. 216744
this is a good idea support it
>> ID: b4dfec 0 No. 216850
>> ID: e5504d 0 No. 216855
>> ID: b4dfec -1 No. 216872

Tribes Beta Version 0.1.865.0 Patch Notes
>> ID: 1364c3 -1 No. 216884
File 133288066164.jpg - (310.32KB , 1920x1080 , The SUNSTAR.jpg )
So how is everybody enjoying the jackal?
>> ID: 5c62fc 0 No. 216892
so I'm guessing the idea is they're gonna do weapon/costume patches like this for every class now?

suppose I'll save my xp for the SEN patch then, since that's pretty much the only class I play anymore
>> ID: d3333f -3 No. 216899
good choice sent is best class
>> ID: efcfad 0 No. 216903
That machine pistol looks great, shame it costs 100k xp or something retarded.
>> ID: 5c62fc 0 No. 216906
what FOV do you use, xoxo? it looks effective for sniping
>> ID: 1364c3 0 No. 216907

nova has higher dps if you can hit. the falcon is a crutch.

However, the falcon can damage shrikes while the nova blaster bounces off (seriously the fuck is this shit?) Also occasionally missiles from the saber will glitch and cause nova blasts to bounce off of them.
>> ID: ed7aab 0 No. 216908
what are the songs i like the songs
>> ID: d3333f 0 No. 216910
thats like saying in quake the plasma gun is objectively better than the lightning gun cause it has more dps
>> ID: 1c9072 0 No. 216911
please give some source m8 i agree with this man
>> ID: 1364c3 -1 No. 216915

you're an objectively better person if you use the nova blaster than the falcon.
>> ID: efcfad 0 No. 216917
Is the thrust pack worth 40k or whatever? It looks pretty fun, but I'm not sure if it's worth blowing that much on.
>> ID: 1364c3 -1 No. 216919

If you like to chase and like going indoors it's amazing. At low speed one burst instantly pulls you out of the blast radius of any weapon. Also good for e-grabs.
>> ID: 1364c3 -1 No. 216923
Jackal got a stealth buff: now does less self damage when sticky jumping. Also has actual fall off on the splash damage while in the air.

Also turrets got a major buff today. A very unneeded buff.
>> ID: a3c9d5 0 No. 216929
File 133325444979.png - (236.83KB , 500x1050 , PUPPET PAL TRIBES.png )
hurry, need more puns
>> ID: a3c9d5 -1 No. 216930
File 133325634587.png - (235.57KB , 500x1050 , PUPPET PAL TRIBES.png )
kalkin is gay +rep please
>> ID: 3bdb6e -2 No. 216940
File 133335861590.png - (241.39KB , 500x1050 , PUPPET PAL TRIBES 3.png )
>> ID: 3bdb6e -2 No. 216941
File 133335864531.png - (240.70KB , 500x1050 , PUPPET PAL TRIBES 4.png )
>> ID: 3bdb6e -2 No. 216942
File 133335868051.png - (245.30KB , 500x1050 , PUPPET PAL TRIBES 5.png )
>> ID: b4dfec 0 No. 216964
So you are horrible at this game and want better scores?

Here is what you need to do:
-get doomburger
-get safty third and superheavy
-get mines and forcefields
-play HOF

over 30 kills guaranteed
over 10 flag defends guaranteed
killstreaks guaranteed
>> ID: b4dfec 0 No. 216965

also: tactical strikes on your position guarateed.
>> ID: 1c9072 0 No. 216966
heres what i do

play sent

>> ID: d17198 0 No. 216970
wish i screenshotted my 45/6/4 jugg round
>> ID: 6f1799 0 No. 217011
File 133400904743.png - (15.36KB , 794x454 , 1323234876439.png )
>Hi-Rez Studios also announced their intent to reward the very active Beta community. When Tribes: Ascend officially releases on April 12th, all Beta players who have reached level 10 will receive an exclusive in-game Beta badge.

Just a heads up
>> ID: efcfad 18 No. 217013
finally a way to display to others that i am a beta
>> ID: d17198 0 No. 217112
  fun under raindance
>> ID: 023473 0 No. 217170
File 13350578116.jpg - (610.53KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-04-20_00003.jpg )

Shrikes in gen rooms are fun.
>> ID: 6f1799 0 No. 217181
  Cluster grenades look delicious
>> ID: 1aa320 0 No. 217182
the plasma gun is back

i just might have to play again.
>> ID: df1ea8 0 No. 217190
File 133537125965.gif - (1.70MB , 400x300 , huntsman v2.gif )
>> ID: 0a0a15 0 No. 217191
Plasma gun's hilariously broken like the jackal on the first few days of its release.

p.sure HiRez does this to encourage retards to buy gold on new updates
>> ID: d17198 0 No. 217322
hirez is full of homos who dont know what theyre doing
>> ID: 1aa320 0 No. 217336
this game still worth playing?
>> ID: c4bf1f 0 No. 217337

>> ID: d17198 0 No. 217347
  lol wtf hama
>> ID: fefd80 0 No. 217924
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