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ID: f5dbb6 -1 No. 216757 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  This looks like it might be a lot of fun. What do you think?
>> ID: 86ae12 -2 No. 216762
looks cool. if enough people are interested here it might be worth getting
>> ID: 3421dd -1 No. 216769
>> ID: 86ae12 -2 No. 216770
i like desura
>> ID: 86ae12 0 No. 216777
i played the demo. the production is really terrible, the gameplay seems like it could be decent but at the state the game is in overall it seems more like a one off piece of freeware or a student project
>> ID: 3421dd 0 No. 216797

if its not even good enough to get put on steam its got to be a giant pile of shit so I'm not surprised

ID: 3979f6 0 No. 216288 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  If this year you are willing to spend 60 dollars on a game about robots from god knows where trying to kill humanity, please look into Binary Domain for all your genocidal needs.

If your looking for gameplay, it's pretty much cover style shooter, with upgrades you can buy for your weapons, and you can issue orders to your NPC allies, either through button input menus or a mic if you have one.
Another aspect of combat is the enemy can have locational damage, such as having limbs blown off and still trying to fight back afterwards by trying to crawl around or run forward to do their best kick boxer impression.

The story isn't suppose to be so easy to explain off as ROBOT REBELLION WHO IS THE REAL MONSTERS deal that gets used all the time, as there's a bunch of genocidal robots just coming from somewhere, and there's also a robots made to look like humans, and these robots have no idea they are what they are until they are convinced, usually from having their skin torn off, and they are suppose to have infiltrated all forms of society.
Also the ally NPCs you get have trust levels based upon how well you handle combat and conversation in the game, which effects how well they will follow your orders, and certain parts of the story like which of your characters may end up dying or who starts ripping off their face screaming they are a cylon.

Also the story is done by that guy who did yakuza's, so there's that.
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>> ID: 5f9bcc -2 No. 216294
If I didnt see your name I would of though this was an ad bot
>> ID: 3b7260 0 No. 216297

maybe he is an adbot but doesn't know it yet because nobody has flayed him alive.
>> ID: 258402 0 No. 216336
This actually looks awesome. I have a list of games for the PS3 I need to get and haven't yet, but I'm putting this one at the top.
>> ID: 3979f6 0 No. 216759
Oh, well, looks like it's coming to steam for 40 dollars.

Goody, hopefully the Multiplayer won't be a booster shitfest like it was on the PS3.
>> ID: b8c3d1 0 No. 216763
  very informative video on what to expect

File 133183933275.jpg - (164.12KB , 319x1598 , 2rr0vpd[1].jpg )
216708 ID: 7e9684 0 No. 216708 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: a23e64 0 No. 216752
Cautiously optimistic. Apparently there will be new content designed by some of the original creators, which will be cool.
>> ID: 91ac3c 0 No. 216753
oh boy I can't wait for the gay romance option with Minsc

we can finally put that miniature giant space hamster to its proper use~

putting it in the player character's butt
>> ID: 17cdca 1 No. 216761
no heplers allowed in my baldur's gate

File 133122769537.jpg - (299.30KB , 1920x1080 , ss_2f811771b089b21706bc8da51155c7020ab20ab2_1920x1.jpg )
216597 ID: b459ad -4 No. 216597 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so Stacking is out for PC. is it worth getting?

also a friendly reminder: only 5 days left to pledge for double fine adventure
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>> ID: 58502f 0 No. 216727
grim fandango and psychonauts being aesthetically unappealing? i don't think so
>> ID: 2eb46d -2 No. 216745
grim fandango is fine, psychonauts no so much
>> ID: 2eb46d -1 No. 216746
>> ID: 58502f 0 No. 216748
File 13320442579.jpg - (71.65KB , 800x600 , black velvetopia.jpg )
i don't think you're correct
>> ID: a7b555 -1 No. 216750
File 133207337235.png - (99.97KB , 640x480 , tmp.png )
Maybe I'm spoiled.

File 133200929577.png - (732.18KB , 1018x572 , MovieFrame01073_00002.png )
216739 ID: 9b9b9d -2 No. 216739 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
people, help please, how general it is possible to distribute the game in style 3D action game on the ue3 (UDK), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwIWCLYMVLE pay for the distribution of 50% of the profits from each sale
very important question, write to us ut2045@gmail.com
>> ID: dfd921 -4 No. 216740
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
>> ID: 148d1b -1 No. 216741
>> ID: bc3178 -1 No. 216756
good choice of ut music

ID: 82a852 -6 No. 216667 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  just a reminder this comes out tomorrow
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 878eeb -2 No. 216675
There's in game costumes and DLC you can get that help counter this
>> ID: f8be06 5 No. 216676
just a reminder op is a fag
>> ID: 5108d4 -1 No. 216681
don't care how anime this is, still hype for new tales of series gameplay after like 5 years
>> ID: c617fc -1 No. 216697
File 133181683248.png - (392.96KB , 1526x1579 , AdultGames.png )
So far, outside of the awful KID prologue shit, it's been pretty fun. Just wish the game allowed you to change the fucking controls because so far I'm really not liking how to do some of the moves and I would rather have blocking set to another button. Also the game is bad at letting you know that your combo starter move is diffrent based on what direction your slamming.
>> ID: 82a852 -1 No. 216720

Most tales games start out okay or painfully slow but this picks up when you leave the child arc. It gets even better when you get enough CC to do actual combos.

File 133131658784.png - (5.18KB , 320x288 , sml3ending.png )
216613 ID: 4a2680 -2 No. 216613 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
basically just pointing out that the big companies are shedding people left and right because they're not making money, and comparing it to the dot com bubble
i guess its not really news, but would you guys say it's the end of an era?
20 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: fd1bde 0 No. 216662
this article presents a philosophical dilemma, ie videogames are gay but indie games are gayer
>> ID: 63376c 0 No. 216665
by that i meant everything from dys4ia and the passage to braid and aquaria to binding of isaac, terraria, and amnesia
>> ID: fd1bde 0 No. 216666
this thread is hella dead but here's a good article about videogame

>> ID: 40c2d0 -1 No. 216682

The passage was terrible and honestly I think you should leave
>> ID: 63376c 0 No. 216683
i'm sorry you cant appreciate art

File 13312533694.jpg - (422.35KB , 554x774 , Civ5_Box.jpg )
216601 ID: f6eb60 -2 No. 216601 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Civ 5 for $7.50 @ http://www.greenmangaming.com/games/strategy/sid-meiers-civilization-v/ until saturday.
>> ID: 14224d -2 No. 216602
But that isn't the Game of the year edition. (since that has all the dlc included)

Just wait until they have it on one day only deal on steam since the 2K games weekend sale is going on.
>> ID: 913884 2 No. 216609
File 133130359544.jpg - (285.45KB , 1200x732 , civvbig[1].jpg )
Also, Gods and Kings expansion on the way
Religions and espionage returning
>> ID: ed420b -1 No. 216610
welp there goes another 150 hours of my life
>> ID: 8eb479 0 No. 216626

Thank God.
>> ID: 27ce8f 0 No. 216649

ID: 3a8bc1 -1 No. 216583 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  some real gameplay at long last
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 3a8bc1 -2 No. 216585
  tank combat, base assault, galaxy used as a spawnpoint
>> ID: 3a8bc1 -2 No. 216586
  map, microtransactions, smartphone support
>> ID: 3a8bc1 -2 No. 216587
and a bunch of interviews and screenshots etc etc etc
http://www.planetside-universe.com/ has most of it on the front page at the moment
>> ID: 3a8bc1 -2 No. 216588
here, have some cool news and some stupid bullshit:
Drop pods will accelerate to the ground and will deal damage on what they hit.[...] "A squad leader is under fire and stuck behind cover when two drop pods fall and crush two enemies and then MAXs get out of the pods and tear up the attackers. And that's your trailer."

Biolabs use teleporters to get from the ground floor to the top as stairs would take ~15min to climb to get up to the top.

Q: Whats the difference in weapon handling "at the hip" versus aiming down the sights? Extreme like CoD (hip firing being essentially worthless at anything beyond point blank) or PS1 accuracy at hip with ADS being a slight improvement, maybe reducing CoF expansion?
A: Empire Specific and Weapon dependant. eg. TR have better hip accuracy.

Q: Can an empire capture large facilities in sections, or is it just the "one cc, all or nothing" gameplay like PS1? If they can capture a section, and they grab one that has a spawn point in it, can they now spawn at that spawn point?
A: You can capture bases in sections and when you capture a barracks you can spawn there.

Q: How will Infiltrators be able to sabotage enemy equipment?
A: By blowing equipment up. Gens will now be interactive things and not require heavy fire power to bring down.

You can have a maximum of 3 implants and implants have tiers. They will be consumable similar to a buff. There will be an exp booster implant that can be bought from the store with station cash.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> ID: 1405c0 -2 No. 216598
I look forward to playing Planetside 2.

File 132977302278.jpg - (81.31KB , 574x378 , gabe_alt.jpg )
216189 ID: 74f496 1 No. 216189 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
SantaHis Holiness may His Rolls Heat us For Centuries to come
10 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 7d64c8 1 No. 216213
gabe newell
>> ID: ef214c 1 No. 216217
File 13298725585.png - (326.33KB , 574x378 , gabe claus.png )
Twinkies and hohohos
>> ID: 181c9d 0 No. 216274

>every friday free professional massage

>> ID: 2f77d5 -1 No. 216327

I would buy a Valve-made portable game system. Just having Steam functionality IN AUGMENTED REALITY would make it worth it.
>> ID: d0ee9e -1 No. 216589

ID: c3c518 0 No. 216435 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: cbba5d 0 No. 216466

well, that explains it
>> ID: fd1881 -1 No. 216575
File 133112767086.gif - (90.88KB , 550x198 , get out.gif )
Get out.

File 133056994623.jpg - (71.00KB , 912x552 , country steak.jpg )
216391 ID: 416a84 -3 No. 216391 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so i got a cs:go invite

are these worth anything
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: b3806e -4 No. 216447
watermelon wouldnt fit on the plate
>> ID: cb0b33 1 No. 216455

is that some sort of racial humor because that's a fried steak not fried chicken
>> ID: b3806e -4 No. 216458
it was actually just a regular joke but thanks for ruining it jerk-ass punk melon-hating mother fucker
>> ID: cb0b33 2 No. 216472

uh woah now, I fucking love melons because I'm black HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
>> ID: bbc52a -6 No. 216563
chicken fried steak is literally the whitest fucking thing you can eat

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