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File 133230412290.png - (423.77KB , 464x633 , 1332299155400[1].png )
216782 ID: 97d8ff -1 No. 216782 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Looks like bandai finally came through
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>> ID: b50962 0 No. 217462

def first day buy for me
>> ID: d1bc55 0 No. 217577
File 13390829817.jpg - (17.41KB , 193x245 , 1317942770762.jpg )
>"In terms of the PC version, the quick answer is no, [we won't be fixing the frame rate problems]. Because we wanted to get the PC version out as soon as possible, it's more strictly a port from the console version. We haven't been able to step up into doing any specific optimization for PC.

>Yes, you can change the resolution. I'll note that at E3 From was playing the game in a window at 720p. And there were frame rate issues. :\
>> ID: 7f86ff 0 No. 217578
hahah when will you gamers learn
>> ID: 01d91e 0 No. 217581
a weird japanese company releases a shoddy console port as their first pc release more at 11
>> ID: 7a7a6d 0 No. 217582
I'm not sure how much of a shit I give, so long as it's not *worse* than the console performance issues.

Also, I'm intrigued by the inclusion of "online matchmaking" listed as a feature on the Steam page. Does this mean manual joining via GFWL? Can we finally play through the game cooperatively with a friend?

ID: 1b096b 0 No. 217559 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  what the fuck? how can they do this?
and why didn't they do it before, when I was 12 and wouldn't have felt a lick of shame at being so excited
>> ID: 3d5c7f 0 No. 217560
Awe don't feel bad dude.

That's what people want you to do. I say go out, get liquored up and enjoy it thoroughly because that's what the fuck I'm gonna do.
>> ID: 3d5c7f 0 No. 217561
File 133902552931.jpg - (46.50KB , 400x500 , oh god boss me.jpg )
oh god sarah silverman


ID: 5cf403 0 No. 217436 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  call of duty: caribbean warfare
>> ID: 9e3a49 -1 No. 217437
wow this is one of the few times a multiplayer demo wasn't boring
>> ID: e21aaf 0 No. 217458
I was pretty much "Oh, another Call of Duty" until the end.

I dunno though. Fatalities got boring in moral Kombat pretty quickly, I don't see executing the other teams' top player working any better in that regard.
>> ID: 35042d 0 No. 217464
There was a brief moment near the beginning where I thought it was satire.

File 133096262568.jpg - (32.84KB , 284x250 , Dragons_Dogma_Logo_300[1].jpg )
216509 ID: 7216db -3 No. 216509 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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>> ID: d27ed9 0 No. 217430
File 133832703546.jpg - (73.27KB , 1280x720 , ON THE PENIS.jpg )
geting my nuts suckd cause theyre so fresh! i did this at night because u do stuff like this at night if u do it during the day ur mom might catch u and itll be embarassing
>> ID: d27ed9 0 No. 217431
did someone get golden idol from the babysit lil girl quest? i need a copy of that cuz i fuckd up :O i gib u something in return but idk wat
>> ID: 142a3c 0 No. 217433
File 133833310376.jpg - (66.55KB , 1280x720 , Dragon\'s Dogma Screenshot.jpg )
420 ride oxes every day
>> ID: b83a42 2 No. 217434
File 13383394757.png - (70.02KB , 430x427 , DudeAnal.png )
Sorcerer is OP as fuck. See some bandits hanging out in the distance, set a tornado on top of them before they even see you. A nigga givin' attiude, petrify his ass. End of Evangelion? End that bitch with Meteors.
>> ID: f934a0 0 No. 217438
File 133841599717.jpg - (63.72KB , 1280x720 , eh gets throatfuckd.jpg )
dats why i play assassin/fighter/ranger! sorcerer so boring and easy. its weird that sorcerer pawns are so useless though. they never do any damage and dont even cast the correct spells most of the time.

i also like taking ACTION SHOTS of my char in cool positions

File 133796646478.jpg - (280.89KB , 1024x768 , Waterfall.jpg )
217425 ID: e64467 0 No. 217425 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

ID: fca6d7 0 No. 217422 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  $1500 from old geocities page to fund this shit.
>> ID: fca6d7 0 No. 217423
  so deep,dark, and edgy

ID: f22506 0 No. 217015 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  so sherry and alex wesker are confirmed now mite b kool
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>> ID: f22506 0 No. 217375
RE4 isn't survival horror either, it's just closer to one than RE5
>> ID: c93ba7 0 No. 217376
so are you using the original RE's as an example of survival horror

because those ARE survival horrors but they also follow the same design as Dead Space and RE4. enemies dropping ammo doesn't immediately change the genre, it seems to me like it explores it a little more.

and there still are limitations present in both RE4 and Dead Space, namely space, funds, maximum health, things you have to manage. is it the lack of a safebox or save room? i'm not exactly clear on what survival horror is to you, because both Dead Space and the latest RE's conform to the rules, they're... just not what we grew up with.

that said, the new dead space boasts a cover system and enhanced mobility which kind of is in direct violation of what makes a survival horror a survival horror. limited movement options are integral to the genre. but anyway, i'm still wondering what exactly you think survival horror is
>> ID: f22506 1 No. 217379
you may not think the retarded amounts of ammo is a big deal but there's no real sense of survival when you can just unload into every enemy you see and justify it by knowing that they'll probably drop just as much ammo anyways; there's literally no reason to ever run away from anyone in RE4 or dead space like there was in the old games

also there's the fact that in RE1 you pretty much had a pistol and a shotgun and everything else was either extremely short in supply or not usable until a second playthrough, you couldn't just buy yourself an arsenal (they added more weapons in 2 and 3 but you still had to actively scavenge everywhere for ammo if you wanted enough to even kill most enemies)

"survival" horror isn't necessarily anything specific other than it has to actually feel like you're struggling to survive, which you don't get from dead space or RE4 because they both turn you into arsenals within the first hour or so
>> ID: c93ba7 0 No. 217380
yeah, see, i knew you were thinking that way and i agree that the older games are better and have more pronounced survival elements but that doesn't take away from RE4 derivatives like Dead Space.

those old games are fucking awesome and timeless classics that can't be replaced, they offer great challenge, spooks, and a real management of resources. those are golden age survival horror games, the new popular survival horrors are still based around survival. you only have so much space to carry your equipment, your health needs to be budgeted still, and you're still at a significant disadvantage for mobility.

because it's easy to be GOOD at those games doesn't make them less survivalist, they're just EASIER. if leon died in 3 hits like in the old games, or if ammo wasn't dropped so occasionally then a lot of people would be singing a much different tune about what the future of survival horror is. these new games are just easy to play, they still do practice all of the requisites for survival horror, they're just not as challenging.
>> ID: 4e7113 -1 No. 217412
I thought you weren't talking about RE5

File 133640440921.jpg - (138.05KB , 639x480 , Ganondorf.jpg )
217298 ID: 3e9334 0 No. 217298 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
what was the last really challenging game you played
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>> ID: df5b10 2 No. 217352
File 133679388716.png - (878B , 64x64 , THIS MOTHERFUCKER.png )
dungeon crawl stone soup
>> ID: bec7cc 0 No. 217355
>> ID: 48b17a 0 No. 217368
I've been getting into this while waiting for el rojo de Sea Captainico 3. Elf halls 5 has been the source of all my tears.
>> ID: d6ed61 0 No. 217388
File 133717496542.jpg - (163.70KB , 1024x768 , typical moment in COD4.jpg )
I once killed him with only 2 HP to spare and turned him into a zombie. Single greatest moment in gaming for me.

Day z soloing. Playing in a group gets boring as there is a constant flow of supplies.
>> ID: d88bb1 0 No. 217401
getting 100% in dkc returns is a challenge

game difficulty was just right if you never resort to the easy mode gimmicks

File 133715722298.jpg - (128.59KB , 1024x768 , castlevania.jpg )
217382 ID: b71093 0 No. 217382 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i was just playing Xenogears for the first time and thought,
"You know what would've made this battle system a million times better? If the attacks were executed the moment you press a button, rather than giving a series of orders. It'd be way more visceral and satisfying if they axed the delay, even if you'd need to have the characters warp around, a feeling a little like playing a fighting game without needing to be any good at fighting games"
...and then it occurred to me that the same goes for pretty much every JRPG

is there even one of them that doesn't have that unnecessary delay?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 3d56ad 1 No. 217391
File 133720140896.jpg - (94.24KB , 400x300 , tactics.jpg )
Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier had a fun as fuck battle system (and a dumb long name). I can't find any decent videos, maybe because it was for the DS, but your attacks were a series of fighting-game like moves that you had to chain together to maximize damage. Juggling your enemy in the air did extra damage, and you had unique moves like wallbounces and hyper combos that could keep the chain going even longer. Each character would get a certain number of attacks to chain together, and then it would be the next guys turn.

So there was strategy, because you wanted your entire team to take their turns one after another to make the longest chain possible, and there was action, because you had to time all the attacks manually and remember the turn order and each characters' inputs and attacks in order to get a meaty combo.

Shit, that game was fun. And funny, and the story was pretty decent. It is a crime against humanity that they haven't localized the sequel.
>> ID: 96d38a 0 No. 217392
i remember that, i was apprehensive to play it at first cause it seemed like a shitty japanese 'look at boobs hehehe' game but yeah that was a great battle system
>> ID: b71093 0 No. 217393
this and valkyrie profile (and other games with similar combat systems) are great and pretty close to what I meant

i might've made the thought sound more complex than it is, it's really just: you hit enemies the instant you press a button like in action games, except you'd have gone through the usual waiting for your turn and selecting an enemy first

FFX might be it, I don't remember exactly what it was like the one time I got to play it but it was snappy. Chrono Trigger, not so much - it has exactly that delay that bothered me, where the character basically pauses for a second before launching an attack.
>> ID: dd5854 0 No. 217394
File 133725972754.jpg - (81.62KB , 240x320 , cuteymario.jpg )
well ffx is based on speed values so the faster your party is the more turns you get, and all of their attacks are executed immediately

also, it's kind of glaringly obvious, but paper mario is just like what you're asking about too.
>> ID: f03fb0 0 No. 217398
I'm pretty certain that the pause happens as a bad way of disguising loading times for the animation data. Why they'd make something as routine as attack animations take up enough space for that to be necessary is beyond me, though.

File 133048797145.jpg - (106.83KB , 689x387 , DSC02761.jpg )
216355 ID: 359d28 0 No. 216355 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
lets talk about the vita
Anyone got one?
I love mine, some issues but those can be fixed with patched.
18 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 339a62 0 No. 217120
  this looks great and exactly what i was talking about
>> ID: 339a62 0 No. 217121
  this too looks amazing
>> ID: 339a62 0 No. 217137
File 133486844473.jpg - (70.04KB , 640x363 , super_monkey_ball_vita_adult.jpg )
>> ID: cf8a6a 0 No. 217395
can you jailbreak this thing cause i really wanna play the psp backlog but it would also be nice to have new games to look forward to
>> ID: 339a62 0 No. 217396
I think there may be some hope for that? You might want to wait, as of yet, it hasn't been broken for that. All PSP games must be bought from the store and all that jazz.

ID: 501b68 0 No. 217258 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
15 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: c4ed02 0 No. 217283

not big news; defaulting to boobs for more sales probably
>> ID: 8cd9cf 1 No. 217286
call of duty: moderner warfare
>> ID: f292fc 0 No. 217290
This is as close to getting Battlefield 2142 on Steam as we're ever gonna get, huh?
>> ID: d7655b 1 No. 217291
War... has changed..
or has it?
>> ID: 69f188 0 No. 217356
call of duty: post-modern warfare

File 133554132547.jpg - (62.83KB , 960x539 , 1335529454938[1].jpg )
217217 ID: 3c2cd6 0 No. 217217 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

japan time
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 7c7444 -1 No. 217235
File 133572537574.jpg - (974.21KB , 1280x768 , shitty scripted fighter for babies that cant use t.jpg )
i hope so

video games don't have any more cool glitches and exploits. who wants to play a gay game with shoddy pre-coded glitches for the sake of top-tier advancement

pic related :(
>> ID: 7c7444 0 No. 217236
File 133572643021.jpg - (130.11KB , 640x642 , 1293524684-00.jpg )
i kinda wish more games in general were made with a spirit of fun in mind tbh. too many competitive games neuter themselves in the hopes that they will be fair to play by wide standards. i guess regular games by nature should be fair

but a video game doesn't have to be. part of the fun of a video game is to experience circumstances that are so stupidly constructed there's no way it'd exist anywhere else. i always have this stupid argument whenever i'm talking video games with people but i think it's really fucking gay i can't have fun with a game the way i can imagine using the given rules because dev's want to outsmart my capability.

that just discourages me and makes me want to play something else that respects my intelligence.
>> ID: 5eb426 -1 No. 217285
fuck you battyman

why would you have kratos, the hellghast, and fucking sweet-tooth in a cartoony beat'em'up. total mismatch of styles. looks hella dumb imo. 0/10 would never playe at a competitive level.
>> ID: 7c7444 1 No. 217289
why would you be a fag and ask why characters are in a game about nothing
>> ID: 7c7444 0 No. 217307
"M. Sakurai: We were thinking, you know, some stages are very bland an boring. Final Destination for example. So we thought, why not throw in some hazards in all the stages? Keep the players on their toes, step up their game so to speak. [Laughs] So in Final Destination for example, Master Hand will occasionally come out and slam the stage. If everyone bands together and defeats him before he runs off, he'll leave behind a Smash Ball. That's the kind of thing we're trying to get into every stage this time around.


torn straight from the walls of 4ch /v/

this might mean the new smasheroonies will be worth it if they legit ran out of good ideas.

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