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ID: 23e14d 0 No. 8800 watch
  No thread?
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>> ID: 4b54b7 0 No. 8811
>Game of Thrones

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you fucking nerd.
>> ID: e14483 5 No. 8822
I loved the fucking show to death but I have a question for anyone that watched it and hasn't read the books.

Could you really tell everything that was going on? It seemed confusing if you didnt know a lot of the backstories to the characters and histories that you would've gotten in the book.
>> ID: 473e48 0 No. 8833
I just watched the first episode with my brother today, he had some questions but for the most part he understood what was going on. Needless to say hes now hooked on the book.
>> ID: 23e14d 0 No. 8844
Never read any of the books but it wasn't too hard to follow. I probably wasn't paying very much attention but I didn't get why it was a big deal that the kid caught those two people fucking.
>> ID: e14483 0 No. 8855
It's Queen Cersei and her brother Jaime aka incestual cheating on the King.
>> ID: 0f81b9 3 No. 8877
>> ID: 695f6c 0 No. 8899
reading the books is somewhere on a to-do list that i'll never end up getting to, but it wasn't particularly difficult to follow what's actually happening. obviously some of the more nuanced parts they might've tossed in are lost on the folks who haven't read the books, but the episode did what appears to be a decent job of introducing the main cast while keeping things a bit lively.
>> ID: ad0621 7 No. 8900
Its official

KRMT is a fucking dumb nigger
>> ID: d1b93d 3 No. 8933
File 130350254475.jpg - (844.42KB , 998x545 , No one asexually reproduces like gaston.jpg )
all white people look the same how was he supposed to know jaimie was cersei's brother
>> ID: 9d5faf 3 No. 8955
I love fantasy. I play dungeons and dragons with my friends and sometimes when no one is around by myself. My parents at first didn't want to let me stay up to watch Game of Thrones but I downloaded it so they have no idea I got to see it, but we have HBO so it's okay.

I was surprised by all the nakedness. Boobies everywhere. I have a girlfriend, and she said she was offended by it. I wasn't offended though. But since the internet is full of awesome porn, this was nothing. It's like for people who never watch porn? It was really boring. The dwarf sex gave me shivers because of the slurping sounds. I think it scarred me. The doggy-style incest looked like they were bored and just going through the motions. Wow, everyone is doing it doggy style.

And then nothing else happened? Sex and someone gets thrown out the windows? Where are the goblins and orcs?…
>> ID: ad0621 8 No. 8977
File 130358944093.jpg - (6.79KB , 198x255 , 1301959569096.jpg )
>> ID: 23e14d 4 No. 8988
Yeah I'm dumb my bad.
>> ID: d74d86 0 No. 8999
so where can i watch it. dont say hbo
>> ID: d1b93d 1 No. 9000
File 130361589582.png - (320.98KB , 600x600 , freakawho.png )
Even though you're being incredibly lazy given that finding streaming video (or megaupload links which can parlay into more-instant megavideo links) on the internet is easier than anything, this link still works right now (no guarantees on how long it will though): http://www.megavideo.com/?d=N1DOE5IE
>> ID: 473e48 0 No. 9033
2nd episode ruled hard, really enjoying this show.
>> ID: 6f25b0 2 No. 9100
File 130380581262.gif - (510.11KB , 352x352 , dorfvsfag.gif )
>> ID: 6f25b0 4 No. 9111
File 130380810072.gif - (1.67MB , 393x221 , betterone.gif )
oh and
Is good at finding out how the charecters are releated and the background history of the world without spoiling anything
>> ID: 3a65a6 0 No. 9122
I get annoyed at the end of every episode that I have to wait a week for the next one.

Might just skip this until later in the season when I can watch them back to back.
>> ID: 0348ed 0 No. 9199
I get the feeling that this is one of those shows HBO will cancel after the first season. Show not set in a modern urban setting? LOL, BUDGET TOO HIGH, CANCELED!
>> ID: 695f6c 3 No. 9200
except that they've already renewed it for a second season.
>> ID: c3da76 0 No. 9222
>> ID: 6d4131 1 No. 9255
That's good to hear, but precedence points towards Rome, Deadwood, Carnivale, etc...

All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up about it having a complete or well paced ending.
>> ID: d1b93d 0 No. 9277
I don't even have that hope for the book series.
>> ID: d1b93d 0 No. 9311
Speaking of which, the manuscript is done apparently. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150176256242173&oid=161910773833999&comments
>> ID: 23e14d 0 No. 10044
File 130496311086.png - (1.24MB , 1280x720 , Dekus watches over caps.png )
Good episode.
>> ID: bfc805 2 No. 10066
ser hughs death was quite jarring
>> ID: 57e9e9 8 No. 10133
This show has gone to shit. There have been less and less tits in each episode until we've reached the point where we only got one topless scene last episode and it was sideboob of some really crap tits. Any kind of historical or fantasy drama is inherently homo erotic and needs lots of tits to cancel out the gay. We are dipping below the critical level of tits required and this is now a fagshow. 3 episodes more and we'll have full frontal male nudity with dudes kissing each other.
>> ID: 036b57 7 No. 10144
File 130505231888.jpg - (86.77KB , 830x467 , Loras_Tyrell.jpg )
Might come sooner than you think
>> ID: 036b57 7 No. 10166
File 130507500330.gif - (966.43KB , 304x171 , Wanna know why they call me littlefinger.gif )
>> ID: d1b93d 0 No. 10344
File 130522590889.jpg - (341.52KB , 1280x720 , Bitches be waking the dragon.jpg )
Saw on RPS that apparently there's a GoT RTS in the works?

>"In this strategy game, victory does not necessarily result from brute force. You can of course choose to use a military approach and besiege your opponents, but you may also strangle them in an economical war, or use all the dirty tricks possible and subtle diplomacy to politically crush them. Treachery, deception and backstabbing are everywhere… so watch your back, always!

>Accessing the Iron Throne is achieved by building up Prestige for your House. Different ways are at your disposal: amassing wealth, building many alliances, controlling the Sept temples, slaughtering the opponent… However, some actions may also lead to Prestige loss: laying siege to an enemy castle or town during peace time, being victim of a secret alliance, having your bastard sons discovered, and others. Build up enough Prestige to access the Iron Throne, or crush your opponent’s own prestige to lead them to their dismissal! All the tools are at your disposal for this: assassinate the opponent’s Great Lord, cut his trade routes, bribe and turn his key units against him, capture his officers and ask for ransoms… do everything you can to win the Game of Thrones!

>The notion of peace and war is very important in A Game of Thrones and, in part, fixes your strategy and how you will gain control of territories.

>At the start of each game, harmony usually reigns. However, every action taken by the players has an effect, be it positive or negative, on the apparent peace. Every killing, assassination, imprisonment and other treachery actions will lead toward War. To the contrary, sending messages of peace to enemy castles (if the envoy manages to reach his destination alive!), freeing captured enemy units, and other actions, will maintain peace. Depending on your strategy and plans, you may want to maintain peace, or to precipitate war."


mite b good
>> ID: cd0f82 3 No. 10577
File 130552484723.jpg - (45.51KB , 620x1050 , Gay of thrones.jpg )

also great ep
>> ID: 57e9e9 1 No. 10622
We did get a good 3 or 4 pairs of tits this episode but gay body shaving is pretty extreme for our first fagbomb of the series. I'm not sure if the milf breast feeding was kinky enough to make up for it. (I'd suck on that tit like a vacuum cleaner hose btw)
>> ID: e4b6eb 14 No. 10699
It bothers me that he only shaved one of that dude's armpits before sucking his dick.
>> ID: f6ebd8 2 No. 11188
  Episode 6 and 7 where FUCKING amazing. I litteralyl cannot wait for ADWD this summer.

ps enjoy some crowing.
>> ID: 57e9e9 0 No. 11199
I just watched episode 6.


>> ID: 0f81b9 0 No. 11200
File 130614410721.jpg - (142.78KB , 900x502 , 1280718303038.jpg )
culd tell the books were takei just from who liked it and now i seen this clip and the result is in: yep this shits takei
>> ID: 8d2d98 2 No. 11211
File 130615881489.jpg - (122.43KB , 468x468 , crown\'d.jpg )
>> ID: 210dba 4 No. 11233
File 130616894527.jpg - (62.94KB , 640x430 , Boba Fett.jpg )
This motherfucker right here just became my favourite character. Fuck honour.
>> ID: d1b93d 2 No. 11299
File 130620987656.jpg - (279.03KB , 1440x900 , Baking the Dragon.jpg )
Scene's half ruined by the visuals of the whole gold aspect, but the actor doing Drogo kinda' saves it by swooping down to stare the motherfucker in the eye as his brain boils.

I almost want to watch episode 7 now to see how they handle the hunt, but I think I'll wait til next week for the HD broadcast.
>> ID: 3a65a6 1 No. 11411
oh shit. ep 7 fucking owned
>> ID: a660c0 1 No. 11433
Is there anywhere I can watch this online? I really want to see this show.
>> ID: d1b93d 1 No. 11444
File 130638292622.png - (628.12KB , 987x738 , 1300909654522.png )

It really isn't difficult to find megaupload links to basically any show on various online forums or download aggregation sites. Megaupload links lead to megavideo links. Megavideo is relatively fast streaming. I assume the following link has a number of popups, so you may want to visit it with adblock on.

>> ID: bb2548 2 No. 12044
yea Bronn is pretty god damn awesome
>> ID: d1b93d 1 No. 12477
  He mad.
>> ID: 1d06c9 1 No. 12500
No one is safe
>> ID: b95fdb 2 No. 12511
  my nigga ned.....you lied to my nigga fuck that
>> ID: 4fdc37 0 No. 12522
>> ID: 6226f8 6 No. 12566
File 130803433374.jpg - (40.37KB , 500x417 , gleeson.jpg )
>ned stark
>> ID: 57e9e9 3 No. 12600
That new bitch they go in the last episode is a german porn star apparently.


You can tell it's german because of the way the guy wants to finish with her feet. Germans will always do stuff like that. Like the chick will just squeeze out a shit in the middle of fucking and they'll keep going like it was nothing.
>> ID: 4fdc37 0 No. 12611
Has she done any scenes with midgets?
>> ID: 78e45a 11 No. 12622
She has now.
>> ID: 897340 2 No. 12966
Well, I guess she decided being bald was a step too far for a paycheck.
>> ID: 744a19 0 No. 13077
clutching a baby dragon to your vagoo makes it artsy.
>> ID: 3d1967 4 No. 13088
having your hair singed off would be silly seeing how the rest of your body is fucking flame retardant
>> ID: 897340 3 No. 13111
File 130868259326.jpg - (168.45KB , 830x800 , Syrio Forel.jpg )
Point was that it's part of the source material for her to come out naked and hairless. As far as actually REASONING through it goes, it's magic so they ain't got to explain shit.
>> ID: 897340 0 No. 13133
File 130872980676.gif - (1.05MB , 280x184 , sam jackson on SNL.gif )
Sean Bean done seen Larry flip his shit on the internet.
>Some people are really upset?
>I saw this video, these two black guys from L.A., and the older one tells him I died, and the young one is really pissed off that I’m dead! He keeps going, “That can’t be fucking true. He killed off my man!” It’s fantastic. It’s so funny. I can’t stop laughing at that. They’re the last people you would expect to be so pissed off!
>> ID: b639b5 1 No. 13155
File 130876914454.jpg - (17.35KB , 500x278 , tumblr_ln43i0TKKd1qk2t5co1_500.jpg )
>> ID: 06878a 0 No. 13166
File 130877546210.gif - (177.32KB , 150x134 , that\'s racist.gif )
>They’re the last people you would expect to be so pissed off!

Why's that, Sean? Because black people can't afford HBO?
>> ID: 897340 3 No. 13177
File 130877586321.jpg - (119.62KB , 632x814 , Zoobity Bop.jpg )
Obviously it's because black people can't like fantasy. It's genetics!

It is known.
>> ID: ca42b2 3 No. 13188
no guns in fantasy
>> ID: 1f91c5 0 No. 13344
no black people in the show. the only brown people were killed off and replaced by dragons
>> ID: 0f81b9 1 No. 13366
File 130896052217.jpg - (78.94KB , 500x367 , boromirgetsfuckedthetvseries.jpg )
>> ID: 904ad0 0 No. 13377
uncle benjamin
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 13911
File 130947955311.jpg - (1.06MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_20110630_201207.jpg )
If anyone is looking for the books borders is selling all 4 for 15$, 5th comes out in like a couple weeks
>> ID: a91b4e 10 No. 13922
why do u have bookends for books in a case

why do u have mortal kombat bookends
>> ID: 0edd5f 10 No. 13933
just to piss you off
>> ID: a91b4e 8 No. 13955
>> ID: 010072 0 No. 13999
guess who already owns the fifth book?

Enjoyed this post? Consider donating some bitcoins to 1KBBk5aTLQVaUSJPf7t8zSDEKBxx54T147
Also join the IRC: http://irc.fightingamphibians.org/?channels=fa
>> ID: 3d1967 4 No. 14022
probably some faggot
>> ID: ad0621 9 No. 14033
Pity you can't fully appreciate it since you will never have a TRUE grasp of the English language you disgusting Kraut fuck
>> ID: 8539a7 0 No. 14055
File 130963878363.jpg - (60.40KB , 633x639 , 1309637671464.jpg )
when is season 2 starting
>> ID: d89852 2 No. 14066
in a year

>> ID: d27fae 5 No. 15722
File 131121472730.jpg - (34.52KB , 500x268 , harry potter.jpg )
>> ID: 3a65a6 0 No. 15844
  i have started reading the books. hope he doesnt die before he finishes it
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 15866

>hope he doesnt die before he finishes it

fucking this

He said recently that he wasn't sure that he could finish it in 2 more books and that he might do 8. Makes me fucking nervous as shit.

I guess someone else could come in and finish it, but for me it just couldn't be the same.
>> ID: b6ee26 0 No. 15888
File 131139922082.jpg - (2.34MB , 4000x3000 , branface.jpg )
I'm definitely not looking forward to Daenarys' character progression in the next few seasons. Up side, at least Dance with Dragons has introduced a character to make up for her spectacular failure to be compelling.

I will be amazed if this show lasts anywhere near long enough to get to Dance though.
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 15911
File 131142246076.jpg - (214.14KB , 759x1004 , Foundthisimagebytypinganimedragonqueendaenarys.jpg )
God i wish they would kill her off, She is a 13 year old Lesbian Dragon Queen. That Bitch is anime as fuck
>> ID: 5d0939 0 No. 16078
I like her storyline, mainly for the characters around her. When that big dude took a dump in front of the city they went on to sack, those insane untouchable warrior dudes that kill puppies, etc. Granted, I don't have a lot of criticism for the series in general. Daenny starts out annoying but gets cool, imo.
>> ID: ea4b6b 0 No. 16166
File 131179765853.png - (281.75KB , 793x409 , ser jorah.png )
I'm on a Storm of Swords now and it really surprises me how much her chapters can vary in quality. In some instances, she can be forceful and dynamic and in others she just flounders about. Her supporting characters are really what keeps me interested in her story.
>> ID: b6ee26 4 No. 16188
File 131180788078.jpg - (14.34KB , 339x285 , dornish lass responds to targaryen usurper.jpg )
By Dance she's missing a few of the elements that kept her interesting, and she's developed a lot of typical teenage girl pining. Which isn't bad writing, it's just not a character type I look forward to reading.

She just seems to do a whole lot of nothing after some of her adventures in the city-states. And most of what she did then and before was at the behest of her great supporting characters who are actually awesome.
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 16477
Seriously fuckin depressed that Jon Snow died. He was probably my favorite character that was still alive.

Also, anyone else think that Coldhands is Benjen Stark?

Another thing... Where the fuck has Varys been hiding for so long? With Connington and Aegon, I guess?
>> ID: ad0621 1 No. 16499
youre fuckin dumb if you didnt think #2 in Storm of Swords
>> ID: 518956 0 No. 16522
File 131235425267.jpg - (8.48KB , 192x173 , silly blonde bitch.jpg )
Much as I'd like to think GRRM has the balls for it, I don't think Jon is going to stay dead. After having several characters overcome that particular barrier to participation, and taking into account the location in which it occurred, I find it hard to swallow as a definite. But honestly I think I'd feel better if it was.

As for Varys, that motherfucker probably could have been camped out in King's Landing and evaded anyone looking for him. I wouldn't imagine he had the time to rendezvous with his erstwhile master, so probably just biding his time while watching the mess of Lannister rule.
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 16600

I would agree with you on the bit about Jon not getting resurrected, if it weren't for the fact that the people who were resurrected in the first place were resurrected by Thoros of Myr, a red priest. Melisandre is still at Castle Black for some reason, so he definitely set up that possibility.
>> ID: 5d4bb8 0 No. 16655
Nigga please Jon Snow is Azzor Ashai reborn. He'll come back and marry Dany. Calling it now.
>> ID: bacc1c 2 No. 16666
in the last book varys will reveal he still has his balls
>> ID: 5d4bb8 0 No. 16700
Also Quents death was easy to see coming but I still was rooting for the poor guy. Also Kevan death made me p down too. guy was just trying to get shit done

While there is strong evidence for Coldhands being Benjen, the children of the forest said he was that way for a long time which led me to doubt it

And lastly Victarion is going to be a baller ass mofo come Winds of Winter
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18049
>> ID: 09ef36 0 No. 18050
File 132191838944.png - (208.46KB , 634x346 , 1321891310351.png )
dat Renly...
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18103
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18213

chapter from winds of winter
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 18233
  ‎"If anyone has a go at him, he's ready for it."

;_; RIP renly
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18297
>> ID: 52cbed -1 No. 18307
>> ID: 84b761 0 No. 18308
dude oats how much do u wish underage frankie munez was ur wife irl
>> ID: 174276 0 No. 18311
Started reading the books after the first season ended. Now I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to do until season two starts.
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18312
living the life huh
>> ID: 52cbed 1 No. 18314

More than I should
>> ID: bccd2a 0 No. 18323
>I once went to a brothel with a mule and a honey comb

my favourite part of the whole first season
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