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ID: 23e14d 0 No. 8800 watch
  No thread?
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>> ID: 0f81b9 1 No. 13366
File 130896052217.jpg - (78.94KB , 500x367 , boromirgetsfuckedthetvseries.jpg )
>> ID: 904ad0 0 No. 13377
uncle benjamin
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 13911
File 130947955311.jpg - (1.06MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_20110630_201207.jpg )
If anyone is looking for the books borders is selling all 4 for 15$, 5th comes out in like a couple weeks
>> ID: a91b4e 10 No. 13922
why do u have bookends for books in a case

why do u have mortal kombat bookends
>> ID: 0edd5f 10 No. 13933
just to piss you off
>> ID: a91b4e 8 No. 13955
>> ID: 010072 0 No. 13999
guess who already owns the fifth book?

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>> ID: 3d1967 4 No. 14022
probably some faggot
>> ID: ad0621 9 No. 14033
Pity you can't fully appreciate it since you will never have a TRUE grasp of the English language you disgusting Kraut fuck
>> ID: 8539a7 0 No. 14055
File 130963878363.jpg - (60.40KB , 633x639 , 1309637671464.jpg )
when is season 2 starting
>> ID: d89852 2 No. 14066
in a year

>> ID: d27fae 5 No. 15722
File 131121472730.jpg - (34.52KB , 500x268 , harry potter.jpg )
>> ID: 3a65a6 0 No. 15844
  i have started reading the books. hope he doesnt die before he finishes it
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 15866

>hope he doesnt die before he finishes it

fucking this

He said recently that he wasn't sure that he could finish it in 2 more books and that he might do 8. Makes me fucking nervous as shit.

I guess someone else could come in and finish it, but for me it just couldn't be the same.
>> ID: b6ee26 0 No. 15888
File 131139922082.jpg - (2.34MB , 4000x3000 , branface.jpg )
I'm definitely not looking forward to Daenarys' character progression in the next few seasons. Up side, at least Dance with Dragons has introduced a character to make up for her spectacular failure to be compelling.

I will be amazed if this show lasts anywhere near long enough to get to Dance though.
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 15911
File 131142246076.jpg - (214.14KB , 759x1004 , Foundthisimagebytypinganimedragonqueendaenarys.jpg )
God i wish they would kill her off, She is a 13 year old Lesbian Dragon Queen. That Bitch is anime as fuck
>> ID: 5d0939 0 No. 16078
I like her storyline, mainly for the characters around her. When that big dude took a dump in front of the city they went on to sack, those insane untouchable warrior dudes that kill puppies, etc. Granted, I don't have a lot of criticism for the series in general. Daenny starts out annoying but gets cool, imo.
>> ID: ea4b6b 0 No. 16166
File 131179765853.png - (281.75KB , 793x409 , ser jorah.png )
I'm on a Storm of Swords now and it really surprises me how much her chapters can vary in quality. In some instances, she can be forceful and dynamic and in others she just flounders about. Her supporting characters are really what keeps me interested in her story.
>> ID: b6ee26 4 No. 16188
File 131180788078.jpg - (14.34KB , 339x285 , dornish lass responds to targaryen usurper.jpg )
By Dance she's missing a few of the elements that kept her interesting, and she's developed a lot of typical teenage girl pining. Which isn't bad writing, it's just not a character type I look forward to reading.

She just seems to do a whole lot of nothing after some of her adventures in the city-states. And most of what she did then and before was at the behest of her great supporting characters who are actually awesome.
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 16477
Seriously fuckin depressed that Jon Snow died. He was probably my favorite character that was still alive.

Also, anyone else think that Coldhands is Benjen Stark?

Another thing... Where the fuck has Varys been hiding for so long? With Connington and Aegon, I guess?
>> ID: ad0621 1 No. 16499
youre fuckin dumb if you didnt think #2 in Storm of Swords
>> ID: 518956 0 No. 16522
File 131235425267.jpg - (8.48KB , 192x173 , silly blonde bitch.jpg )
Much as I'd like to think GRRM has the balls for it, I don't think Jon is going to stay dead. After having several characters overcome that particular barrier to participation, and taking into account the location in which it occurred, I find it hard to swallow as a definite. But honestly I think I'd feel better if it was.

As for Varys, that motherfucker probably could have been camped out in King's Landing and evaded anyone looking for him. I wouldn't imagine he had the time to rendezvous with his erstwhile master, so probably just biding his time while watching the mess of Lannister rule.
>> ID: b09a68 0 No. 16600

I would agree with you on the bit about Jon not getting resurrected, if it weren't for the fact that the people who were resurrected in the first place were resurrected by Thoros of Myr, a red priest. Melisandre is still at Castle Black for some reason, so he definitely set up that possibility.
>> ID: 5d4bb8 0 No. 16655
Nigga please Jon Snow is Azzor Ashai reborn. He'll come back and marry Dany. Calling it now.
>> ID: bacc1c 2 No. 16666
in the last book varys will reveal he still has his balls
>> ID: 5d4bb8 0 No. 16700
Also Quents death was easy to see coming but I still was rooting for the poor guy. Also Kevan death made me p down too. guy was just trying to get shit done

While there is strong evidence for Coldhands being Benjen, the children of the forest said he was that way for a long time which led me to doubt it

And lastly Victarion is going to be a baller ass mofo come Winds of Winter
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18049
>> ID: 09ef36 0 No. 18050
File 132191838944.png - (208.46KB , 634x346 , 1321891310351.png )
dat Renly...
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18103
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18213

chapter from winds of winter
>> ID: 0edd5f 0 No. 18233
  ‎"If anyone has a go at him, he's ready for it."

;_; RIP renly
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18297
>> ID: 52cbed -1 No. 18307
>> ID: 84b761 0 No. 18308
dude oats how much do u wish underage frankie munez was ur wife irl
>> ID: 174276 0 No. 18311
Started reading the books after the first season ended. Now I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to do until season two starts.
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18312
living the life huh
>> ID: 52cbed 1 No. 18314

More than I should
>> ID: bccd2a 0 No. 18323
>I once went to a brothel with a mule and a honey comb

my favourite part of the whole first season
>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18324
File 132887188316.jpg - (431.67KB , 1397x2100 , brienne.jpg )

>> ID: d89852 1 No. 18327
>> ID: d89852 1 No. 18346
>> ID: 52cbed 0 No. 18379
File 133336599148.jpg - (34.75KB , 378x480 , 1321648640041.jpg )

>> ID: d89852 0 No. 18380
File 133341056586.jpg - (37.40KB , 500x281 , dolorous edd.jpg )
best fucking casting
>> ID: b6ed9f 0 No. 18381
killan babies
>> ID: 7bcfdf 0 No. 18382
Oh, Theon. Enjoy your attempted incest.
>> ID: 37ea2e 0 No. 18385
hey man he didn't know she was his sister
>> ID: 458613 1 No. 18386
File 133382781155.jpg - (20.90KB , 211x251 , please respond.jpg )
>> ID: a36787 0 No. 18397
File 133460826410.png - (190.41KB , 720x405 , arrow in the knee joke.png )
>> ID: 4d2773 0 No. 18508
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