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File 129774274790.jpg - (30.96KB , 300x400 , finally.jpg )
7123 ID: 7fd974 14 No. 7123 watch
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>> ID: 14c05e 6 No. 7124
im jerking off
>> ID: 2fec31 9 No. 7125
this is literally the best thing thats ever hapened
>> ID: c2bfb3 4 No. 7127
do you fucking smell it
>> ID: d75f0d 0 No. 7129
I am so fucking hype you don't even know
>> ID: decbd8 4 No. 7131
i was at the store a few weeks ago and there was some 5 year old that kept talking to his sister/babysitter/whatever about wrestling

she asked him if he liked the rock and he didnt know who he was

this is gonna lead to some really confused kids
>> ID: 8615d7 0 No. 7135
he would've recognized the dwayne
>> ID: c2bfb3 6 No. 7192
  he needs to do this every week
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 7208
Is it still funny when an adult unironically calls somebody gay?

I dunno but atleast Cena did something mildly interesting for once.
>> ID: b270a1 4 No. 14100
  reviving this thread for this promo
>> ID: a6fc9a 1 No. 14133

I liked the fact he was wearing an Austin shirt. An homage to this promo?
>> ID: e62d9c 2 No. 14299
  They don't make wrestling vignettes like they used to.
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 14355

>> ID: decbd8 4 No. 14366
  lmao punk seriously is going insane tho

still i can guarantee this is retarded ass worked shoot shit in the vein of edge vs matt hardy and itll just fizzle out in a month
>> ID: e9eb77 2 No. 14588
File 131031995177.jpg - (53.46KB , 655x480 , 1310246488033.jpg )
>> ID: 7fd974 2 No. 14722
cm punk is a god
>> ID: 9bdf32 0 No. 14866
cool didnt know henry rollins was a wrestler too
>> ID: e9eb77 0 No. 15234
File 131091056849.gif - (637.70KB , 200x150 , 1310910362494.gif )
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 15255
are you guys ready for rey to win mitb, orton to beat christian again and cena to win cleanly with the stf?!?!?!?
>> ID: e9eb77 0 No. 15256
File 131091798059.jpg - (9.43KB , 284x350 , 1245560855891.jpg )
I welcome Randy's reign of terror.
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 15288
File 131093858277.jpg - (39.77KB , 300x382 , haitch2.jpg )
>he thinks rey will win mitb

only kofi and borne have less chance of winning. rey is a mexican midget who only gets near titles bc somebody dies or gets injured. if this was some pointless feud where somebody insulted reys "mexicano pride" or made fun of his kids or something stupid like that he'd win, but i dont see him being given the mitb. he doesnt need it to get over and they dont like giving him titles
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 15299
that other shits gonna happen tho yeah ;_;

cena reign of terror #2 on raw
randy reign of terror on sd

honestly dont even kno why i watch, they keep teasin me with things that are new and interestin, and even tho i kno they'd never do them i get my hopes up
>> ID: b270a1 1 No. 15322
oh shit daniel bryan won the sd mitb. didnt expect that
>> ID: b270a1 1 No. 15333
del rio wins >B)
>> ID: b270a1 1 No. 15344

>> ID: 7fd974 0 No. 15345
>> ID: b270a1 2 No. 15355
A++++++++++ PPV would watch again
>> ID: 7fd974 1 No. 15356
lmao none of that actually happened do you feel foolish now (yes)
>> ID: e9eb77 0 No. 15357
File 131096190514.jpg - (19.37KB , 302x195 , 1244431711109.jpg )
mf right now
>> ID: decbd8 2 No. 15366
File 13109688166.jpg - (44.05KB , 464x327 , 228909_Is_this_real_life.jpg )
>cm punk is wwe champion
>christian is world heavyweight champion
>del rio won raw mitb
>dirk dickbutt won sd mitb
>> ID: decbd8 3 No. 15466
File 131100032516.jpg - (36.30KB , 478x640 , 1310978400030.jpg )
guys cm punk puts both peanut butter and his wwe title in the fridge i dont know if i can support this

also he claims straightedge but drinks red bull
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 15477
File 13110021865.png - (273.09KB , 500x300 , sdd7pc[1].png )
its diet red bull so its totally sXe friendly
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 15488
still has caffeine bro
>> ID: 7fd974 0 No. 15501
grow up
>> ID: 2fec31 1 No. 15511
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 15566
File 13110459005.jpg - (129.15KB , 460x691 , 1311046054459.jpg )
wwe is still going to fuck this up

im holding off until they go tv14 and turn cena heel
>> ID: e9eb77 2 No. 15567
File 131104692265.jpg - (24.02KB , 300x422 , 1245061024015.jpg )
Bow down to the King.
>> ID: e9eb77 1 No. 16056
File 131165094081.jpg - (306.35KB , 900x1201 , 1234574812262.jpg )
>amazingly good

am i in some bizarro world
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 16077
hehe nice are you ready for cena to win the unification ladder match (just like hbk vs razor at wmx!!!)
>> ID: b270a1 2 No. 16088
File 131169569580.jpg - (104.11KB , 800x600 , WWE-RAW-Rey-Mysterio-CM-Punk_1267340[1].jpg )
>win wwe title
>lose it to cena an hour later

>> ID: c2bfb3 2 No. 16122
only u
can follow me
only u
can set me free
>> ID: decbd8 3 No. 16144
been listenin to living colour all day thanx wwe
>> ID: decbd8 2 No. 16455
this angle is dead

theyre trying really really hard to turn cm punk heel again and are basically giving cena punk's gimmick from 2 weeks ago (seriously a cena vs johnny ace feud makes no sense on so many fucking levels its unbelievable)

thanks wwe ill check back with you around the royal rumble
>> ID: b270a1 1 No. 16488
how are they tryin to turn punk heel? its like sayin austin was a heel

if anythin cena is being booked more like the heel imo. he doesnt seem to care that punk beat him clean, is always the one doing the interruptin, moaned so he could get a rematch, agreed to face rey the same night rey won the title (shouldnt rey get a rematch?) even tho he'd have a huge advantage and regards himself as the legit champion even though its obvious punks belt is the more important.
>> ID: 56d6c8 0 No. 16501
waht the fuck do wrestling ppl even talkin about
>> ID: e9eb77 2 No. 16536
File 131239948584.png - (139.62KB , 500x258 , 1287622098092.png )
>Natalya's heel turn on AJ Lee was pretty good. She spoke into the camera and said "Beth Phoenix I'm with you. These days of the cute Divas are over."

Long live the King. The King of Kings.
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 16566
the biggest problem is johnny ace siding with punk. the feud is unique because its basically face vs tweener which is really weird but it feels as if theyre trying to solidify cena's spot as the babyface as hard as possible. i just dont like it, cena doesnt need another stupid overcoming the odds scenario in order to get women and children to cheer for him at summerslam.
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 16577
mah nigga golddust is running the women's division now so it has more to do with him i think
>> ID: 7fd974 1 No. 16578
this storyline is actually supposed to get the males to start cheering cena (lol)

its only going to get worse when his storyline with rock starts to really get going next year into wrestlemania because no way ANYBODY is going to cheer cena over rocky especially in fuckin miami
>> ID: b270a1 3 No. 16911
  best part of raw
>> ID: 7fd974 2 No. 16912
File 131292613751.jpg - (196.51KB , 448x700 , workrate.jpg )
>> ID: 7fd974 3 No. 16913
fuck i should have named that andrae.jpg
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 16922
growing up i was always too lazy to watch roh

anyway yeah that raw last night was really good i feel alot better about this now
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 17122
are yall niggas ready for hhh to win the undisputed title tonight
>> ID: e9eb77 4 No. 17123
File 13133192282.jpg - (27.38KB , 456x352 , 1235163348582.jpg )
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17133
not really sure what to think about that

also i paid for the wwe.com stream and it crashed the second del rio cashed in
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 17155
whilst it was cool to see nash again it was stupid. there had better be a good reason for what happened bc atm all i can see as plausible is either nash is gonna be wrestling (plz no) or steph hired him bc trips wouldnt cheat for cena (which is stupid too)

sucks that adrs first title reign is in the middle of a much bigger storyline he's not a part of. he's gonna lose it quick and it'll make him look even weaker
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17166
tbh this is probably one of the best outcomes that could have happened, i know everyone probably wanted to just see punk win clean but this sets up a bunch of different scenarios that can segway cena and punk out of this fued (face vs face feuds are goddamn retarded). someone said something about a retarded cena/punk vs hhh/nash/steph scenario and i think thatd be funny as fuck
>> ID: 8e76ea 0 No. 17333
Are you all ready a for another Mark Henry title run?
>> ID: 882c57 0 No. 17344

Hasn't he only been ECW champ? (that doesnt count)
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 17355
no 1 counts any ecw title reigns after van dam's

also cena getting to feud with del rio after losing to punk twice in a row you know what i dont even care anymore
>> ID: 03fcd7 0 No. 17433
but then he beat him. in a #1 contenders match, when they've clearly got something more long-term planned for punk.

be patient. they've just established cm punk as one of the main guys for a while. i'd rather have him go over nash or feud with triple h. i'm willing to bet that if cena/rock is not for the title, that whatever match punk will be in will be. (i can also see him winning the rumble and threatening to put himself in cena/rock if it's for the title, which would put him even more over than he already is.)
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 17444
yea i wrote that before monday night i like the way its going now

also lets talk about matt hardy this shit rules
>> ID: 03fcd7 0 No. 17600
i think he's a huge faggot, has anything of note happened since jeff hardy's wife flipped her shit?
>> ID: e62d9c -2 No. 17757
These wrestlers all have shit physiques. Someone needs to get these kids either some steroids or some decent gimmicks.
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17761
missed raw and sd the past two weeks what the fuck is this
>> ID: 03fcd7 0 No. 17769
things fell through with nash and im still not sure if its a work or not.
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 17773
the cm punk/hhh thing on monday was kinda fun

glad nash got dropped, hope theyre not bringing him back
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17778
that promo monday was my favorite from the entire feud

im thinking punk will get screwed sunday and then fight either hhh or nash @ HIAC

im hoping cena loses cuz of interference from the rock, but at the same time cena's lost on ppv two months in a row now and a third would be unlikely but i really have no idea

orton losing is extremely unlikely given how dominant henry has been in the feud. i also dont like seeing the whc get hotshotted around like it has over the past year and wouldnt mind a long orton run

dont care about the rest of the card at all
>> ID: 03fcd7 0 No. 17781
if the nash thing turns out to be a work i am guessing he will screw haitch at noc and john laurinitis would be the new coo and he would be the evil corporate censorship man and generate atomic levels of heat without even trying, leading to him assembling a survivor series team against the unlikely team of john cena, cm punk, triple h, and a fourth guy (probably rey if he's back in action by then)
>> ID: e62d9c -2 No. 17782
  Maybe if I keep posting classic wrestling promos it will be the late 80s again.
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 17788
hehe nice remember the gobbeldy gooker

>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17789
if the nash shit is a work (it probably is) nash will interfere and we'll get punk vs nash at HIAC. i would have rather seen punk vs hhh at hiac but im seriously thinking that something got fucked up with nash not being cleared to wrestle (like what happened when hart tried wrestling last year)

i dont expect it to last past survivor series and i dont think theyre gonna do a stupid corporation angle but i could be wrong
>> ID: 53e136 0 No. 17797
  Greatest childhood memory
>> ID: 53e136 0 No. 17798

Worst memory
>> ID: 8e76ea 0 No. 17800
Mark Henry wins!

Everyone hates it!
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17801
hehe cena hehe nice
>> ID: e62d9c 3 No. 17809
File 131643873777.jpg - (11.94KB , 161x181 , marella-joey01.jpg )
WWF referee is one of my dream jobs. Ineffectually arguing with wrestlers, pretending to get knocked out, being distracted while people cheat. It looks like great fun.
>> ID: ec9d3b -2 No. 17817
can you really call it "cheating" when everything is planned?
>> ID: decbd8 2 No. 17819
>everything is planned

excuse me
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17820
wait someone just pointed out that this entire mark henry program is just here to put over big show when he returns

i think part of me just died
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 17822
i assumed theyre goin to give the belt to sheamus (im expectin him to win this christian feud that could be happenin) in a few months so henry can feud w/ show when he returns

are they rly gonna put the belt on face big show? it would kill sd deader than it currently is.
>> ID: 289b87 1 No. 17825
no, it's all to give henry a nice long monster reign with the whc so he can lose cleanly to daniel bryan in a 1 on 1 match in the main event at wrestlemania
>> ID: 8e76ea 0 No. 17865
Hell in a Cell is looking good.
>> ID: decbd8 1 No. 17868
File 131760596527.jpg - (67.07KB , 557x362 , 1317606803575.jpg )
bumping for white strap ic title
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 17922
did anybody see the survivor series poster

because the main event is probably going to be john cena and the rock w/ two other guys (probably punk and morrison, idk who else would do it unless they got haitch) vs. swagger, ziggler, rhodes, and christian.
>> ID: b270a1 1 No. 17923

his last 4 or 5 appearances have been him getting squashed and eating multiple finishers. they also just released a really stupid t-shirt that says "jomosapiens: we're gonna eat your lunch"

i dont see him getting near a main event match any time soon
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 17928
he only got beat on a rollthrough at hell in a cell, seems they've been bumping him up recently
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 17929
yea after seeing him get buried tonight by christian it's probably going to be haitch and punk, unless laurinaitis does a firing angle with punk which seems kinda likely.
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17930
i really have no idea what the fuck theyre doing with morrison because he's getting tons of tv time + a new shirt but hes jobbing over and fucking over (i never liked him so i dont really care but i just wanna know what the fuck theyre doing)

ss will probably be 5v5 i mean tonight we had cena/sheamus/hhh/punk all together and aligned with one another and vickie guerrero's stable includes otunga now
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 17933
i would like to point out that otunga's lawyer gimmick has caused me to stop hating him.
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17935
same, but i hated everything about the nexus
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 17937
that is where we differ because i believe the nexus in its original incarnation, up until cena came back, was the best thing ever. the punk era was utter shit.

that said i always thought otunga was just filler and would hopefully be removed later, but this lawyer gimmick isn't shit luckily.
>> ID: 805753 0 No. 17942
looks like john morrison won't be renewing his contract, probably because he's been nothing but a stiff for the past month or two

>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 17943
its probably because they shafted melina, who is engaged to morrison iirc.
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 17944
they broke up in September so i thought he'd get a push but there you go
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 17949
File 131865014796.png - (110.60KB , 350x195 , wwe_john_laurinaitis-300x167_display_image.png )
have a great opportunity to push the Miz or Sheamus and throw a wrench into the Heavyweight title

do another Orton v. Henry rematch instead
>> ID: decbd8 0 No. 17950
yeah wwe hardcore fucked this up like i expected them to, its incredible how bad this got completely fucked. im still optimistic about punk's incoming monster push as well as henry holding the title until elimination chamber but now you guys know why i've been so on/off about wrestling over the past 4 years as wwe is so incredibly hit and miss concerning everything.
>> ID: b270a1 0 No. 17951
im gettin really bored w/ it

feel like this hhh/nash shit completely killed punks momentum for no good reason (other than to get hhh over??????????) and smackdown is a waste of time. was really hoping they would push sheamus into a title feud w/ henry but instead we're gonna get more boreton
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 17952
it's fucking stupid to hold a battle royale, which gives you the opportunity to push ANYONE YOU WANT and then do absolutely nothing original with it. fucking smackdown.

i am also just holding out for punk's push + rock's return, and maybe a heel turn for Cena though i'm not holding my breath on that one
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