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File 129774274790.jpg - (30.96KB , 300x400 , finally.jpg )
7123 ID: 7fd974 14 No. 7123 watch
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>> ID: 936bc3 1 No. 18251
  maffew showing how its done.
>> ID: e441ba 0 No. 18254
File 132676953427.jpg - (74.41KB , 600x804 , 1326769543616.jpg )
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18257
kevin dunn's hitlist.jpg
>> ID: 0e289b 0 No. 18259
File 132691001097.jpg - (31.35KB , 720x527 , 1234904083008.jpg )
>> ID: 0e289b 1 No. 18261
File 132705647515.jpg - (544.84KB , 764x1024 , tumblr_lwhgtfF32s1r5ymzx.jpg )
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18276
mick foley replaces laurinaitis as gm next week, calling it.
>> ID: e441ba 0 No. 18277
why the fuck are they keeping ryder off tv for so long im having a hard time believing theyre going to spend 2 months building his return just for a US title match that will probably be on the preshow of wrestlemania

did he get caught smoking synthetic weed with evan bourne
>> ID: 8e76ea 0 No. 18282
Several months ago, it was rumored that Vince heavily disliked Ryder for being so over with the internet.

Vince though Long Island Story mocked and berated the WWE.
>> ID: fc5fe2 0 No. 18288
i never heard this rumor

they put the us title on him, he has more merch for sale on shopzone than cena, he has a poster in this months wwe magazine, etc etc and even the way they booked the injury angle it made him look really strong (kicking out of 2 swaggerbombs when he dropped the title and lasting a pretty fucking long time against kane) no one seems to be too upset about it though so im guessing he's just coming back at wrestlemania where he'll probably get the us title again

>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 18289
Miz loses it to Jericho + Miz face turn + switches to Smackdown
>> ID: fc5fe2 0 No. 18292
its gonna be orton, who will come in towards the end, and he'll only appear in non-wrestling roles on smackdown for the next 2 months while he nurses his back injury. probably beat whoever the fuck has the whc in a match that will appear on wrestlemania 28's undercard. maybe itll even be dbd (probably in a squash) but thats being too hopeful (itll probably be mark henry)
>> ID: c6c1c5 0 No. 18294
if orton wins im dropping wwe again for ring ka king
>> ID: fc5fe2 0 No. 18296
totally didnt expect lobster head to win

extremely pleased with this rumble, probably my favorite in years. ricardo, kharma, jericho, sheamus winning, fuck i even thought the announcers as entrants was awesome

>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18306
expecting ryder to screw kane at ec and come back repackaged. ryder himself is great but he's missing some... intensity. having him come back and go over kane legitimately at mania is just what he needs imho.
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 18328
File 132924566135.gif - (969.20KB , 250x137 , 4eVQl.gif )
best raw in months
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18329
File 132930085648.jpg - (17.36KB , 405x303 , santino.jpg )
orton got a concussion, so someone had to take his spot in the chamber.
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18331
File 132932636267.jpg - (200.65KB , 1024x768 , BLOG-open-arms-to-sky.jpg )
orton getting inured over and over this year can be nothing other than divine intervention
>> ID: 60658d 0 No. 18332
File 132933062083.jpg - (79.29KB , 285x371 , 1329104381987.jpg )
This thread has been alive for a year, wow

Oh well, still gotta get hype for WM this year!!!!!!!
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18333
i think orton will get relegated to a feud with show at mania.

or they'll just throw him into the whc match and put him over, cause you know, the whole building new stars thing.
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18334
people barely posted in it until cm punk's mega-push at the beginning of the summer

im actually starting to feel bad for orton, i personally think hes sucked since his first WHC reign in 2004 but hes being hardcore jerked around right now in the midcard which sucks for someone that used to be #2 in the company behind cena. he has reason to be upset

personally though im wondering if he has a drug problem, hes been "injured" twice in the past two months and wwe might not know what to do with him
>> ID: 289b87 1 No. 18335
all this aside, we can narrow down who will win the smackdown chamber.

it won't be show
it won't be khali
it won't be santino
it won't be rhodes

that means the only two possibilities are barrett and bryan.
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 18336
show is probably doing the celebrity match vs. shaq
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18338
i have seen people talking about this and i have never seen any kind of proof or source.
>> ID: 2895ba 0 No. 18339

and also they feuded the when shaq went on Raw in 09
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18340
yea i remember that.

as for the chamber matches tonight, i think the wwe title one owned, and then every other match on the card was meh, save for the second halves of cena/kane and the sd chamber.

also did anyone else laugh when khali was in the chamber for like a total of under two minutes?
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18342
this is the most excited i've been for wrestlemania since like wmxx, hiac actually makes me interested in taker/hhh III

also holy fuck barrett and ziggler both getting injured in the same spot i have no idea if it actually was show's fault or not but if it was i hope he gets alot of shit for it
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18343
File 13297997719.gif - (1.30MB , 200x160 , 1329799834710.gif )
the entire upper midcard eliminated in one botched spot
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 18344
ziggler is fine, he did the dark match right afterward, but it looks like barrett broke his arm or at least dislocated it. but yeah, that royale was brutal, at least five people taking really hard bumps (three in that botch + rhodes hurting his hamstring some more + kofi almost running into vicki guerrero)

show overthrew ziggler, so he was responsible for the botch.
>> ID: 289b87 2 No. 18345
barrett returns at mania and steals the mitb contract without actually being in the match.
>> ID: 37e14c 1 No. 18347
my first live show tonight

i got mad hype
>> ID: 0845de 0 No. 18364
>> ID: 37e14c -1 No. 18365
if you think rock is still funny you are literally retarded

this whole buildup fucking sucks dick
>> ID: cd0c32 0 No. 18366
i think theyre trying to see just how bad they can build this up because they know its doing 1 million buys no matter what
>> ID: c6e8b9 1 No. 18367
time to be double-meta ironic and cheer cena
>> ID: c6e8b9 1 No. 18371
File 13328168763.jpg - (17.12KB , 450x280 , 1325564990488.jpg )
no christian = no buy
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18373
>team teddy vs team ace
i dont expect this to go very long, probably 6-8 minutes tops. half of the wrestlers won't even get tagged in. i still dont expect it to be bad. team ace will probably win because i have no idea what johnny would do if he wasnt the gm of either show (also the shit with albert coming back, christian getting a push, etc)

>divas tag team match
dont care at all, i would like to say that the only blemish on this card is the fact that its not kharma vs. beth like it was supposed to be. would have made this the best looking card since wm17

>kane vs. orton
piss break

>intercontinental championship
it would really, really, make sense for cody to retain but the way theyve been booking this makes it obvious show is going to win.

>world heavyweight championship
will be a solid 10-15 min match, sheamus will probably win. i hope aj gets involved

>hell in a cell
hbk screws hhh, setting up hbk coming out of retirement and having his NEW last match against HHH at wm29. should be a good match though

>wwe championship
this is going to be MOTY by far and will probably be one of the greatest wrestlemania matches of all time, steamboat/savage esque. punks probably going to win

i actually dont know what will happen. im seriously not 100% sold on cena going over given how much the crowd will be against him. i still have a sliver of hope theyll be a wacky heel turn but it will probably just be cena going over in some clever way that doesnt piss off everyone in attendance (its possible)
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18376
File 133333569693.jpg - (32.98KB , 500x327 , 1332773886665.jpg )
>rock going over clean
>> ID: cd0c32 0 No. 18377
vince swerved the smarks those idiots didnt see it coming at all so what if it totally killed the entirety of the match and hurt cenas image it swerved the internet fans
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18378
yeah dude vince set up the entire ppv to swerve internet fans, thats why dickbutt lost in a burial, show went over, taker won, punk won, etc

and i dunno how it killed it i mean it was a solid ending but just seemed out of place to end the feud. theyll probably have a rematch. also heel cena its happenin folks
>> ID: 37e14c 0 No. 18383
File 133348826412.jpg - (56.50KB , 700x467 , 21Shane_Carwin_v_Brock_Lesnar.jpg )

>> ID: cd0c32 2 No. 18384
  brock is back
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18412
i know this site has been dead but are people still following how fucking amazing wwe has been lately
>> ID: 408bc3 0 No. 18413
i dont watch Jazz Utopian wrestling anymore

vid related njpw owns
>> ID: 229cae 1 No. 18416
extreme rules was probably the single best ppv since mitb last year. i like the lesnar/cena/laurinitas arc a lot and the daniel bryan vs. punk feud is shaping up to be fucking awesome.

overall extremely happy with the product atm.
>> ID: 229cae -1 No. 18417
extreme rules was probably the single best ppv since mitb last year. i like the lesnar/cena/laurinitas arc a lot and the daniel bryan vs. punk feud is shaping up to be fucking awesome.

overall extremely happy with the product atm.
>> ID: 408bc3 1 No. 18421
>> ID: 289b87 0 No. 18427
i too am extremely happy with the product.
>> ID: c6e8b9 0 No. 18430
are you fucking serious dude it nosedived right after extreme rules

TNA is legitimately better than wwe right now. roode/aries/ray are more than enough to make me grit my teeth through the hogan bullshit, unlike the cena/show feud which makes me shut off my fucking tv
>> ID: 408bc3 1 No. 18431
joseph park is the greatest thing in wrestling
>> ID: edf188 0 No. 18488
File 13423683182.jpg - (134.79KB , 500x500 , 1341804430882.jpg )
>tfw you havent followed wwe in two months but have purchased the last two tna ppv's
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