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File 133936507718.jpg - (26.20KB , 480x326 , what are you doing there.jpg )
18465 ID: d2ccee 0 No. 18465 watch
So I've been watching a lot more movies and I have an appreciation for classic cinema.

I like Jack Lemmon, Paul Newman, Tura Santana, Kathleen Turner, Al Pachino and a buncha others.

But I have no clue how to watch them expertly. By that I mean, I have no clue how to emotionally and intellectually absorb performances in the way some of my colleagues can, they're really good about understanding the atmosphere of a scene and using that comprehension to form even more structured opinions on theater arts and cinema.

Should I enroll myself in some films? I was thinking I could be an extra to really understand the "glow" of movie magic that some people talk about. I'm not sure what route I should go in though, it's really hard to find good projects to be absorbed into. HBO does a couple shows here, I think I could look into that, but I'm not sure! I need more opinions.
>> ID: 5a75ce 0 No. 18480
The only opinion you need is your own (is the movie good? Answer is no: don't watch it again; answer is yes: watch repeatedly for maximum enjoyment)

watch every movie with paul newman. cool hand luke is the best one tho
>> ID: 9b5d58 0 No. 18487

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