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ID: 56358c 0 No. 18434 watch
  i hope everyone enjoyed their conquest for life's ultimate answers in ridley scott's prometheus

oh my god its been so long since anyone took care of my mind like that. everything about the movie was so educational and rewarding and just plain splendid i can't say enough good things about prometheus post prometheus stuff because oh my god it's like science fiction isn't a dead genre

oh my god burns died this week but the genre is not dead. so much hope for science fiction in prometheus oh dear god just watch it everything was just so well put together and michael fassbenders performance was completely and thoroughly transparent. not a hint of deception or opaqueness, the best portrayal of an android with no wants or desires yet.
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>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18435
sorry i meant ray bradbury i am extremely excited about science fiction not being dead that i can't remember names

i also have a reeling headache
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18436
File 133913969297.jpg - (47.73KB , 532x541 , I LIKE ROCKS.jpg )
sean harris is a geologist in the film and he even yells


a strong shoutout to vaalbara no doubt
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18437
File 133913980727.jpg - (332.40KB , 1200x763 , love the one your with.jpg )
idris elba plays the captain who is tastefully written and extremely loveable
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18438
File 133914006623.jpg - (109.71KB , 498x742 , my room 10 minutes.jpg )
charlize theron was a bit too dry and uninteresting, her motives never came under good light and consequentially became less concerning as the story came full circle towards the end

although she does provide a convincing performance for the archetype she's given i really think she did a decent job with the amount of screen time she was given.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18440
File 133914057675.jpg - (19.96KB , 636x337 , BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO.jpg )
this shouldn't come as any surprise but noomi rapace was absolutely fearless and fucking cutthroat at no other expense but her own. what starts out as a childish inquisition becomes purely a survivalist clusterfuck. her performance takes wings as she is pressed further and harder on to make her life count, JUST TO LIVE UGH I CAN'T EVEN DO HER PERFORMANCE JUSTICE IT WAS THAT GOOD GO SEE THE MOVIE

>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18441
File 133914101534.jpg - (94.92KB , 500x400 , man why cant humans be this awesome.jpg )
this... THING too is AWESOME

this is not spoiler, he's referenced early on in the film and is an integral element to the plot.

just see the movie its that good. its a shining ray of hope in an otherwise dark ass genre especially with a bullshit total recall sequel on the way.
>> ID: 3d08ab -2 No. 18442
the movie was shit, the pacing is awful and nothing worthwhile happens in the first hour and then in the second hour they try to make up for it by introducing aliens, superhuman mutant ancestors, mutated main characters, and more and it becomes a clusterfuck of badguys, none of which get remotely enough screentime or explanation, literally every character in the movie has "drunk teenagers hiking at crystal lake" levels of stupidity and 90% of then are either completely unlikeable or not characterized in the slightest, the movie is full of things that just aren't explained at all (why did the Engineers spend tens of thousands of years on earth making cave art over the extended period of time pointing directly to their secret experimental biological weapons development facility?), and overall the movie just didn't even really feel like it took place in the same universe as Alien and if you took out the Weyland references and the 30 second scene at the end it's basically a syfy original movie

2/10 would not watch again
>> ID: 3d08ab 0 No. 18443
and i know someone is going to reply to my "it doesn't feel like an Alien movie" with "well ripley scott said it wasn't supposed to be a part of the franchise directly!!" well fuck you pretty much everything about the advertising was made to imply that it was, including the trailers that were pretty blatantly stylized to look like the old Alien trailers
>> ID: 56358c 1 No. 18445
File 133917672455.jpg - (715.77KB , 2000x1000 , prometheus-movie-image.jpg )
what the fuck are you even talking about the pacing wasn't relative to anything other than the expedition. the movie gained its identity through themes of curiosity and intrigue not through horror or some other crude device that's why the cluterfuck during the end was so rewarding. it was the reward for all their poking around in matters they had no real understanding of. of course it would seem to you like they were all unlikable, they were on an interplanetary expedition with a crew comprised of conflicting ideals and desires, which is somehow reminiscent of Alien, in what ways i'm not going to point out right now.

Charlie Holloway, Janek and even fucking David all played parts that characterized themselves acutely enough to define their ambitions. i have no fucking clue where you get off calling all of them stupid teenagers when the sacrifice was so great for the entire crew, both emotionally and physically. again, the actual pacing of the plot had nothing to do with an element of horror or ambiguous terror, it was literally like another expedition, be it relative to the Scotland dig, or what have you. the fact that it went so wrong robs the characters of their wide-eyed curiosity and replaces it with wide-eyed misunderstanding, confusion and terror in the face of mankind's most fundamental and unreasonable questions. that's why the pacing was so good. that's how all the characters REALLY came alive when pushed to the edge.

and jesus, just because you aren't verbally led to confirm something doesn't make things unexplained. the artwork found in the beginning of the movie were signs to stay the fuck away. why do you think the ancestor did what he did as he awoke, the place wasn't to be disturbed, that's why he was laid there for so many millennia, that's why the star system was so easy to find in the first place. and when he woke, he realized that his progeny really must have not been worth the salvation. hence Elizabeth Holloway taking flight in one of the fucking ships to find out why they changed their minds at all. don't be so harsh, they literally explained everything and the only way you could have found anything unexplained or loose ended was if you were a robot. now isn't that funny. (not really, jesus)

this movie was a perfect representation of ridely's talent in current cinema. it danced on so many good alien references both bold and subtle through character dynamics, artwork and setting. the relationship between characters and the spaceship, the plight for money, the claustrophobic environments with alien creatures, phallic invasion of persons, it was just all there if you were actually paying a-fucking-ttention. the fact that you couldn't identify it with Alien says to me that you wanted it TO BE Alien and not it's own film. and i should reiterate that Prometheus is so independent of Alien while still keeping a strong sense of confluence with it that it's going to be a wonder how anyone would want this film to be anything else but a saga for human meaning. not to discredit Alien's message on survival of the fittest, it's just this movie is its own identity completely and i love that.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18446
File 133917720639.jpg - (42.83KB , 420x400 , prometheus-nom.jpg )

>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18447
  so much about this movie is so good and traditional science fiction i just love that it even exists. sci-fi today is a brand name for guns and pseudo-intellectual banter about crudely driven themes

but this is completely occupied with telling a fucking story. i just don't know how to be any calmer about it
>> ID: 56358c 1 No. 18448
  i am completely happy with letting this movie be torn to shreds by people that don't like or refuse to understand it because it is a perfect example of why we can't have nice things. here you have a movie that isn't about violence, explosions or trite rivalries but about conquest, voyage and philosophy

and everyone is bickering over why the crew couldn't get along which is just brilliant when you consider how thats the glue of the movie right there. i hope the movie gets turned inside out by people who refuse to like it because i don't want to ever see good shit like this made again for a consumerbase that has no fucking interest in it. that just makes sense. why would you want to make a movie no one wants to fucking see?

i loved this fucking movie and i'm not gonna whiteknight it any longer

if you don't like it or can't then thems the breaks.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18449
File 133921920869.jpg - (234.00KB , 480x483 )
i can't help but white knight this movie man its literally going to separate the post-modern robots that need definite explanations for everything from people who can be captivated by thesis and aphorism
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18450
and here's a really well-thought out explanation of motifs, myths and facts of the movie

it even explains some of the behavior that people are confused about

>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18451
File 13392224879.jpg - (45.43KB , 1279x622 , preservation.jpg )
this is going to be ridley scotts finest work if only for the cultural impact it's going to have on messages about self sacrifice and enduring for the greater good.

the people that can't like it or misunderstand it are going to be lost forever in the void of contemporary art metaposting at straws for any meaning at all. it all just seems way to significant to be coincidental; that people misunderstand this movie so fundamentally, that's why i have to call it genius and representative of an age of cinema that can only be preserved through benevolence
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18452
File 133922416095.gif - (831.79KB , 240x180 , 1339185515255.gif )
god i hope this movie catches on a lot faster than i'm seeing cuz it's so good i mean i know the devices used are a little blunt and can seem berating at times but why is it that some viewers STILL don't feel the impact of the film? it's not hard to see how disliking this movie because you can't understand it reduces you to an introverted worm. it's just such a triumphant movie and it respects all ideologies equally, not one thing anyone believes is more important than another's, in fact, everyone is returned the amount of faith they have in life through physical means. GOD LIKE WHEN MILBURN GETS HIS MOUTH VIOLATED BY THE WORM? I mean, he obviously had issues with sex, he approached an alien calling it mommy and whatnot, and rightfully had his esophagus violated by its slimy trail. even fifield was returned his spite perfectly when the worm spewed acid onto his helmet, really giving him a good mask for his fucking vanity.

i am seriously sitting here trying to figure out a way to dislike this movie if you haven't already been cultured on more refined messages of the same, and it's not working, it's just not fucking working.
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18453
Te movie was great but I don't understand why the crew hardly acknowledged that Shaw had a fucking space squid abortion! and at the time it seemed like it was David's plan to get her pregnant and let the squid chest burst out.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18456
File 133927362948.jpg - (64.45KB , 1024x768 , big things small beginnings.jpg )
I thought no one knew really.

I mean they hinted at it when she got clocked in the stomach but I don't think the reality was ever introduced to the crew. They were waking her up to transfer her to hyper sleep, but after the operation I think the secret stayed in that circle. Right then after was when the entire plot got cracked open and then there was no time to pass observation over the discovery either. Even Janek had no idea of what happened, with her suit being on and shit.

Remember not even Vickers had an idea of what was going on. Do you think she'd act the way she did if she knew what was in there? It's unclear whether David had ulterior motives or not, that's why Fassbender's performance was so key to the movie. Even Shaw said something about what he might want out of that whole situation, but it was left pretty ambiguous for that reason alone. No one knows if he was ordered, and if he was, if he produced results in his own way.

It was impossible to tell if David had a ghost or not, basically.
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18457
File 133927486939.jpg - (16.49KB , 400x400 , 1339273267298[1].jpg )
I guess I just assumed that the 2 people transferring her to hyper sleep would chase/follow her to the auto-doc since the whole ordeal was framed in a sinister way. It felt like there was a scene missing, but now I think we can assume that David told everyone that Shaw would be put back into hyper sleep because she was emotionally unfit to continue.
>> ID: 56358c 1 No. 18458
File 133927926077.jpg - (510.67KB , 1920x1080 , ruins.jpg )
It's plausible. That's why I loved David, nothing he did was miscalculated. What I love most about the film though was that mythic aura. That has been so vacant from the screen for so long, I felt right at home when they were doing the excavations and studying the terraformed environment.

Even Fifield got a rise out of me when he was like "I LIKE ROCKS." I wish more movies were that educational or that environmentally occupied, searching ruins like that is the coolest.

Everything about the movie though just tickled my fancy, I loved when Squidly got to show off and got some stellar fellatio from that guy, that was so neat. One thing I was thinking too, a lot of the extraterrestrial activity didn't involve a theme of death, instead all relationships were about impregnating, I don't know if that was on purpose because it seemed like a direct stare at the movie's title and themes, that being, "these are the answers you wanted, I hope you're ready." which is so unlike Alien which was more about the caution and remaining chaste in light of serious quarantine.

and it's just so nifty that Ridley Scott did all of this because it's almost impossible to tell if he was just doing what he does or if he intended for that sort of effect.
>> ID: 45e465 3 No. 18459
i see alot of stupid faggot assholes not liking this movie because it either has "no plot" or the plot is "too complicated"

its actually mindboggling how anyone, especially an alien/scott fan could complain about this movie at all. its seriously a fucking love letter to sci fi fans and im in awe that this movie actually came out after the sci-fi drought we've had the past decade.

its these sort of people that got a narration track placed over the theatrical cut of blade runner, if you thought this shit was complicated its obviously not for you
>> ID: 56358c 1 No. 18460
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18461
File 13392946518.jpg - (46.89KB , 500x392 , tumblr_m57x9ohfbt1rnaq4w[1].jpg )
I guess they should watch something their own speed.
Speaking of which...

>'Prometheus' leads Friday with $21.4 million, but 'Madagascar 3' will win weekend

>> ID: 56358c 1 No. 18464
File 133929808686.jpg - (20.29KB , 600x451 , o hai.jpg )
That's fine, I mean, it's not going to decimate the charts you know?

The film's so fucking solid that it's going to deter any real wide reception. It's a solid Science Fiction movie, it's not coupled with various Fantasy elements or anything like that, it's full on sci-fi which is just a blow to so many people right now.

I remember sitting in the theater and some autistic nerds were in the back yelling jokes like they were funny or something. Dude when the film got underway and they heard some of the music you could hear a pin drop. Nevermind that scene with Milburn and Fifield, the audience was dead silent, like they couldn't believe a film was actually violating the silver screen for once.

That's just another thing I wanted to talk about too, it's been so fucking long since anything really took a tasteful approach to gore and horror. Was so lovely watching the audience cower in fear as things were penetrated and vulgarly impressed, I love when people die in movies and it's NOT FUNNY. I LOVE THAT. I love watching the real relationship between life and death, how people REALLY die. I hate when people die in films and the camera is yards away to "protect the innocent." Give me the full close-up of the action.

I swear too, when those dorks were cracking shit and they saw how shit was going down they were so afraid, so quiet. ...The movie isn't going to be a blockbuster I think. It's going to sell a solid amount and be remembered as the beacon of hope for Sci-fi fans.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18467
File 13393916156.jpg - (45.58KB , 639x330 )
I still love this fucking movie.

Self sacrifice is the coolest.
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18468

Seems like a pretty honest review.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18471
after a long walk and watching this i can safely say they have no means to review anything using theater as a foundation.

they're completely occupied with passing judgment over the parts that disrupted their perceptions of the movie instead of drawing proper conclusions from it.

it may be because i am into theater arts now but as a film it responds well to character depth, emotion and theme. it's straightforward, the questions that are fundamental to the films premise are answered and the movie doesn't take a nosedive into all the pedantic I WANT ALIEN wallowing.

I literally got upset watching that review because I liked what they did with Star Wars so much. To see them dismiss it so haphazardly because it didn't answer some weak questions that had no proposed meaning to the actual plot is worrisome. You don't go to a play and ask why the defining device of the act is suddenly introduced, you marvel at it's acute timing and near perfect execution.
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18472
File 133951236279.gif - (6.08KB , 820x333 , prometheus_q3[1].gif )

>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18474
File 133952491688.gif - (19.66KB , 820x333 , prometheus_q2b.gif )

it's one of these explanations. one where the author doesn't intend to own up to anything and one that lacks a comments section. it even says on the bottom that you should check back to why he rules.

i don't know. it looks like people with low-self esteem and autism are going to dog this movie because they've never seen a play before.
>> ID: 45e465 0 No. 18475
really good review, they touched down on pretty much everything thats been said about the film. i still think theyre being a little too harsh in calling it "incredibly flawed". the movie is overcomplicated in a lot of ways but it's nowhere near as bad as the star wars prequels, which are what most retard hipster nerds keep comparing it to.

i cant help but compare prometheus to blade runner, mostly because its my favorite movie, but i wanted to point out that scott has always left unanswered questions and "plot holes" for the viewer to figure out on their own. blade runner had tons of them, but they were all relatively simple questions (is deckard a replicant? is rachel going to die?). he went a little overboard with prometheus by getting into mythology and religion and a few things that can only be answered by a sequel. im still very weary about the backlash people are giving this film because if studios get the wrong idea we're going right back to shitty action-fantasy for another 15 years instead of legit science fiction
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18476
i see where you're coming from

i thought his approach to religion and mythology was pretty tactful though. as far as things go, religious messages beat you over the head until you're in tears crying "I GET IT."

i still feel betrayed really because i legit felt hardcore fans would completely love an actual sci-fi film. the reception is so murky and stupid i can't even trust anything about fans anymore, its like, why are the small elements so unnerving? i don't know i really feel like fans kinda hurt themselves here because so many other movies in the last 6 months have had gaping plot holes and suffered nothing for it.

i think when a movie 'seems' ambitious then people get defensive about whether its too smart for them or something and start developing exaggerated feelings for what they didn't understand the first time around. because a far as things go, this movie wasn't nearly the clusterfuck the tree of life was, and this was compared to that numerous times. absolutely astounding.
>> ID: ab9bfd 0 No. 18477
it felt really rough cut, like half a movie. there was also a bunch of just stupid stuff like the biologist trying to rub his dick on the mutant space worm and people not knowing how to avoid a big space wheel rolling in a straight line
>> ID: efe325 2 No. 18478
File 133969371832.png - (60.10KB , 500x409 , 1339689246513[1].png )
It had its issues but I cannot fathom how they ruined the movie for some people.
>> ID: 56358c 0 No. 18479
this movie is just an example of film literacy.

one in which the accredited critic has to aim towards an audience that doesn't understand. the same that a moviedork has no problems with.
>> ID: f68833 0 No. 18481
I loved this movie. There were only a few things I disliked about it (namely introducing Vikers in a way that will make the audience hate her and enjoy seeing if she dies and some other tropes the movie falls into) but all in all I loved the atmosphere, the tone, the pacing, the performances, and especially the soundtrack. But afterwards I managed to pick at some things that I didn't think about at the time but managed to remember and question, and no, they aren't those "big questions" but minor ones that honestly don't mean anything but are still kinda confusing in regards to the plot.

For example, we see all the Space Jockies run into the room with the death vases, the very vases that are full of the shit that will mutate and kill you. They run right in there, leaving the poor shmuck outside the door to get killed. Where'd the bodies go? Did they all mutate in there and become that black goo? Did the goo go back into the vases afterwards? Or did they run out after realising what a bad idea it was to lock themselves in a room full of liquid death, only to go right back into the murder hallway and get killed outside another door?

And what were they being attacked by? Xenomorphs? Squid Huggers? Those snake things? Where'd THOSE bodies go? Or did they just scamper off to the rest of the planet after killing everybody?

So it was 2000 years since the attack that left the entire installation a deadzone. So, did the Jockies just forget about it? Did they leave it alone because it was a "plausible deniability" sort of thing and didn't want to go back or risk getting infected by anything on the planet? And the Jockey decided that after all those years of sleep to go ahead with the mission to go to Earth with the liquid death capsules. It's been 2000 years, and you're still following that order? That's like continuing to fight the Germans after WWII. Maybe they changed their minds, after all, they didn't even think about a Plan B to annihilate Earth. If it was a matter of galactic importance that humanity absolutely must be destroyed for the sake of the Jockey Empire or something that'd be one thing, but how does he know he's not the only one alive? There were multiple ships that could have had multiple other living Jockies.

And then there's the lack of guns. For a civilization that was gearing for the massive annihilation/mutation of a species, they didn't have any projectile weapons. Considering how useless they were against Mutant Fifield I can let that slide, but they didn't have anything at all. Hell, he could have at least used one of the human guns against the lone woman in a ship that only had an axe.

After surviving a mid-air collision and crash of an enormous magnitude, instead of packing up his things and going off to the next available ship to carry out his mission, he decides to go after a weak vulnerable woman suffering from internal bleeding after a make-shift surgery that probably did a poor job of stitching up her uterus. For an ancient alien race that is able to create life, he sure doesn't think very well, unless he was the Fifield or Milburn of his race or something. Those 2000 years in cryo-sleep probably didn't help much.

Those are just nitpicks. Nothing that damages the story because they can easily be explained by "because plot". The "big questions" I have are more things to ponder by how it fits in the whole Alien universe. Were they experimenting with this in order to combat the Xenomorphs or in order to create them? If they engineered humanity, did they engineer the dinosaurs, too? Were extinction events in the past just what they were planning on doing? Those questions I like and I'm glad they're unanswered.
>> ID: efe325 0 No. 18483
  ALex Jones knows what's up.
>> ID: 0720c3 0 No. 18490
talked to more people about it

most opinions are still boring. "I sat for 3 hours watching a movie that didn't answer questions it set out to define." It's not hard to identify with that feeling, but man, that's boring.

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