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File 131274256352.jpg - (9.78KB , 214x317 , rise[1].jpg )
16733 ID: bc4c59 0 No. 16733 watch
The previews were shit but this turned out to be pretty great. It's certainly better than that 2001 Tim Burton piece of trash.
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>> ID: dac85e 1 No. 16744
File 131274708883.jpg - (47.67KB , 394x406 , tumblr_lagz0r8o111qb1y7ao1_400[1].jpg )
>this turned out to be pretty great

i though it was kinda stupid tbh. unnessecary characters that added nothing (the love interest?), that fucking orangutan who knows sign language (he isnt one of the smart apes either, he can just converse eloquently in sign language because he used to be a circus animal, no joke) and all the humans characters unbelievably act like complete one dimensional animal hating cunts bar the protagonist.
also the monkeys in the zoo arent super smart, why do they follow ceasar? and why is there suddenly hundreds of them when there were like 50-100 tops before the escape.

the ending made me feel like the next one could be better and actually get to and deal with the point of planet of the apes (racism) but i have very little faith that they will deal with it in an intelligent/thoughtful way
>> ID: dac85e 0 No. 16755
but the special effects were excellent.

really good imo
>> ID: adbcfd 2 No. 16766
im a huge fucking planet of the apes fan. like me and some friends marathon once every 3 months or so.

that being said this movie was not bad. it had a lot of flaws like emilio pointed out already with unnecessary characters and retarded plot points (OMG THE APES ARE GOING ABOVE THE BRIDGE THE MILITARY IS OVERRUN) but all in all i was pleased with it and am actually looking forward to a sequel if at all possible.

also having a virus hit humanity instead of the apes getting a barrel of weapons and shit and taking over makes fuck lots more sense than this.

also i loved the "lost in space?" and "bright eyes" references to the original movies. they stroked my neckbeard nicely mhmm.
>> ID: bc4c59 0 No. 16777
All recent movies have unnessecary characters and love interests atleast this one wasn't as in your face and forced as most other movies. That fucking orangutan was a semi-clever plot device to help Cesar speak without Franco speaking for him.
>> ID: 4df716 0 No. 16799
File 131277003867.png - (324.17KB , 624x336 , 24341q2.png )
>mfw "NO!!!!!!!"
>> ID: e5cc78 1 No. 16811
The best best part of the experience was when Malfoy said "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape," AND NO ONE IN THE THEATER GOT IT except wochie captain /co/mmander and I.
>> ID: 09fcb9 0 No. 16855

When that happened in my theater, during the silence that immediately follows everyone in the audience burst out laughing.
>> ID: bc5a90 9 No. 16866
File 131286108794.jpg - (77.39KB , 321x475 , totallynotracist.jpg )
how was this movie not straight to DVD?
>> ID: 4f72ee 5 No. 16935
File 131295987136.jpg - (25.91KB , 290x425 , james-franco-fucks-your-shit.jpg )
>> ID: b35621 5 No. 16988
my friend linked me to the youtube trailer over facebook and told me it was the trailer for boyz in the hood 2 and when i saw what it was i laughed pretty hard
>> ID: e22326 5 No. 17033
File 131314338326.jpg - (23.50KB , 569x428 , consider.jpg )
While there are many silly little overlooks such as the ones you pointed out Emilio, they are all necessary and completely forgiveable in the long run for this movie in my opinion.

As pointed out previously in this thread, the unnecessary characters did have something to add.
The rebellion lead by Caesar would have had a lot less impact if it had not been for friends for him to build relationships with and then mourn as the story progressed, and having them as different apes gave the eye some more flavour than just smart chimps.

The love interest, while adding nothing, at the same time did not take anything from the movie. It is established that James Franco likes her, then its a time jump and all the boring bullshit romance has already been played out and welp that's his wife in five years okay cool. The time spent with their relationship was minute compared to the rest of this pretty damn long movie. She was also there to provide someone for Caesar to be jealous of, as if he had been "replaced".

Which takes me to my next point. Yes, the other apes films have been about racism,war, etc, but I feel that this movie deals much more with father-son relationships. First with Franco and his father, and then with Caesar and his "father" Franco. While the main theme is clearly that of blurring the lines between animal and man, without the two father-son relationships this movie may as well be a boy-and-his-dog film. Instead I was treated to a boy and his dog movie where the dog stages a city-wide rebellion that was completely conceivable.

I think that was most people's gripe with this movie. " How can 20 monkeys with sticks take over the world? Stupid movie."First of all, this movie is about about 200 or so, completely organised and super intelligent, hyper agile and super-strong creatures escaping San Francisco. The humans are not prepared for such an outlandish threat. To those that still call it ridiculous, I would agree. But not completely ridiculous in the constraints of the movie itself. If humans cannot currently stop a bunch of retarded neds in London pillaging basmati rice and iphones by the boxload, I think it's fair enough that in this movie they get outplayed by a small army of incredibly cunning and athletic hairy guys that can rip off your face if they so pleased.

The effects are awesome too. I don't think you could manage to convince anyone with no experience of film that scenes of thousands of cgi apes swarming a city and killing shit up would be more satisfying than a kajillion dollar blockbuster of gigantic cgi robots destroying a city. But by god if it was. Fuck transformers. I am so happy this is being turned into a franchise ( not that it isn't already). hopefully it will not go down the same path as those pieces of shit.
film of the summer for sure

spoiler time. please don't let people spoil this movie for you if you are reading this.

I can't think of another movie in the past forever that has elicited such a huge reaction from a cinema as this when the NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! occurs. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJsrFMeP53w). It was just this raw silence, broken after a few seconds by a couple of WHAAAAAAAAATS and bursts of laughter. On paper it seems retarded, but on the big screen, goddamn. The rest of the characters even responded to the moment in the same way, with 10 seconds or so of terrified reactions from human and man alike. The shot of the gorilla having a heart attack was gold. And while people laughed at this scene, immediately following the laughter is the dawning realisation of oh god. That is no longer just an animal, like a dog in a boy and his dog movie. that is a goddamn threat. It felt to me like the greatest " SHIT JUST GOT REAL " moment in the longest time. By having Caesar speak, the movie jumps the leading ape the thousands of years in to the future that the original movies take place in in less than a heartbeat. That being said, his speech at the end to Franco was a tad silly, but at the same time, an acceptable wrap-up. I was half expecting Caesar to put a leash on Franco or some shit to be honest.

So yeah go see it
>> ID: bc4c59 0 No. 17044
File 13131664854.jpg - (35.75KB , 300x378 , planet-of-the-apes[1].jpg )
>> ID: c5c7e8 0 No. 17055
oh also the humans not ageing in the slightest over 8 years was a big odd
>> ID: adbcfd 2 No. 17066

the love interest did add something just not for us. some dude oing 8 years with his crazy grandpa and a monkey would seem weird. it would also promote the idea he was in love with the monkey or takei which wouldnt sell well to the common audience.
>> ID: 005eb2 2 No. 17100
the movie will never cater to your needs it is a finished project suck a dick and enjoy it
>> ID: c901d5 0 No. 17199

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