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File 131041251921.jpg - (162.59KB , 375x500 , 1302474795461.jpg )
14644 ID: 1c1c91 1 No. 14644 watch

Get fucked chinks.
We old boy now.
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>> ID: 2c7845 9 No. 14655
Entire revenge angle is scrapped.

Oh-Dae-Su is imprisoned just because he's black.
>> ID: 6f6f96 0 No. 14677
File 131041678369.jpg - (118.91KB , 1000x745 , rokku_paperkun_scissorsuguu_world_champion_2011.jpg )
Oh hey I was at that maid cafe. (not me pictured)
>> ID: 1c1c91 7 No. 14688
do you have any pictures of the black one i posted. give them to me you anime watching queer
>> ID: dbd44f 0 No. 15402
why don't you have a picture with you being in that maid cafe
>> ID: 93a6ae 3 No. 15600

>Wants to fuck a black maid

I guess KRMT's a white boy at heart after all.
>> ID: 14aa86 0 No. 18429
wesley snipes confirmed for oh-dae-su would be exciting
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