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File 129006189627.jpg - (23.03KB , 292x438 , 32532`7.jpg )
6814 ID: e226eb 2 No. 6814 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I just finished watching this, and goddamn it blew my expectations away.
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>> ID: 9d7510 0 No. 12399
Mystique is played by the girl from Winters Bone. Unfair to say she was just eye candy imo, not like u can do much when the script has you saying cheesy unnatural shit all the time.
>> ID: a150f4 0 No. 12455
File 130794331168.jpg - (49.96KB , 490x726 , Thor-movie-poster-photo.jpg )
>> ID: a150f4 0 No. 12466
File 130794349863.jpg - (136.28KB , 500x540 )


>>mfw after the credits
>> ID: 721995 1 No. 12488

I thought this post was about xavier renegade angel so I was really confused
>> ID: 9144d7 0 No. 12499
File 130794661623.jpg - (28.61KB , 300x400 , moral white man corrupted by satanist hooker.jpg )
I've got to agree with Emilio. Mystique's character was so stereotypical that when she raised her fist for the whole mutant pride thing it immediately reminded me of films like The Breakfast Club. From the trailer of Winter's Bone, a film I never saw so whatever I'm saying could be completely fucking wrong, it looks like she has kind of has more of a subtle acting style. She appears to play things with a little more layers and when lines are calling for her to ham it up like she's in an 80's teen flick there's only so much that she can do believably. January Jones was just complete shit though it's like she didn't know what to do with any of her lines and everything she said just sounded and looked like it took no thought at all. She reminded me of those creepy sexy robots from Austin Powers, only she was playing it straight. And yes the special effects in that last scene were just awful, Angel's flame ball spitting literally made me hold back laughter every time it came up.

And thanks for looking up the director for me even though I'm too much of a lazy shit to do it myself, above and beyond! Most importantly though that makes a lot of sense. Kickass's later segments were easily the worst and most drawn-out parts of the movie and I remember really not liking the movie because the ending just spoiled so much of what I loved earlier in it. Thank god Fassbender and McAvoy and my forever man-crush Kevin Bacon were there to drag him along and stop the movie from sucking.

File 130782253391.jpg - (131.54KB , 500x740 , purgatorys foyer.jpg )
12322 ID: e85b77 4 No. 12322 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
guilty pleasure thread
no mlp allowed.
i dont know what it is about this show but i can just watch gordon yell at people all day.
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>> ID: 83d61d 2 No. 12377
File 130791628483.jpg - (32.53KB , 320x240 , Intervention_tvshow_screencap.jpg )
i'm addicted to this show
>> ID: e85b77 1 No. 12400
File 130792503128.png - (299.31KB , 624x352 , yup.png )
xd so ironic
also i find american dad to be funny
>> ID: 83d61d 2 No. 12411
i'm not being ironic it's legitimately a very entertaining show.
>> ID: 76dc4f 0 No. 12422
I cannot fucking stand the amount of dramatization in the music and the editing of the American edition. I just tolerate it, god damn it's nice watching jack offs getting their nose rubbed in their shit
>> ID: e172ca 5 No. 12433
i loved the fuck out of drawn together

ID: ae1bd5 3 No. 12211 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  this was bloody amazing.
>> ID: 514c4e 10 No. 12266
sonday at noin on bay bay say wan
>> ID: 9dea07 1 No. 12299
sunday at nein on bee bee see wan can't you hear???
>> ID: 68c2eb 1 No. 12333

ID: fbcbe9 1 No. 11644 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  god damnit, why did they do this?

like im pretty sure the Swedish film came out in 09
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>> ID: 4d861d 1 No. 11688
The original's rape scene was pretty brutal, too brutal for me to watch, even, and I wonder how that's going to fly in America.
>> ID: 33a835 1 No. 12055
From what I understand they want to be closer to the book than the original trilogy was. I dont know what that will mean, as I never read them but thats good, right? That and its David Fincher, hes the one for a movie like this.
>> ID: ca8d72 1 No. 12099
how i know this movie is takei: its called the girl with the dragon tatoo
>> ID: 5c0c1d 1 No. 12222
She's some anorexic pale hacker chick with aspergers, I think it's ok for her to be ugly.
>> ID: 043e72 0 No. 12277
File 130775515256.jpg - (84.69KB , 500x375 , so hawaii dojo jinshie nee.jpg )

No because she is my perfect beautiful tsundere unagitako.

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