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ID: 5d5e0e -2 No. 18121 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  best christmas movie of the year
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>> ID: f3f3db 1 No. 18123
i am going to be melancholy if i have to sit through this film.
>> ID: 5bb5f6 -1 No. 18125
This movie is boring as shit, even for a von Trier flick. Holy shit, that slow motion at the start which achieves absolutely nothing.
>> ID: 813a28 1 No. 18126
>> ID: d3be6e 0 No. 18145
I refuse to see any Von Trier movie after antichrist

never again Lars, never again
>> ID: 9d87d9 0 No. 18169


File 132413766844.jpg - (43.05KB , 292x450 , J__Edgar_Poster.jpg )
18133 ID: 23ea2d 0 No. 18133 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
greatest movie ive seen all year

i fell asleep for like 2 minutes in the middle of it but trust me the rest of it was BOSS

a 2 and a half hour long extremely dry history of the FBI with hoover being gay every 15-20 minutes
>> ID: 0f5eb1 0 No. 18134
I really didn't understand the premise of the movie.

From all of the books I've read relating to J. Edgar Hoover, he really didn't do very much wrong, despite the fact that he hated Russians and their beards and was a closet homosexual.

The commercial made it out like he was a big traitor and he was a mastermind of evil and shit.
>> ID: 23ea2d 0 No. 18136
did you see the movie? if you didnt walk away from it feeling bad for the guy im not sure whats wrong with you - between the shit with his insane mother, his homosexuality, and other shit i guess i sort of cant spoil because it would ruin the movie i guess? they focus alot on how much hoover exaggerated everything he accomplished and really made him out as being paranoid, which he obviously was. also nixon calls him an old cocksucker

and he didnt do anything outright wrong but he did stay in power for 48 years simply because of how scared each incoming president was of what might happen if they fired him.
>> ID: 0f5eb1 0 No. 18137
File 132417688683.jpg - (171.65KB , 610x939 , masters-of-deceit.jpg )

I've just read a lot of books about him and a lot of books by him and never really saw a problem except for what I stated earlier.

The commercial just made him seem like a really bad guy when he really wasn't all that bad.
>> ID: 23ea2d 0 No. 18154
i havent read any books specifically about hoover, but i've read plenty about the time period, and to me hoover was always this figure that everyone was relatively weary of

the movie makes him out as a tragic figure, it doesnt harp on the fact that he broke a few laws when investigating people or any of that. i walked away genuinely feeling sorry for the guy

ID: b7729f -2 No. 18124 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  What movies are you looking forward to this year?
>> ID: e7e2ba 0 No. 18127
i don't think i've ever seen such a brightly lit horror movie
>> ID: b438df 0 No. 18135
shoulda just been fags and called it "Til Death Do Us Part"

File 13171508247.png - (0.99MB , 1247x703 , VanAlden.png )
17845 ID: 63269a 0 No. 17845 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Cool premiere
11 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: f6adae 0 No. 18105
File 132368549887.jpg - (90.27KB , 1280x720 , who gives a shit.jpg )
they finally made Jimmy interesting for one episode and then he's dead

I don't give a shit I prefer Manny Horvitz over him anyway

Overall good episode, I loved the courtroom montage
>> ID: e32dee 1 No. 18106
File 132368833457.jpg - (440.62KB , 1278x718 , 1323686413275.jpg )
Good night, sweet prince.
>> ID: af4948 0 No. 18113
File 132375186230.jpg - (24.11KB , 500x375 , 6a00d8341d0acd53ef0134879d56e3970c-500wi.jpg )
im pretty sure it's my misogynist ways acting up but goddamn i hate her
>> ID: f6adae 0 No. 18114
that's not misogynist that's just hating margaret
>> ID: af4948 0 No. 18120
the character is just doing exactly what every woman would do. being a cunt

ID: b3555e -2 No. 18090 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  mfw this actually looks decent
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 36c420 0 No. 18095
I thought it seemed true to the original stooges until Snookie showed up. Why is she in ANY movie?? I'll probably end up seeing it anyway because I love the stooges.
>> ID: b3555e -2 No. 18096
it's probably just a cameo they put in the trailer to get more attention (since the three stooges isn't exactly a popular mainstream name), so i don't really have a problem with that
>> ID: d460e3 3 No. 18097
this entire movie is basically being made to appeal to people that think theyre taking part in high culture by seeing a three stooges movie (cuz the three stooges are old and shit) but are too stupid to get any jokes that dont involve pop culture references
>> ID: a55544 -1 No. 18100
actually part of the movie is them trying to get a reality TV show and the entire Jersey Shore cast is in it.
>> ID: 1c5735 -2 No. 18101
wow, that isnt jim carrey playing moe

i didnt even realize

File 132346914047.png - (322.34KB , 640x480 , wacky_reaction_image.png )
18088 ID: ad1f8e 0 No. 18088 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 4fcb6f 2 No. 18089
File 132347989878.jpg - (6.47KB , 166x231 , over the line.jpg )
>> ID: b000c3 2 No. 18098

why remake a flawless film
>> ID: 2411d2 1 No. 18099
i wonder if theyre going to pay homage to the legendary internet meme "dubs guy"

ID: 7e9010 0 No. 18079 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  i want to know if the original movie of this is worth watching

i'm not reading the book, it sounds really boring and depressing
>> ID: 0cacde 0 No. 18080
>> ID: e316de 0 No. 18081
See the original, but if you want to read the book don't expect a mystery novel. It's mostly drama romance bullshit.
>> ID: 07051b 0 No. 18083
isnt this already a movie
>> ID: 7b16c2 -1 No. 18091
the trailer tricked me into thinking it was the next 007 movie, i was sorely disappointed

ID: ff746e 1 No. 18029 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  get hype
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 8cab06 0 No. 18034
>Billy Connolly
Yeah, okay, I'll watch it.
>> ID: 720b07 0 No. 18067
File 132265320792.png - (209.31KB , 453x435 , 1295390584252.png )
I like pixar's animation and all but this looks kind of boring from the trailer.
>> ID: 45e2f3 1 No. 18070
  stop motion puppets > cg
>> ID: 405219 0 No. 18071
File 132286040645.jpg - (64.63KB , 302x340 , 73401_340.jpg )

looks ok i guess

>John Goodman

>> ID: 1bdcb8 1 No. 18072

>Directors: Chris Butler, Sam Fell

That's not how you spell Henry Selick.

File 132170183415.jpg - (523.62KB , 1086x1600 , mercenarios2_nosologeeks2.jpg )
18036 ID: 6ec399 2 No. 18036 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: a08448 0 No. 18041
bruce willis always looks like he's in the middle of a huge shit
>> ID: de292f 2 No. 18043
File 132181969024.jpg - (141.71KB , 640x947 , ex.jpg )
The movie is about breaking wesley snipes outa jail
>> ID: 6ec399 0 No. 18045

i would buy a new copy of the dvd for that every day

you have literally made my dream movie
>> ID: 6519a1 3 No. 18051
File 132193227997.png - (349.12KB , 700x386 , 1320153911841.png )
This is the most supergreen imaginary movie to ever be conceived.
>> ID: 1e2fb3 -2 No. 18069
the original was fucking shitty and gay


File 131860707651.jpg - (68.83KB , 1280x720 )
17947 ID: 2470f9 0 No. 17947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Community Season 3.

Last nights episode was outstanding
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 06f2de 0 No. 17994
File 131978026431.gif - (787.34KB , 312x176 , 89raN.gif )
best episode ever
>> ID: 2470f9 -3 No. 18000
I strongly disagree
>> ID: 06f2de 0 No. 18012
>> ID: 06f2de 0 No. 18013
File 13209858247.gif - (858.33KB , 312x176 , moon dean.gif )
>> ID: aa9580 3 No. 18057
  This is why Community is the fucking best show on TV.

ID: df5458 0 No. 18053 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I love you dad

ID: 042691 7 No. 15811 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  New Beavis and Butthead footage.
Beavis sounds sooooo off, but Butthead is spot on.
and instead of music videos, they're doing reality tv..
11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 26e5f4 1 No. 17998
butthead always had better delivery anyway so idc
>> ID: 553193 0 No. 18024
how come when they do the music video shit, the animation is suddenly the same quality it was in the 90's? I'm pretty sure they just reused animation for that shit..
>> ID: 44adb4 0 No. 18026

also im really really enjoying this reboot, i thought i would hate it and although its different than beavis and butthead from 15 years ago its still great. i like beavis alot more than butthead now, i agree with gat that buttheads delivery was always better but its reversed from what ive seen of the new episodes so far, beavis has incredible timing and reaction that far exceeds anything i ever saw him do in the Anti-Counterfeit Mann Co. Crate series
>> ID: 3ab382 -1 No. 18046
Understandable that they'd move on from music videos. 90s metal and whatever was perfect for the characters but nobody wants to listen to that stuff anymore and no modern music would fit the show because it's all takei as fuck.
>> ID: 371903 0 No. 18047
they did the exact same thing before the reboot. I just thought that's what they did

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