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File 133495640433.jpg - (165.11KB , 540x800 , poster-xlarge.jpg )
18403 ID: fd77b4 0 No. 18403 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i am excited for this movie but this poster gives me the impression that the movie will be incredibly unfocused and terribad.
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>> ID: fd77b4 0 No. 18420
hulk was obviously the best

what are you talking about
>> ID: 9af023 0 No. 18422
idk who the best was but i think we can all agree that hawkeye and black widow were the worst
>> ID: 613054 0 No. 18423
Hawkeye was doomed from the start, who honestly cares about this character in 2012? Marvel isn't even happy with him they've redesigned him a million times.
>> ID: fd77b4 0 No. 18424
cast wolverine and spipermab for avengers sequel plox
>> ID: fd77b4 0 No. 18425

ID: 8d360c 0 No. 18369 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 9744a8 0 No. 18370
could've been decent if they actually picked some real good games
>> ID: 92dbd5 3 No. 18372
>> ID: 4b4ab0 0 No. 18419
Movie looks cool, can't find it on any trackers though. Anywhere I can actually get this?

ID: 975afb 0 No. 18189 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  wtf is this
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>> ID: b798dc 0 No. 18399
i dunno dude that movie is a cult classic

and the definition of cult classic hasn't changed but the demographic sure has. all these movies targeting different stereotypes and idiots will be more popular than falling down simply because they're marketed better.

it's not fair but autistically it would be more unfair to heap up tons of laurels for an old ass film that could use better marketing.
>> ID: b798dc 1 No. 18400
choking on my porkchop right now that is an expert wordfilter

holy shit that really closes off any imagination i had for this site good play hahahaha what a great example
>> ID: 86104d 0 No. 18409

at first i thought it was "heap up tons of laurels" because who talks like that anyway and then i remembered that autistic is a wordfilter put in place to make fun of all our eve/armaII players (like Halplander)
>> ID: 2d8011 0 No. 18410
What's your beef with armaII, once you bind your entire keyboard to shit like blink it's a great game.
>> ID: 86104d 0 No. 18411

the same beef i have with every game: it costs money. i don't buy games (drops 800 dollars in 3 weeks on car parts).

ID: fd9b8b 0 No. 18387 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  dunno if anyone still watches sci-fi movies but GODDAMN THIS MOVIE IS GOOD
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>> ID: 1d07d8 0 No. 18389
  my fav movie
>> ID: fd9b8b 0 No. 18390
roooooobocop my ni99a

anytime u watch robocop u gotta compliment it with wait why is the terminator theme playing
>> ID: fd9b8b 0 No. 18394
  a classic and BEAT YOUR FEET
>> ID: fd9b8b 0 No. 18395
  people call this movie underrated but i can't see its distinctive gem-like qualities
>> ID: 6edd11 0 No. 18402
  I love this movie

ID: 8694ea 2 No. 18173 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: 95820b 3 No. 18175
im under the impression that at this point in his career ridley scott isnt going to take shit from anyone, either way if the theatrical cut is pg13 all we have to do is wait for the blu ray. im pretty sure everyone realizes this
>> ID: 140b60 -1 No. 18176
>im under the impression that at this point in his career ridley scott isnt going to take shit from anyone

yeah that shows because he has been making shit for everyone for the last 10 years or so instead
>> ID: 140b60 0 No. 18177
this does look good though, mostly due to the amazing cast
>> ID: 8568c9 0 No. 18368
  and some viral marketing

>> ID: 1da354 0 No. 18401
  Still not hyped?

ID: 6c21b8 0 No. 18374 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  is this an april fool's prank? or is toonami really back?
>> ID: 6c21b8 0 No. 18375
april fool's prank RIP

ID: e425d9 0 No. 18351 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: 54f11d 0 No. 18359
and the only way this film will get any merit is from a 'so bad it's good' cult following.
>> ID: 2db1dd 0 No. 18360
If a movie tries really hard to be bad and succeeds, is it a bad movie in the end?
>> ID: 54f11d 0 No. 18361
>> ID: 89e54b 0 No. 18362
>> ID: d182ae 0 No. 18363
the pirahna series is actually pretty well received critically as tongue-in-cheek horror comedies. the original has a 70% on Rotten Tomatoes and the previous 3D attempt has a 78% or so.

just because it's stupid doesn't mean it isn't funny

ID: 2a8ffd 0 No. 18330 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Somebody linked this to me and I forgot how absurd it was.

Really absurd/hilarious movies thread?
>> ID: 79546c 0 No. 18349
  zombie buddy cop. one's a renegade loose cannon, and the other's a zombie! how will they ever tolerate each other long enough to bring down the evil umbrella corporation

ID: 3133fa 0 No. 18284 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: a5243d 0 No. 18293
>> ID: e320eb 0 No. 18295
it really is a commercial for a commercial
>> ID: 4b88b7 4 No. 18317
Matthew Broderick is the last person who should be in a car ad
>> ID: 44b992 2 No. 18322

Oh God that's right.

He fucking killed two people.
>> ID: 7a8c87 3 No. 18326
they killed themselves when they didnt get out of the way

ID: f2288e 3 No. 18325 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Latest trailer for Iron Sky
Will be premiering at the Berlin film festival this month

ID: da695e 0 No. 18260 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 78d8e2 0 No. 18309
Where the fuck did REDBAND come from.
>> ID: b93688 0 No. 18310
redband means it's an R-rated trailer
>> ID: 93a21c 0 No. 18316
>> ID: b526b3 3 No. 18318
thanks for the insight, film major
>> ID: 93a21c 0 No. 18321

You wouldn't be saying that if you saw my MFA in real life.

ID: a30930 5 No. 18158 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  oh boy
>> ID: fc89c3 6 No. 18178

posted 36 minutes ago
>> ID: a30930 0 No. 18315

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