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ID: 5786d5 0 No. 13815 watch
  i want to get a keyboard thats not a piece of shit

pls post recommendations other than the model m
>> ID: cda130 0 No. 13816
There's a mechanical i haven't seen before that's only like 100 bucks on newegg right now. It's not a das-keyboard.

It has cherry brown switches though.
>> ID: cda130 0 No. 13817

Woah rosewill just added a bunch. Cherry blue switches too, nice.
>> ID: 5e49c1 0 No. 13820
Is there a mechanical keyboard that's in manufacture right now that DOESN'T have the windows key?
>> ID: cda130 0 No. 13821

The windows key fuckin rules noob. If you're in win7 jus disable it

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