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ID: 953843 2 No. 8122 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  does anyone get good use out of this? it mostly gets in my way, and I'm not sure where to turn it off
>> ID: 0c36e6 3 No. 8133
Seems worthwhile if your an absolutely uncluttered fuck who has to keep 100s of pages up at once.

To the normal person, no use whatsoever.
>> ID: 953843 1 No. 8722
11.10 just installed itself and put a bunch of shit in my bookmarks, what the fuck
>> ID: 7f4eea 0 No. 8777
11.10 just installed and won't run stylesheets on Youtube unless I activate Turbo. Turbo won't work if I use it for more than an hour.

Welp, back to Nightly Firefox.
>> ID: 539d37 3 No. 8788
Yeah that was unprecedentedly shitty.

And how bout that IE9, it finally pulled itself out of the software ghetto.

File 130074836453.jpg - (30.52KB , 576x768 , 28lx99g.jpg )
7520 ID: 4fe10d 7 No. 7520 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
the final is out
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>> ID: b7dee0 3 No. 7543
>using windows live messenger
>no pic of himself

ban malo
>> ID: e68e18 -1 No. 7581
I feel silly
>> ID: 154469 7 No. 8622
File 130256141349.jpg - (151.60KB , 1278x493 , lmao.jpg )
Neat new features!
>> ID: 795a0b 2 No. 8666
File 130268409938.png - (65.22KB , 774x611 , mumble.png )
thats because it uses hardware acceleration now. you can blacklist it in mumble
>> ID: 379580 0 No. 8700
File 130272847244.jpg - (64.97KB , 631x333 , Derp.jpg )
Why aren't you using Firefox 6?

File 130270984068.jpg - (36.04KB , 800x533 , RestInPeaceOldFriend.jpg )
8677 ID: 23ae2c 2 No. 8677 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Commodore 64 is coming back, actually a computer fashioned to look like the big bastard block keyboard/computer combo is coming out, but with all modern hardware, running Ubuntu which will in turn emulate the commodore's OS, with support for running windows, and some other shit.
I was excited, thinking I might be able to emulate DOS or an APPLE II on this thing and be able to play my old giant floppy games on it, until I realized it was lacking my dear old friend to the left here.

You trashy, trashy harlot, stop betraying my hopes and dreams.
>> ID: 52de6c 3 No. 8688
The Commodore 64 is nice and all but what I REALLY want is a dualboot with both the 64 and the Amiga.
>> ID: 1b4a54 0 No. 8699
Speaking of which, where can a guy pick up a replacement peripheral cable for his C64? I still have my 1541 and I've managed to find an adapter for my parallel port but I'll be damned if I have that stupid round cable I can use.

ID: 934baa 1 No. 7594 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Picked up an Android phone, Nexus S.

What fucking cool apps that I should kill myself if I don't try should I be trying? Already got a bunch of emulators, ACV, MTG Tracker, and a clusterfuck of free / demo games.

So much garbage in the app store all with non-descriptive names make it really hard to figure out what I should be using.
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>> ID: b9abdd 1 No. 7777
live wallpapers ftw

I tried cmod7RC3 but shit like google maps didn't work. Also damn thing vibrates on unlock and forum posts suggested there's no way to stop that. Minor irritant, not as important as how pretty sense looks
>> ID: b9abdd 0 No. 7788
File 130174246740.png - (145.05KB , 480x800 , tmp_91418894.png )
Typical, lucky 7s and it doesn't upload the fucking picture
>> ID: d7e29b 2 No. 7866

high five G2 brother
>> ID: 934baa 3 No. 8444
My life had been incomplete before this game:
>> ID: 14888f 4 No. 8611


File 130247918347.gif - (85.50KB , 561x495 , x2_555_black_edition.gif )
8488 ID: a06a45 0 No. 8488 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been trying to unlock the other two cores on my 555 Black Edition for a couple days now and I've tried just about everything to no avail (increasing voltage, restoring default settings before unlocking and so on). I understand it's not a guaranteed thing and that sometimes the rest of the cores just don't work, but I can't even get it to POST after trying to unlock, it's just stuck at a black screen until I reboot a couple times.

The motherboard I'm using is a M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3, which (like many others) has the BIOS feature that allowing you to manually enable/disable any of the cores. In an attempt to find out which cores were faulty, I disabled all but the primary core (which can't be disabled anyway) and then tried every combination with the second core (Primary + 2nd core, Primary + 3rd core, etc). None of the combinations worked, not even the primary core on it's own. Since this is a dual core processor, shouldn't at least two of the cores be functional together?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 7fd790 0 No. 8555

not that I'm aware of, the callistos are just faulty denebs

there are quads that can unlock to six but of course you don't have a quad
>> ID: a06a45 0 No. 8566
Then this sounds like something I should look into. Maybe it's just the motherboard being a piece of shit, though.
>> ID: 7fd790 0 No. 8577

well in that case here's the asus page for your specific mobo: http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=umllTHNRm4IGqnbL

I recommend going through the download tab and making sure all of your drivers/software that came with your board is up to date unless there is a more up-to-date revision from an official source (for example, your integrated audio provider's site will most likely have the most current drivers for you) but other than that I'm not sure what could be going wrong

if you just recently got that board from newegg you could always trade it in and claim it's defective or not working as intended but I'm not sure if they'll do rmas on that basis that unlocking your processor cores isn't working (newegg will not take rmas if you find out your processor doesn't unlock and can't prove it defective by other means)
>> ID: 7fd790 0 No. 8588
also I'm gonna assume you're already on the latest bios revision but I would double-check that just because
>> ID: a06a45 0 No. 8600
Everything is up to date (including the bios). I just got this motherboard a week ago and updating everything was the first thing I did before trying to unlock/overclock. I had considered returning it but like you said, not really a valid reason to do so. I did buy it retail though, so it's worth a try if it comes to that.

File 130138785348.jpg - (47.71KB , 481x700 , 1301024551362.jpg )
7598 ID: a3a224 0 No. 7598 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got one of these external HDD cases and i want to buy a new 1 TB hard drive for backup and shit.Whats the best one on the market?I havent been looking for princes or anything for over a year.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 934b3f 1 No. 7608
  >mfw he reccomends a hitachi deathstar
Get one of these.
Caviar Green 2TB $79. Best drive available at that size imo

You need to use the WDIdle tool to extend its lifetime dramatically though. Once you do its easily the best large drive, especially if ur just using it for file storage.
>> ID: a3a224 0 No. 7688
I have a caviar blue.What do you mean "extend its life time"?
>> ID: a3a224 0 No. 7699
Hmmm since im using a Caviar blue that spins down and maybe has the same problem with fucking up because of that parking thing or what ever should i use this program with it too?Also how can i make it stop spinning down?
>> ID: c5100c 1 No. 8455
In my experience with hard drives the samsung drives have been the most reliable.
>> ID: c834fe 11 No. 8477
nice ass

File 130203731817.jpg - (62.93KB , 500x555 , moisture.jpg )
8155 ID: 4b4b63 1 No. 8155 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
ok so i live with my girlfriend and her friend's boyfriend has a friend who comes over all the goddamn time to play 6 hour cod4 marathons, and he's really goddamn loud and obnoxious and all around a big pain in the ass, especially with finals right around the corner (he's taking like 3 courses and they're all bullshit joke courses so he has no need to study). i really cant deal with this shit right now but he's a big selfish cunt and outright refuses to be considerate of us (asking him to turn down the volume just makes him give us a shitty look, then turn down the volume like 2 bars and keep yelling like an asshole), but we can't really make him leave since he's my girlfriend's friend's guest. the worst part is they still do this bullshit at like 1am when we're trying to sleep

so im wondering if there is a way to lag the shit out of the network until it's virtually impossible to play cod4 to smoke him out. my girlfriend's roommate's boyfriend isnt a computer whiz but he knows about ports and shit so blocking the ports would be too obvious (they just wouldnt be able to connect to xbox live).

so is there a way i can lag the shit out of the network to make them fuck off with the cod4? ive tried opening a dozen hour-long physics lectures on youtube but it seems as though the xbox is taking network priority over them and the only result is that the videos load slower and they don't notice a difference. would torrenting a huge movie collection get the job done? can i run some background program on my laptop to lag the shit out of them?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 70c949 0 No. 8277
oh yeah if you're gonna be a faggot at least make sure you have throttling turned on your torrent client, otherwise you won't throttle his bandwidth and he won't even notice
>> ID: 4721d2 0 No. 8322

i dont live with this idiot he just comes over all the time because hes friends with someone who lives here (who is moving out in a month)
>> ID: 701847 1 No. 8333
File 130211894068.jpg - (441.88KB , 2768x1560 , Linksys_WRT54G[1].jpg )
dep what kind of router you have. although if you have a router that supports custom firmwares/QoS u prob already know about them (since u prob bought the router for that exact reason) and know how to do this urself.
if u have a usb wifi dongle or something you could disable the routers wifi and give the dongle the same SSID so it just looks the same to most ppl, bridging the connections is rly easy in windows and then u could use something like netlimiter or w/e to throttle it.

any other solution is prob gonna be too technical for most people so just go crazy on with the torrents i guess.
>> ID: 3c7a50 5 No. 8399
How bout you stop being a pussy
>> ID: c34f42 0 No. 8411
Tell him to fuck off until finals are done.

File 130212492943.gif - (48.30KB , 600x601 , 1282849343342.gif )
8344 ID: dd1b80 1 No. 8344 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
can't find the thread anymore....

is there still a programm for windows that you can use to transfer the music from your ipod to your computer?
>> ID: cad83a 0 No. 8355
u can do it w/ winamp
>> ID: dd1b80 0 No. 8366

hmm... it's for my dad and he does not like winamp all that much and it has a (to him) rather complicated interface and I want him to be able to this stuff on his own.
but If no one has an easy alternative I will have to do it for him anyways...
>> ID: bb555f 1 No. 8377
>> ID: 882ee3 0 No. 8388

google it
>> ID: dd1b80 0 No. 8400
this looks perfect, thx man.

not lightweight and simple enough but thx for the suggestion anyways.

File 130100739417.jpg - (23.28KB , 477x245 , and GAMING.jpg )
7548 ID: 4b46c4 0 No. 7548 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i've got an aging computer with a few issues. I've got money to upgrade with but i need help figuring out what's going to help the most. here are the specs. (~$200)

mobo: asus m4a78 plus
processor: AMD phenom II x2 550 BE @ 3.2ghz
RAM: 4gb ddr2 @1066
video card: nvidia 8800 GTS 512gb (just died on me, one of my upgrades has to be video card)
HDD: one old maxtor 250GB and an ancient samsung 120GB, i assume both are 5200RPM or slower, both IDE drives.
OS: freshly formatted windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I get hiccups when starting games like starcraft 2, GTA4 isn't as smooth as I would like, and black ops is unplayable mess with 60+ fps but constant stutters that seem hard drive related.

TL;DR, where's my bottleneck and how should I eliminate it, or what will give me the biggest performance boost?
>> ID: fe63bd 0 No. 7552
Processor and GPU.

Also get yourself a 1TB drive, shit is cheap nowadays.
>> ID: 655b04 0 No. 7589
i bought a samsung spinpoint 7200rpm drive and a nvidia geforce 460 totaling about $230 because everyone else i talked to says my issues sounded hard drive related (i pray) but if i still get the same issues afterwards i guess processor/mobo/ram is all i have left to try
>> ID: fc1898 2 No. 7591
yeah those old harddrives were probably your biggest bottleneck, in my old system before last xmas I was still on a 5400 160gb drive and even with 4gb of ram and a 9800gt 1gb model and a core2duo 2.66 (was good at the time) stuff kinda ran slow/loaded slow, you're going to notice a big difference in speeds when you pop in that 7200 especially since it's on sata and not ide

if you do decide to upgrade your motherboard/processor/whatever then what I would do is buy an asus m4a785td-v evo, keep your processor because with the new mobo you can unlock your 550 to a quad core (if it doesn't work it won't fry your computer or anything you just turn off the unlock) and then see how that runs with the ram you have right now, right now I have the mobo I just mentioned along with a 555 be callisto unlocked to deneb running at stock with a custom hsf and it still runs cold
>> ID: fc1898 2 No. 7592
oh also if the unlock doesn't work and you're unsatisfied with performance then I recommend just straight up buying a 3.2 deneb or get a 3.2 thuban both of which you can simply just drop it in with the m4a785tdv-evo and they'll still work
>> ID: 350515 0 No. 8111
i upgraded the drives and replaced the video card

my games are running much better but sc2 still hiccups a little at the beginning of matches.
black ops is still completely unplayable but i wasn't really expecting to ever get it working.

unlocking the 550 be seems like the most cost effective solution and i'll look into that next time i happen into some coin, thanks

File 130172372466.jpg - (20.87KB , 500x429 , ep-630.jpg )
7766 ID: 06df87 0 No. 7766 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Need some cheap earphones. Was going to buy another pair of Creative EP-630 but just seeing if anyone knows of some better ones.
Yes I know >earphones but they are just for my MP3 player.
>> ID: d2f45d 0 No. 7844
>Yes I know >earphones
earphone doesn't refer to any specific form factor
there are IEMs like you posted that seal the ear canal and there are earbuds like what come with an ipod
IEMs own and are not to be scoffed at
earbuds are generally just cheap/low quality stuff but they are pretty much the best in terms of practicality

you might look at the yuin pk3 or sennheiser cx300 depending on if you want isolation or not, although right now those EP-630 are on sale on amazon for $17 and amazon prime eligible so i really don't see anything wrong with getting those
>> ID: 9e1b57 0 No. 7977

I love the EP630 they are cheap but still have a nice quality.
I use them for portable music for some years now actually.

btw. anyone got any tips for stationary headphones for PC that are very nice and in the 100€ price range? I am leaning towards AKG (blind patriotism).
>> ID: d2f45d 0 No. 8011
wow headphones are expensive in euroland jeez
or maybe amazon just sucks at it over there

the akg k242 seems much more well priced there so that is probably a good option and probably what i would get honestly, there's also the hd280 i suppose, if isolation is important

audio technicas are overpriced and grados are ridiculously priced goddamn...

considering these prices i would def do some looking into the ultrasone pro 550 or ultrasone hfi 580
>> ID: 9e1b57 0 No. 8022
>wow headphones are expensive in euroland jeez
Yep, I noticed in some of the previous headphone threads.

I'll go to the store this week to see which fit me the best. the k242 look very comfortable.

ID: 7e9032 4 No. 7733 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 130094281581.jpg - (269.76KB , 1920x1200 , bbf6687bcf820cc7a43049e28384de41.jpg )
7545 ID: 81464c 0 No. 7545 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I recently got accepted to the college I wanted to go to, and I've got a few questions about cutting corners:

I wanted to get a laptop cos it does seem necessary, but I think I overdid it on the selection:

I wanted something that I could goof around with as well as do work, but I don't particularly want a netbook, and 650 USD is a bit much on my budget.

I'm also trying to go away with a new computer as well, and I've got the case and HDD, but I've still got the rest of the computer to get. So far I've got
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131665 - Motherboard

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130572 - Video Card (gonna switch this out with my 5770)

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006 - PSU

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115211 - CPU
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 49e1b3 0 No. 7570
and please only spec is allowed to post as blue anon
>> ID: aae35e 1 No. 7571
yea the only need for a laptop is to browse facebook during lectures, take it from me dont waste the money i bought a laptop my senior year of high school anticipating using it alot in college and midway through freshman year i just gave it to my mom
>> ID: 3c23b9 5 No. 7585
Getting a laptop for college ruined two years of my life. Don't do it.
>> ID: e02a01 1 No. 7593
Netbooks and laptops are great tools for college (you don't have to rely on lab machines), but DONT TAKE THEM OUT FOR LECTURES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just take notes in a notebook. The only people I've met that can take notes during class with a laptop have amazing self-control.
>> ID: 81e8ce 0 No. 7613
I got a netbook and brought my Desktop

Sure it makes moving a bitch (only bring it home for long breaks really) but if I had a nice laptop I would do nothing in class
I already almost do nothing in class on my damn netbook but I do actually type notes most of the time.

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