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File 131334949193.jpg - (90.08KB , 1024x768 , IMG_8697 (Medium).jpg )
13101 ID: 1c02be 0 No. 13101 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Currently this is my battlestation.
1. A desktop that is a real desktop, not one of those limited gimped mini desktop.
2. A three-year old laptop that is currently unused for now but I want to use it for secondary purposes and stuff like for DVD viewing and shit.
3. A 2.1. sound system
4. A simple headphone with mic.

But I want to add the following for my perfect battlestation:
1. Two other monitors. I have one other monitor, which is a 720p 16:10 HDTV/DVD player combo in storage and want to buy another 16:9 monitor as well. Also I want to add two vertical monitors for texts such as magazines and digital books and irc conversations/windows.
2. Hook up my modern video game consoles (PS2, Xbox 360) to my battlestation
3. Possibly another external hard drive for all my stored anime, music, and recorded TV shows, and have my current hard drive I have to be used as a static archive/recovery hard drive, and get a new external hard drive for my current content.

I've been waiting to do this since early 2010, and this is my chance. Any other suggestions in how this can be done, feel free to reply.
>> ID: 1c02be 1 No. 13102
File 131335891531.png - (87.59KB , 675x534 , Stats.png )
Here's my desktop's stats if you're interested.
>> ID: 8f11fb 4 No. 13122
install gentoo

Who is #fa?
>> ID: 2d5513 0 No. 13133
Make sure you get a quality TV tuner, my friend had issues with input lag when he tried to play consoles through his PC. Also unless you have a specific reason for external storage, just go for a new internal HDD.. it's faster, cheaper, etc
>> ID: 1c02be 0 No. 13134
Well I'll think about getting another HDD. But I need to buy a new PSU and install it because I currently have a 250w PSU with these current components.
>> ID: bcf6b8 2 No. 13135
>GeForce GT 420

File 13125568488.jpg - (60.28KB , 450x281 , MSI-GUS-External-Graphics-Card.jpg )
12999 ID: 0120a9 0 No. 12999 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I've been looking at my schedule, and I found that I'll be home maybe 30% of the next few upcoming months. (business trips, family, vacation time etc.)

The problem being I'm just now starting to get into a stride with starcraft 2 and It's something I've been really getting into over the past few weeks, so I would like to be able to play it on my laptop while away from home.

My laptop can run the game, just not very well because my built in video memory is shit. I was wondering if anyone heard of anything good out of this "external graphics card" market and if any of it actually works?
>> ID: 5a4670 2 No. 13022
Stop playing shit RTS' and get a real fucking computer.
>> ID: dc27dd 2 No. 13067
why would you play that awful game, stop being a fucking retard
>> ID: 20249d 0 No. 13077
from what ive read very few external cards actually act as a graphics card, most are put into place to do nothing more than allow dual monitor use, and from what ive heard the "good" ones are expensive as all hell
>> ID: a32bf6 1 No. 13088
File 131326167121.jpg - (153.67KB , 1600x1064 , words.jpg )
why is everybody so mean :(

i don't know anything about this or i would help!


File 131199785222.jpg - (1.58MB , 2592x1936 , ohjesusno.jpg )
12833 ID: 826a5a 3 No. 12833 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So two days ago at work I had a magical adventure that left me frothing at the mouth in rage.
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>> ID: cddaa4 3 No. 12888
I hope you get overtime for that shit
>> ID: 3ef428 4 No. 12889
>the pentium 4 at 1.6ghz was over 99 C
I don't see anything unusual here

seriously though that sucks, you should find out who the restaurant hired and give them hell
>> ID: 826a5a 1 No. 12899
I am very well compensated for the computer work i do for the restaurant.
>> ID: 826a5a 1 No. 12900
for follow up i would just like to report that the cpu is now at 40C and stable even with that broken heatsink still attatched.
>> ID: 97d451 0 No. 13055
my fav part about my last job was them sending techs every other week to repair the pentium 3 in the office running windows me and each time it would cost the store 100-200 dollars

File 131164099592.png - (78.21KB , 798x585 , advfdfs.png )
12801 ID: 1cd043 0 No. 12801 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
so i turned on my computer today, launched chrome and aim, and was just browsing around for a few minutes before i got a blue screen.
then windows was unable to launch. tried launching windows repair, safe mode, etc, wouldn't work.
thought i'd just wait it out until my buddy got off of work because he has a bunch of bootable discs. few minutes before he gets back i thought i'd try again so he wouldn't come over and my computer would be fixed. it blue screens, windows is unable to start etc, i try running windows repair, and this time it works. do a system restore, wait a few minutes, and windows runs fine.
for a few minutes it was just a black screen, then a black screen with a mouse, but i was able to ctrl+alt+delete. i did it and ended explorer then re-ran it, and everything appeared.
had some system messages, one telling me to back up my stuff, another to update my antivirus (avast hadn't launched for some reason. CCC hadn't launched either which is unusual), and another saying to fix some system problems. said system problems are in the picture.

what DO I do!!!
>> ID: e37db4 0 No. 12802
run memtest86+
check the hard drive with an analytic live system
>> ID: 1cd043 0 No. 12812
fixed it.
my RAM had dusty contacts; i reseated it all and haven't bluescreened since
>> ID: 091963 0 No. 12813
>> ID: abb002 0 No. 13136
This thread shows good problem-solving.
Honorable sage.

File 130841963186.jpg - (59.68KB , 514x373 , sheknowswhatshesdoing.jpg )
11600 ID: 906cd4 0 No. 11600 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I want to get into more heavier video editing and its possible for me to get some easy access (or cheaper at least) to some video editing software through a person I know, but what are the best ones to get nowadays?

I currently have a version of Sony Vegas I downloaded, I know Adobe After Effects would probably be a good choice, is there anything else besides these two that would be good to get?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: dde9c3 0 No. 12355
name a single feature film or anything big budget edited on something other than fcp or avid
>> ID: 8118c1 0 No. 12422

Not even minor studios use FCP for anything. Everyone either uses aftereffects or their own proprietary suite. You know, because they're Pixar or ILM.
>> ID: dde9c3 3 No. 12633
im sorry dude but you're straight up fucking wrong
>> ID: dde9c3 0 No. 12644
Avid is still considered the industry standard, with the majority of major feature films, television programs, and commercials created with its NLE systems. Final Cut Pro received an Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in 2002 and continues to develop a following.

Avid has held on to its market-leading position in the advent of cheaper software packages, notably Adobe Premiere in 1992 and Final Cut Pro in 1999. These three competing products by Avid, Adobe, and Apple are the foremost NLEs, often referred to as the A-Team.[3] With advances in raw computer processing power, new products have appeared including NewTek's software application SpeedEdit.
>> ID: dde9c3 1 No. 12655
File 131105498383.jpg - (15.69KB , 271x130 , coloring.jpg )

even pixar uses avid

File 131055203171.jpg - (327.11KB , 1280x731 , screenshot_02_03.jpg )
12511 ID: 97db3f 2 No. 12511 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

it's only a matter of time folks

robots will probably be better at running the world anyways
>> ID: a96005 5 No. 12522
lol who still reads manuals xd

Enjoyed this post? Consider donating some bitcoins to 1KBBk5aTLQVaUSJPf7t8zSDEKBxx54T147
Also join the IRC: http://irc.fightingamphibians.org/?channels=fa
>> ID: 7d7179 0 No. 12533
File 131057129158.jpg - (140.87KB , 1020x870 , PPTExponentialGrowthof_Computing.jpg )
were fucked bro
>> ID: 345d76 7 No. 12544
I look forward to seeing AI in games look up strategies online and using them against players.
>> ID: 1892b7 8 No. 12588
if they use gamefaqs it'll be a step down if anything

File 131049872934.jpg - (4.95KB , 240x129 , cisco.jpg )
12499 ID: 8ec7ca 0 No. 12499 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

has anyone been watching????

ID: 6984cb 1 No. 11077 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: b8b511 3 No. 11422
>the search/run field in the "startmenu"

...is from Vista. 7's only real improvement outside of improving memory management and stability was the new program buttons you could stack and pin to the task bar.
>> ID: df66b1 0 No. 11499
>> ID: b8b511 4 No. 11500

It's like putting Skype on mobile phones, then making you pay for it.
>> ID: eaa75b 7 No. 11622
>> ID: f3fb56 0 No. 11655
Microsoft, I'm glad you're back on track. The new GUI will be leaps and bounds better then the current set up for just consuming information. Just God forbid, don't be a resource hog, you widget bitch.

File 130967718569.png - (459.51KB , 1600x900 , fooooonts.png )
12122 ID: 19a699 0 No. 12122 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I fixed my ATI video card so I installed it back into my computer, and now the fonts for most websites have changed, like FA and Facebook. I guess I'm 'spergin' out' because the new fonts are bugging me and I can't figure out how to change them back to their original fonts.

I've updated my video card drivers and changed the font types in Windows and Firefox, and I'm still not getting the fonts I want, using a different internet browser doesn't fix it either. Any ideas?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0681a8 0 No. 12200
is it the fonts being smoothed that's bothering you? I don't like that either, you can disable it by turning off cleartype in the wizard thing
>> ID: a6dd37 1 No. 12211
turn off hardware acceleration in firefox
>> ID: 19a699 0 No. 12222
Oh shit, that fixed it. Thanks!
>> ID: f53164 13 No. 12233
File 13099653816.png - (222.15KB , 475x360 , broke___ or made better.png )
>> ID: 19a699 0 No. 12255
File 130998078879.png - (181.75KB , 442x341 , 1309225861430.png )
hey buddy stop giving me shit just because I have PREFERENCES

File 130866449723.jpg - (30.76KB , 400x300 , 1249995657_27631[1].jpg )
11788 ID: 92dc15 4 No. 11788 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 570eaf 2 No. 11933
>> ID: 843f55 1 No. 12033

stop screwing around
>> ID: 780359 3 No. 12044
The discussion in that article is retarded, this chip allows you to store memories, not process and understand them.
>> ID: 570eaf 1 No. 12100

we've had to endure much, you and i, but within the week there will be old men running the world
>> ID: 843f55 0 No. 12199

No, within six months.

File 13084480227.jpg - (8.64KB , 214x251 , 123217401264.jpg )
11633 ID: 520b96 0 No. 11633 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I need a new monitor. Does anyone know of any good monitors, preferably under $150?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 8968da 1 No. 11699
holy fuck that monitor cost me 275 dollars like a year and a half ago

yeah forget what i said prices have gone down alot
>> ID: d121c9 6 No. 11700

Welcome to computer hardware.
>> ID: eb6ec7 0 No. 11722
i bought a 22" philips running 1920*1080 for 130€

cant complain
>> ID: 201bc2 0 No. 11777
this basically
>> ID: 520b96 0 No. 11977

File 130871547188.jpg - (93.89KB , 614x434 , durrhurrdontcutcomputercomponents.jpg )
11811 ID: a0185a 0 No. 11811 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I hate to use the tech board for a fucking stupid ass tech question, but fuck it.

I am doing some work for someone who recently got an external filled with the data from their now dead HDD, got them a new internal HDD, and figured I could ghost the external onto the internal, partition diffrences be damned because the guy is never gonna use up 300+ gigs of space.
Well the machine refuses to boot up from the external, even though it has all the files in order from the original HDD, and even trying to rework that shit I can't boot from it, and the ghosted drive can't boot into windows, so I am currently having the guy run this shit in a mini XP environment so he can still access his files until I can fucking get this shit running since he didn't keep his factory reset CD for the machine and I don't have an OS disc on hand.

Is there some shit I can do to make this thing recognize it has windows on it so it can finally do what it needs to do.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: bbe817 0 No. 11855

Does that mean you used norton ghost to make a complete backup?
If so, what keeps you from playing the backup back onto the new drive?
Or did you already do that and now it doesn't boot (sry your post is a bit confusing to me)?
If yes, the backup is probably broken (with the partition thing going on and norton ghost not being newest prog)
and you have to do a new install and retrieve all the data you can get.
If no, ...... wait a second I just re-read your post and I am more confused than ever
wth did you do, what did the other guy do and are there 2 functioning hard drives present now (one in the computer and one external connected via USB)?
>> ID: a0185a 0 No. 11866
Well the external is the drive the guy got back from a recovery service with all the data from his failed HDD, and it retains the file structure but his machine refuses to acknowledge it's existance unless I boot into linux, and I used Ghost 4 Linux to ghost/clone the drive onto the new internal HDD. I figured from the looks of the data on the external it was still setup like the harddrive from before, but if it really is some shit like windows isn't "Properly" installed on it then I guess he's fucked.
Was wondering if there was some way to fidget with the master boot records on the drive to make it go into proper windows bootup.
>> ID: 2bd559 1 No. 11888

get msdos 6.22 here http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm (not the "5 1/4 1.2 meg disk" link)

put it on a floppy and fdisk /mbr
>> ID: 2bd559 1 No. 11899
oh and make sure you do it correctly/to the right drive lol
>> ID: ed84c6 5 No. 11922
well from what i see the problem lies in you being a huge faggot

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