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ID: 6bbb8a 1 No. 12677 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  lets all look back an laugh at this shit.

who was it on here that thought this shit was legit back when it came out?
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>> ID: ae5fe9 3 No. 13684
i see you are finally ready to suck my dick?????
>> ID: c27192 -3 No. 13690
wtf are you talking about? Aren't I a little old for you?
>> ID: ae5fe9 3 No. 13693
don't pretend that you don't remember how the original thread about this went ;)
>> ID: c27192 -3 No. 13694
yeah I seem to remember saying it looked takei and they should work on their presentation. Looks like they did.
>> ID: ae5fe9 3 No. 13698
File 131718712430.jpg - (523.11KB , 713x1051 , whateverhelpsyousleep.jpg )
if you say so

File 131382787264.jpg - (43.54KB , 500x500 , razernaga.jpg )
13179 ID: 0309b9 -1 No. 13179 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: d4ba0b 0 No. 13649
Do you have problems with the scroll wheel? It's hard for me to press M3 down without it clicking left, I'm not sure if it's defective or just poorly designed.
>> ID: bed5fc 0 No. 13650
The only problem I had with the mouse is the wire started shorting out after about a year and a half of use. Logitech replaced the mouse with no problems. The scroll wheel has never been an issue for me.
>> ID: 7e61ed 0 No. 13651
Don't wank with the same hand you use your mouse with, your semen seems to be acidic.
>> ID: 9ac4ef 0 No. 13652

When I bought it, I had problems with the scroll wheel, but then I just learned how to deal with it. Now I can click it without going to the side pretty dang consistently
>> ID: 28ce7f 0 No. 13675
buy logitech

my mx518 has a break in the cord and keeps switching off in the middle of games so I contacted logitech and now theyre sending me a g400 free as a replacement, which isnt out in the uk till mid oct anyway. they just asked me to send them an email with a few pictures of the mouse and some kind of proof of purchase (a screenshot of my amazon invoice was enough)

ID: 62909a 2 No. 11944 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> ID: 7850fe 5 No. 12933

in all fairness twitter and facebook really laid a lot of ground work for the next BIG INTERNET NETWORKING system to take over.
>> ID: 396579 6 No. 12955
Not to mention pretty much anything made by Google is going to garner popularity rather quickly.
>> ID: 1f374e 3 No. 13033
google+? heh. *goes back to changing profile background on the barren wasteland that is myspace*
>> ID: ac0af4 2 No. 13433
Surprise, nobody is using this fucking thing!
>> ID: 9eb431 0 No. 13674
a month later and it still holds true

ID: 379ce7 3 No. 13444 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  this is cool shit
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>> ID: 6d2af4 0 No. 13666
Last I checked, I can't log into multiple computers at our CE building's dedicated lab and install a program that lets me link them because it's the computer lab and they frown on downloading and installing programs.

If this packages with a windows update, it'd be killer.
>> ID: 1dcf6b 0 No. 13667

it won't and if it does it's going to end up being like enterprise or ultimate only (no problem for me heh)
>> ID: 6d2af4 0 No. 13668

All our computerlabs use enterprise . . .
>> ID: 1dcf6b 0 No. 13669

it's your lucky day!

ours doesn't
>> ID: 6d2af4 0 No. 13670

i am truly sorry for your lots

File 131597508118.jpg - (28.75KB , 262x129 , logo.jpg )
13655 ID: 0ecf53 -1 No. 13655 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
ReactOS might get some funding and actually be worthwhile. Though I highly doubt it will get the funding and even if it does it will still prolly suck.


File 130861230476.jpg - (65.51KB , 300x300 , ccna-certification.jpg )
11733 ID: 746795 0 No. 11733 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So does anyone have any certs? I'm going try for a ccna
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>> ID: 0a9733 0 No. 12922
Working on CCNA and a 4 year degree : >
>> ID: 5de34a 0 No. 13255

mostly just clinical crap from back in the day...
>> ID: 9d849f 0 No. 13377
>> ID: af4b57 0 No. 13378
what's your score?
>> ID: 9d849f 0 No. 13588


File 131423845253.gif - (62.80KB , 400x400 , parrot at his computer.gif )
13388 ID: 801ed7 4 No. 13388 hide watch quickreply [Reply]


On a serious note, maybe now Apple can finally die and stop polluting the technology market with "innovative" technology that is two years behind in hardware and two years ahead in cost.
>> ID: 6eea26 1 No. 13399
yeah man i bet they dislike making money
>> ID: c992d3 6 No. 13411
your 2 years ahead in cost comment doesn't make sense, electronics generally get cheaper as time goes on
>> ID: 801ed7 0 No. 13422

damn it
>> ID: d51737 3 No. 13424
tinker nice redditbot avatar haha

File 131406382646.jpg - (0.99MB , 2336x1745 , Afterbath.jpg )
13311 ID: d48beb 0 No. 13311 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Didn't know whether to post this in /cc/ or here but since /t/ gets more views I'll post it here.

I've always had a passion for painting and drawing but I only do artwork with the traditional mediums like charcoal, acrylic, etc. I've always wanted to start doing art digitally ever since in high school my Art teacher had these kickass tablets that were gigantic and worked really well. He paid $1000+ for them, and obviously that's not in my price range.

I'm looking for a tablet that's under $200 (but preferably under $150 if possible) that's pressure sensitive and has a good amount of surface space to use, as well as not being a piece of shit. I can't tell whether Bamboo or Wacom are good and I don't want to spend more than what's necessary for a comfortable and efficient tool. I have Photoshop and I got some Corell painting program a while back that simulates real paintbrush strokes and shit so it's not like I'll be wasting a tablet in paint.net or something.

I know some of you guys must have tablets because drawing with a mouse is hard, so I'm just wondering which ones you use and how much did you pay for them. Are good tablets expensive and should I save up for them or should I buy some sub $100 tablet? I plan on doing a lot of drawing with it so it's not like it'll become an expensive paperweight.

Pic kinda related, it's a duck I drew.
>> ID: 9a480d 1 No. 13322
Stick with Wacom, they're pretty much the universal tablet of choice for digital painters. This will mean paying over $200 though. Buying any tablet bigger than medium size is kind of pointless. I've had an Intuos 3 for several years now and it's been great, no problems at all.
>> ID: 05c9ef 1 No. 13333
File 131412213418.jpg - (252.88KB , 1260x942 , GraphicsTabletComparisonChart.jpg )
I'd suggest just saving the extra dollars and getting an intuos if you want to do painting/drawing. Check around for used ones as well because there are tons of kids who buy them and don't know what to do with them.

Personally I had a Graphire4 until I upgraded to Windows 7. Now I have a Bamboo and it suits me fine for what I do(95% Adobe Illustrator).
>> ID: d48beb 0 No. 13355
Thanks, I think I'll get an Intuos 4. I'll scour eBay or just save up money and buy it off of Newegg or something.

File 130764382966.jpg - (801.81KB , 877x551 , MX518 II.jpg )
11377 ID: a927e5 10 No. 11377 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


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>> ID: 9f1d41 0 No. 12244

>> ID: 30399a 0 No. 12488
>> ID: 9de9e6 0 No. 12799
after 3 years my mx518 started acting really weird this week, like it had a piece of hair over the LED but i kept cleaning it over and over and it kept doing it

picked up a g400.... i like it better actually but my mx518 was fucking OLD i dunno i just really love this mouse i am sorry mx518
>> ID: 9de9e6 0 No. 12811
wait nvm the 3200dpi setting is fucking retarded who would ever fucking use this
>> ID: 73e132 0 No. 13344
Was thinking of getting this or a G9x whenever I get a new mouse. What would be better?

File 131372496718.jpg - (19.69KB , 391x307 , sony_a_walkman.jpg )
13156 ID: 458772 0 No. 13156 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
has anyone heard anything about sony's new walkman A Series ? Been thinking about picking it up, since my last one broke
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 50d9ff 0 No. 13211
File 131390163613.jpg - (5.57KB , 300x300 , 8GB-iPod-Nano---Silver-w-Apple-Care---French-SZSP2.jpg )
got this exact thing in like 2007 for an xmas gift. still hasnt broken or even failed on me yet and im not going to buy a new one till it does.
>> ID: e9f9dd 0 No. 13222
htc evo apple iphone samsung galaxy s droid 2

do you get the point
>> ID: 5b11cf 0 No. 13234
I used a sansa clip.
headphone jack broke after one year.

get this, my dad has one and the buildquality is unparalleled.

on a related note the ipod 3g I had was the best mp3 player I ever had, it still fully works actually but the batterie only lasts for 1 hour.
>> ID: c8a5fd 0 No. 13244
File 131395133997.jpg - (27.64KB , 420x315 , P1020115-420-90.jpg )
Zen X-fi 2

Used Zens forever, don't like apple products, tried the original zune and didn't like it. This thing fits comfortably in my pocket and go well with the aux port in my car
>> ID: 6da1a2 0 No. 13301
Also used a sansa clip until I lost it. Going to buy another one cos I'm a cheap bastard and I don't have a fancy phone.

File 131227274071.png - (12.20KB , 1440x900 , Untitled-1.png )
12923 ID: af4b1b 0 No. 12923 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Thought I'd ask here after I googled out my goddamned soul.

Got an odd screen resolution problem. Native resolution is 1440x900, all fine and dandy until about two hours ago when AMD decided to say oh hey you need this update and while it was updating it mucked around with my screen resolutions, you know how it'll go down to like 600x800 for shits and giggles and then back up to something higher. Anyway, went to go set it back to 1440x900 and the attached pictured is what i get. I've dicked around for a minute and i can't think of anyway to fix this shit.

Any of you duders know what the fuck happened/how to fix this cock up?
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: af4b1b 0 No. 13147

Just going to uninstall this piece of shit. But feel free to put up fixes or anything for me I guess.
>> ID: 12863e 0 No. 13155
nvidia has a thing where you can go find an edid code for your monitor and set it as an override in the nv_disp.inf file before installing which can help certain situations such as mine where installing the drivers normally gives me overscan (no settings fix it other than resizing my desktop which creates odd resolutions)

idk if ati has this but if you can google it??? gl
>> ID: af4b1b 0 No. 13178
ati doesnt but ty enywey aun +rep
>> ID: 5cb43a 1 No. 13190
File 13138759425.jpg - (19.67KB , 250x250 , 1301513715301.jpg )
>> ID: af4b1b 0 No. 13423

>shitty 2011 meme


ID: f721e3 2 No. 13144 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  My computer is a motorcycle! Is yours?

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