Fighting Amphibians

"Back to the past."

Global Rules #

1. No shit posting. Enforcers are instructed to delete all shit posts.

2. Check your self before you wreck yourself, if you can't handle posting with a name then this isn't the board for you.

3.There is a time and a place for anime: the time is now and the place is here.

4. Pornographic/non worksafe content is not allowed on any board, if it is posted it will warrant a warning/ban and the posts will be deleted.

5. You must be at least 18 years of age to post on this website. But we'd prefer 21 and over!

6. Don't abuse the report system, asshole.

7. Impersonating members of the community for satire is commendable and an excellent technique to stir up drama. Impersonating them for personal gain is a criminal offense and will not be tolerated.

8. Use spoilers, don't be a huge asshole

9. Stay frosty: don't wander off a board's specific track.

10. We have a suggestions board! Holy shit, tell the site owner to kill himself there not on the main page! Unless you're doing it ironically than I guess telling him to kill himself and delete FA in /b/ is fine too! PS: Suggestions is so /meta/.

11. Any shameless plugging of your personal website or viral marketing will be met with the full force of the Hammer. Don't worry we can tell the difference between you posting about a new cool thing and some robot spreading false viral stuff.

12. Ban evasion is okay as long as you are not a huge asshole. Otherwise you will most likely be hyperbanned. Trust me hyperbanning is not fun.

14. Posting on FA is a fundamental human right. Deleting your posts is also a fundamental human right and we will not hesitate to delete your posts if they suck enough.

Any ban appeals can be made to and official policy in this administration is a 0.0001 day appeal period (you can appeal immediately). PS: There is no rule 13 because 13 is bad luck.

/dra/ Rules #

1. This is where your dreams come to die

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