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New mumble, again by kalkin - 07/22/12 @ 01:53 AM MDT #

Mumble is now, also written as The old one was terrible.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT by gar - 06/04/12 @ 09:11 PM MDT #


New boards: /newman/ and /swag/. Board rules are in the sticky for each board.

Pending boards: /legoland/ (replacement for /co/), /org/ (organized gaming, all 800+ reply count threads for each game as they come up.)

Pending boards to axe: /tf2/, /fg/, /sc2/

/ig/ is disestablished by gar - 06/03/12 @ 12:36 PM MDT #

Bomblol is dead, long live the King

new stuff by bomblol - 04/13/12 @ 06:42 PM MDT #

/dra/ is back, /ig/ - indie games now established!!

Updates by kalkin - 11/30/11 @ 12:14 PM MST #

First, we've recently obtained a dedicated IP so if you are having any issues connecting to the website you might need to flush your DNS and clear your cache.

Second, we've again implemented the #faposts relay on IRC so you can see when any new posts are made across the site in real time (and see just how slow FA realy is!) You can autoconnect through the IRC link in the sidebar or if you already idle IRC just join the #faposts channel and add it to your favorites/connect string.

Third, we're going to be making some changes again to the boards structure. What those changes are I haven't decided yet.

Updated Mumble info by kalkin - 10/21/11 @ 11:25 AM MDT #

New Mumble server is located at
The old one goes down in 24 hours, join, register yourself and remake your channels please!

I am not a crook, nor a jew by Tech Support - 09/07/11 @ 08:50 PM MDT #


Also, I stealth updated FA and put in a store.

Lots of Love
  ~Tech Support

Posting by kalkin - 08/29/11 @ 06:06 PM MDT #

Posting might be a little broken at the moment, it should be fixed within 24 hours. Apologies.

Update: Fixed

FA Otakon Meetup by Tech Support - 05/08/11 @ 06:00 PM MDT #

Baltimore Convention Center, July 29th-31st 2011, Baltimore, Maryland.

For more information about the FA Otakon meetup, read this thread. You can also visit the attendance list to view who will attend. A public signature with your steam profile is not necessary. If you do sign anonymously, please include a comment that contains your name or any other information related to the event. If you would like, you may also include where you will be staying as well as contact information. For requesting more information, just post in the thread or contact thecrimsonj.

Signing the list is not necessary, instead, it is more for organizational purposes.

Also I'm testing livestream/justin tv/ustream and FA integration based off of the code in, so don't worry if you see a live stream pop up now and then for testing. Which will most likely be Judge Death streaming anime.

Changes by kalkin - 03/22/11 @ 04:27 AM MDT #

Making some changes to board structure. I haven't settled on anything yet but I'm going to make some changes and see how it goes. If there was any content on a board that was removed that you wanted to save or access you can still go directly to the board page, it just wont show in the menubar or sidebar. This includes /coy/, /moe/, /mc/, /tg/, /df/, /mods/, /adv/.

What is FA? By boen by kalkin - 03/12/11 @ 01:20 PM MST #

Fighting Amphibians is one of several imageboard style forums that were originally made as a means for a number of 4chan /v/ users to more intimately discuss the 2007 video game Team Fortress 2. It manifested roughly around the same time as and, two other communities with roughly similar purposes, albeit more homosexual and pedophilic, respectively.

Originally created and run by "That Guy", it existed nearly entirely for the purpose of discussions about TF2 and the servers affiliated with the website at the time. As the community became more popular more boards were added for broader ranges of topics to be discussed, such as music, technology, anime/cartoons and more. Unfortunately, That Guy became less and less interested in running the community over time. He promoted several prominent members of the community to moderate the imageboard, and eventually only interacted with by asking for money to pay the server bills. he let people "buy" their own board on the site for 15 dollars a piece with their own moderator account, and this lead to many strange, memorable, and controversial boards being created. A number of people became quite dissatisfied with That Guy's way of running the site and in retaliation created a parody "spinoff" website, Skirmish Frogs. This was never really meant to be a literal replacement for Fighting Amphibians, and it was never really put to serious use until FA was "hacked" or compromised in some way that resulted in the website being inaccessible. At this point That Guy gave up on the community and handed the reigns to Chrustler, who was involved in the creation of Skirmish Frogs as well as being a popular member of the community.

Most regulars of FA were aware of Skirmish Frogs existence, and it was there that the discussion of how Fighting Amphibians should be recreated took place. The community used this downtime to critically look at how That Guy ran the site and voted on what boards to get rid of, what boards to keep or add, who should moderate it, and more. FA was promptly recreated by Chrustler and after a month or so it regained the majority of its userbase. The site had long since stopped being centered around TF2 and was more just a general imageboard for people who played video games.

Again the owner of FA (this time Chrustler) grew tired with its userbase. But instead of merely neglecting it, he sought to shun those from the community who he percieved as undesirable by changing the format of the site from an imageboard to a more traditional php forum. This predictably stirred up a lot of entertaining drama in the community, culminating in Kalkin creating a second Fighting Amphibians, only .org instead of .com. Chrustler and Kalkin became friends over this conflict and eventually Chrustler handed over the .com domain to kalkin who set them to both redirect to his version of FA. He's been running it ever since.

Steam Group by admin - 01/07/10 @ 04:55 PM MST #

Please join our steam group which is located at

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