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File 132049450544.jpg - (34.94KB , 518x107 , atmuh.jpg )
7462 ID: b3bbe3 No. 7462 watch
dear kalkin please remove all word filters or have an option to fucking remove them.

they were annoying as fuck before, but now they're at a point where i can't even understand what the fuck is going on half the time.
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>> ID: 244b22 No. 7464
the only good one was when autistic filtered to pretentious but i think he got rid of that
>> ID: 244b22 No. 7465
yep he did
>> ID: 4a3c69 No. 7466
takei is the only good one
>> ID: a6c53e No. 7467

Bring back Sea Captains and Elflords
>> ID: fe8000 No. 7468
no.....i, kalkin, will never remove the wordfilters...my not-friends the mathackers sucked my dick over the internet for these very funny and totally not takei word filters...deal w/ it losers
>> ID: df40d9 No. 7474
i don't make the wordfilters, thats the job of the wordfilter gestapo
>> ID: 653123 No. 7475
File 132085170744.png - (89.32KB , 619x286 , terrible.png )
so do something about it holy shit
>> ID: 02dfaf No. 7483
Get rid of the by the way: I'm resubbing my WoW Accounts or shut down /meta/.
>> ID: 3af6d8 No. 7489
Functionality should never be sacrificed for the sake of cheap laughs
>> ID: 5f4e2a No. 7490
nobody is laughing bridget.
>> ID: c7ff28 No. 7491
i disagree fart lord

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