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File 131881634035.jpg - (49.62KB , 400x557 , 269532_248377901854647_180387301987041_1090661_482.jpg )
7436 ID: 5b3848 No. 7436 watch
Kalkin change the "ron paul spaceship money" wordfilter from "euro" to "ron paul spaceship money"

also add a wordfilter that changes "my little pony" to "cheetahmen"
>> ID: 4e0fd7 No. 7437
kalkin add a wordfilter for this thread that changes "OP" to "fag"
>> ID: ab2eba No. 7438

you cant change something that already exists as

also i 2nd the cheetahmen wordfilter
>> ID: 6683d6 No. 7439
i'm pretty sure the chick on the right is sporting a bulge in addition to bigger tits
>> ID: 1d9c36 No. 7440
#futaisalwaysbigger #wow #whoa
>> ID: 8ee3cb No. 7444
excellent post op
>> ID: 75eae3 No. 7456
dude calm down with the fucking epic win wordfilters you're going overboard
>> ID: 6ccef7 No. 7461
A big problem is that it's screwing up url links, which can ruin an entire post since no one could care long enough to figure out what the wordfilter to, say, "the year of our lord" is, fix the link in a different tab, then finally view the link before moving on to something better. It drags regular conversation down and isn't really funny anywhere else.
>> ID: 5574a8 No. 7476
Is there a way to make wordfilters not apply to links?

also add a filter on "wordfilter" yeah that'll be hilarious
>> ID: caa8c4 No. 7478
just wordfilter everything
>> ID: fdd07c No. 7479
fuck off with the wordfilters kalkin you fucking homo
>> ID: 5b3848 No. 7481
by the way: I'm resubbing my WoW Account

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