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File 129841425665.png - (46.59KB , 800x450 , 1225325441247.png )
3529 ID: 0c1708 No. 3529 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
y is show 50 last posts butan gone it was useufl
>> ID: 1b60f3 No. 3530
ya i also liked that button
>> ID: 0f7b6e No. 3531
>> ID: 275e3a No. 3532
imo it should be replaced w/ an anime button
>> ID: fad8cf No. 3537
thank you for bringing it back

File 129830811797.jpg - (61.30KB , 640x480 , BUSTED.jpg )
3509 ID: ee5ba5 No. 3509 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
FA is getting too complacent and boring, we need to toss in music and seizure animations or something. Even a board like SA's FYAD or Oddwebsite's Hell would be welcome just to stir shit up since even /dra/ is getting fucking stale.
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>> ID: c8fe17 No. 3513
put a talking ad between every post in dra
>> ID: ef5ac5 No. 3516
>> ID: aeb2df No. 3518
Oh god, Marquee a part of the board to be like MOONSIDE That shit was the best thing to happen to the internet.
>> ID: e700d5 No. 3519
Oh yeah I've always wanted to be like 7Chan, what a splendid idea.
>> ID: ef5ac5 No. 3535

>dancing anime at bottom of page

lol it's perfect for fa.

File 129834919132.jpg - (99.51KB , 458x600 , oxjst328.jpg )
3520 ID: fb460f No. 3520 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How about some captchas to prevent spam?
>> ID: 12b57f No. 3521
because spam is certainly a big problem on fighting amphibians right
>> ID: e796bc No. 3523
I wish people would spam more so this website would move slightly faster than a snail's pace.
>> ID: 61c2ea No. 3524
something must have happened to your thought process during your transition from 4chan to here because we move at about 1/100 of the speed they do

don't need a captcha
>> ID: 3b8df2 No. 3525
i'm all for some difficult math captchas to prevent stupid threads like this

Enjoyed this post? Consider donating some bitcoins to 1KBBk5aTLQVaUSJPf7t8zSDEKBxx54T147
>> ID: e38895 No. 3527
but then the immersion of shitposting like you've been struck in the head with a blunt object for most of your childhood and masturbated furiously in the bathroom instead of attending your sld english class will be ruined

File 129775086367.jpg - (82.25KB , 701x701 , eye.jpg )
3474 ID: ad7707 No. 3474 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The in-thread Watched Threads button was lost in the host move and whatever. Please add it again, as I found it to be quite convenient, and I hope others did too!

>> ID: 49e029 No. 3476
it's slow enough here though that you dont really need it thouuuuughhh
>> ID: 5318d3 No. 3481
But some people still might want iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
>> ID: f9530c No. 3482
>> ID: e10f23 No. 3495
enjoy your game
>> ID: ad7707 No. 3526

ID: 127e6f No. 3485 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  add a science/philosophy/weed board
>> ID: c97576 No. 3486
That would require a userbase capable of intelligent discussion.
>> ID: 15df7a No. 3487
that would be amazing
>> ID: 76037a No. 3490
  uprep for w33d board!!
>> ID: c848a2 No. 3491
the last thing a science/weed/philosophy board here needs is a bunch of intelligent queers yelling at each other.

it only leaves the stupid people confused and forces them to pick sides

ID: d514c7 No. 3478 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  swag meter
>> ID: 5d0d69 No. 3479
  lil b board
>> ID: 93e94b No. 3480
fund it

File 12970509162.jpg - (10.00KB , 300x300 , Green-Bay-Packers.jpg )
3447 ID: c57c57 No. 3447 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sports board
>> ID: 4c78df No. 3475
Only one time of year (or worse, every 2 years) people actually give a fuck about sports. Dead board in the off seasons.

File 129642650556.jpg - (39.94KB , 480x1080 , 1196964111557.jpg )
3384 ID: c76742 No. 3384 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
http://mods.fightingamphibians.org/ is down
21 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: ad5e78 No. 3464
make every post dubs
>> ID: 29ef31 No. 3470
no.....its like saying lets just give everyone 1000000 dollars....it devalues it
>> ID: 44d1cb No. 3471
dubs are already devalued, every 10th post was some asshole making a big deal out of their easy dubs

trips should be the new standard
>> ID: 8b706e No. 3472
anonymad because he couldn't get "easy dubs"
>> ID: 29ef31 No. 3473
its not the dubs themselves...its how u use them

File 129716857851.jpg - (89.10KB , 714x642 , Ayam is pleased.jpg )
3451 ID: 621ab9 No. 3451 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Change tf2 board to a monday night combat board.

Change minecraft board to LoL board.

Get rid of fightan games board.
>> ID: c208f0 No. 3452
You realize we aren't limited to those 3 boards right

We can make more

(but we won't)
>> ID: e33156 No. 3453
ok 1 sec
>> ID: 16a42b No. 3454
Do the first two suggestions but keep /fg/
>> ID: 023037 No. 3456
worst suggestions in years
>> ID: 2dc61e No. 3458
But Kalkin doesn't play any of those games.

File 129692979568.jpg - (40.89KB , 400x585 , bruce_willis_eating_a_striped_turd-1274.jpg )
3436 ID: d2533f No. 3436 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
can we have a metaposting discussion board
>> ID: aa1728 No. 3448
it's called /dra/
>> ID: d2533f No. 3449
op is a faggot
>> ID: 26b1fd No. 3450
wouldnt all the posts on a meta board just be normal posts to retain their irony factor

File 129696367373.jpg - (597.72KB , 843x715 , 129314774492.jpg )
3440 ID: ae4614 No. 3440 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Since the Teek is unofficially associated with FA, I think it would be a good idea to remove that server from the list.
>> ID: 291588 No. 3441
it wouldn't exist without fa
>> ID: 8ad111 No. 3442
I love the teek!
>> ID: a30af4 No. 3445
remove remnic from fa instead
>> ID: a30af4 No. 3446
9:14 - TVHEAD: http://boards.fightingamphibians.org/meta/res/3440.html also what
19:14 - TVHEAD: teek
19:14 - TVHEAD: my picture
19:14 - TVHEAD: gonna kil msyle
19:14 - TVHEAD: f

File 129657342225.jpg - (48.73KB , 400x300 , 41.jpg )
3391 ID: 9bce29 No. 3391 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
-rep a 0 rep post and it goes to -20, reload page and it's back to 0. why?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: a54177 No. 3397
post needs to be made before the rep is updated
>> ID: c54908 No. 3398
rep only updates when someone posts in the thread or on the page the thread is on
>> ID: c12402 No. 3401
I'm guessing this is why the rep totals on http://boards.fightingamphibians.org/postquery.php and when you view the thread can be totally different
>> ID: 7c6345 No. 3405
mine doesn't have my rep total. was this taken out?
>> ID: 282ce3 No. 3406

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