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File 130470469435.gif - (67.53KB , 661x650 , 125865505665.gif )
4977 ID: 160b4f No. 4977 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
activate drama again.

it was to FA what /b/ is to 4chan.
>> ID: 619818 No. 4988
everything seemed to have transferred to /b/ pretty much without problems and more people are posting in it

i like having a /dra/ board for what it stands for but all the actual drama we're getting is on /tf2/ (lol), /fff/, /v/, and /b/ anyway
>> ID: 0d6865 No. 5000
thats because people are finally beginning to realize how shit this site is
>> ID: f6ae8e No. 5011
what do you mean finally. we've been saying it since day 1

File 130223558222.gif - (8.63KB , 120x58 , cool.gif )
4188 ID: ff9e03 No. 4188 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
make this :cool:
>> ID: a7fe92 No. 4200
>> ID: d86231 No. 4266
>> ID: d90a84 No. 4855

File 130406939813.jpg - (5.14MB , 3300x2550 , I drew this it\'s anime.jpg )
4788 ID: 9731ce No. 4788 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It might be worth it to combine these two since they both move slow enough and /cc/ seems like a sub category of hobbies anyway.. Not many people use the in board shi painter thing, so you could probably throw it out if you combined them. Just an idea since /cc/ isn't as active as it once was.
>> ID: 8189b3 No. 4799
sure its something we could try out
>> ID: 6ccc89 No. 4800
mite b cool

File 130294423251.jpg - (352.38KB , 1680x1050 , Max Payne 2 - Late Goodbye.jpg )
4433 ID: ae148d No. 4433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This isn't working, merge everything into 2, max 3 boards.
Who enjoys clicking through 17-18 boards which update less than once every hour?

The best solution would be to have syndication boards with sub boards in a tree structure imo
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: cd5065 No. 4522
I could try to get someone to spruce it up a bit, but I'm not sure if its worth the effort, not very many people use RSS feeds. how would you suggest improving it regardless?
>> ID: 2e68ad No. 4533
yeah don't bother nobody ever uses rss, and it's enough to see if a board updated or not as it is, because rss is fun ill write a few suggestions anyway:

This is how a typical item looks now:
  <title>post number</title>
  <link>link to post</link>
  <description>comment and image</description>

<pubDate> is missing so the reader can't sort by time, it's also missing from <channel>
<title> could include if given the title or n characters of the comment
<author> could contain the name field
<category> could contain the board and board name, but it's already in the channel's title
<description> okay,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> ID: 3fa77c No. 4633
I made a thing that merges the first page of a list of boards.

Merging dra, v, meta and b:

Merging all boards:

Since I use the # to get the list of boards you'll have to refresh whenever you change it. Some functionality doesn't work since it's cross domain and I only did this for fun.
>> ID: 48d863 No. 4644
>> ID: 1e057a No. 4666
if you want to help website development i can always use more competent coders who know php, mysql and html to help me implement features and upgrade the site. if you're interested you should email me at admin@fightingamphibians.org

File 130257298597.jpg - (64.04KB , 1600x1200 , viking space probe.jpg )
4300 ID: cace91 No. 4300 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Find a way to filter every post and every image into viking internet probe posts.

We already have permadubs and nothing but positive rep; this is the last step on our ascension to the perfect FA.
>> ID: 406237 No. 4311
what does a space probe need a hot air balloon for?
>> ID: ef7ae6 No. 4611

That's not a hot air ballon. It's a hat.

File 130180520041.gif - (1.57MB , 320x240 , 157g4fr_jpg.gif )
3855 ID: db043f No. 3855 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Posting this in /meta/ instead of /dra/ because /dra/ is anything but serious


Making rep into a unary system instead of a binary system like it was before actually sounds like a good idea, it means attention whores like Yorkie will no longer get attention because people will just elect to not rep him at all. Nobody cares, Yorkie either moves on and stops posting with a gimmick or leaves.
19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 39ba25 No. 4299
File 130254407486.jpg - (37.64KB , 283x376 , 3c0919.jpg )
Scared Potter.......? - Yahoo! Answers
|<strong>propose base64 reputation system garner achievement weedometer
└main() { char *s="main() { char *s=%c%s%c; printf(s,34,s,34); }"; printf(s,34,s,34); }
> http://www.malegspot.co.uk Learn about the Male G Spot and Prostate Milking, Prostate Massage, Drainage and total-body orgasms.
>> ID: 3c0b52 No. 4322
>i don't think the way you do, therefore you're wrong
great argument
>> ID: 3be5cf No. 4333
Why do you even still post here, all your posts are about how much shit you get for posting.
>> ID: e7934d No. 4355
angsty faggot trying to victimize himself cuz he lusts for man cock but cant obtain it
>> ID: 5bae76 No. 4422

But you can't undermine anything, whoever you were before seuss, was it sexyhair, i don't even know. I should know better than anyone because i have people throw it at me all the time when they're obviously out of their wits, but you're completely delusional.

Just be cool. stop bein' a fag, stop trying to play some game here, stop being opinionated about things you have no business being opinionated about (IE, other posters and their posting styles) and whoopdedoo you won't catch any flak, you won't rub everysingleperson the wrong way, and people won't just ignore you when you have anything of any remote value to say.

That's it, that's all you gotta do to stop being a sub-quality nuisance poster. And get rid of that "seuss" name and just call yourself "Black Waldo" for crying out loud.

File 130204365448.gif - (4.90KB , 171x95 , zambonifk4.gif )
4055 ID: a562d7 No. 4055 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
cut the zionist pyramid schemes the site is seriously unreadable
>> ID: 5963fb No. 4077
>> ID: 7a16b1 No. 4100
1 supp0rt th1s
>> ID: a562d7 No. 4111
>> ID: 8ad861 No. 4122
alright there are only 6 wordfilters left
>> ID: cc26bf No. 4144
make it -1 wordfilters

worfilter "wordfilter" to "kalkin is a fag"

File 130154467048.jpg - (62.04KB , 336x394 , 1301539452745[1].jpg )
3723 ID: da48a7 No. 3723 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm going to make another push for a Paranormal board.
8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 278f9b No. 3933

yeah we really are missing out on those blurry black and white photos and that database of monsters
>> ID: 6335f3 No. 3955
yeah man its so lame to let your imagination run wild
>> ID: 2a053f No. 3977

Imagination without reason breeds impossible monsters, if tempered with reason it is the mother of all the arts.
>> ID: 452e40 No. 3988
can i hit him please
>> ID: 2a053f No. 3999
File 130194817994.jpg - (198.54KB , 595x898 , francesco_goya_sleep_of_reason.jpg )

shut up Tinker.

File 130025997372.jpg - (113.31KB , 426x266 , dubang.jpg )
3592 ID: e33a70 No. 3592 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
bring back dubs
>> ID: 97d48e No. 3593
File 130028705046.jpg - (70.06KB , 324x432 , primtal.jpg )
check out my prime
>> ID: 37fb27 No. 3617
File 130059073897.png - (576.05KB , 600x476 , checkem.png )
free the dubs, down with kalkin's fascist regime
>> ID: e33a70 No. 3788
well what have we here
>> ID: f79e1e No. 3799
File 130165109246.jpg - (81.49KB , 601x631 , 129356603588.jpg )
it's a christmas miracle
>> ID: 683be1 No. 3844
make all rep on /dra/ go up or down in pairs

File 130149215539.jpg - (44.16KB , 687x474 , GloriousNipponKamehame.jpg )
3718 ID: c24068 No. 3718 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Update the FA mods list so links point in the correct place *Namely outbound links to FPSbanana*
get rid of the renamon mod.
>> ID: f47882 No. 3719
get rid of the renamon banned too
>> ID: f490d2 No. 3720
gamebanana is such a dumb freaking name they shouldnt have changed it
>> ID: f47882 No. 3721

File 130049848931.png - (13.47KB , 230x436 , faboards.png )
3606 ID: 2c15e7 No. 3606 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Somewhat inspired by recent discussion and an old /dra/ thread, the general organization of the boards on FA has been on my mind a lot recently. Questions like: what boards to axe, what boards to keep, what boards to add, how many boards is too many/too few, any boards to combine.

So I'm curious, if you were me and could reorganize the board structure in any way you wanted, how would you do it? What would the sidebar look like and what would the specifics of each board be? Would you opt for a more minimalistic FA with 10-15ish boards, get rid of the games section, etc. How would you optimize FA or would you leave it as it is atm?
42 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: ba451a No. 3678
bring back /nsfw/!!! i want to jack off to gay fury inflation porn!!! lol its ok i ironically jack off to it
>> ID: 56b5b2 No. 3679
me 2
>> ID: dd7b2d No. 3701
delete /b/
>> ID: 44971b No. 3707
Bring back /♦/.
>> ID: 7efecb No. 3716
i see you removed rep from /ani/
probably for the best

File 130124936435.jpg - (44.06KB , 600x700 , socialism.jpg )
3698 ID: 0beaf2 No. 3698 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I can't see embedded videos on fa but I can see them on other sites and imageboards
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0beaf2 No. 3710
if its a problem with flash how can i view youtube embeds on other sites

also i only cant view youtube embeds specifically on this site because i can view vimeo embeds like >>/yt/12279 just fine
>> ID: 1d6d51 No. 3712

I don't really know what the problem is and I haven't said the problem is Flash, I'm just trying to help troubleshoot and see if maybe this or maybe that, you know

I know that Hot Mustid had a problem with YT embeds a while back on Firefox 3.6.10 I think and I did the same thing with him, pretty sure he found the problem was in an addon that was causing the embeds to not work correctly but like you and the other guy in this thread said they work elsewhere
>> ID: 0beaf2 No. 3713
yeah im running firefox w/ noscript & adblock i think im gonna install firefox 4 & see if that fixes it otherwise fuck my gay life
>> ID: 0beaf2 No. 3714
i installed firefox 4 and it works now ty for the help aun
>> ID: 1d6d51 No. 3715

please you give me too much credit you fixed it yourself!!!! but thank you for the courtesy

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