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File 131741190448.jpg - (18.36KB , 300x300 , ts3 lg.jpg )
7405 ID: 329407 No. 7405 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
you should support youtube time codes for the embed

normally if you do #t=(number)h(number)m(number)s you can jump to the appropriate time in a video but right now if you put that in an embed line it doesn't work
>> ID: b1da88 No. 7406
well since you have to include something in your post to go along with the video you might as well take that opportunity to say "skip to this point"
>> ID: aa1884 No. 7407

it would work better being able to include a time code because jumping to parts of a video by clicking the bar isn't always accurate whereas specifying a time in the video is (although insignificant)

it's also good for people who are on/temporarily on bad connections because they don't have to click the video which makes it begin loading immediately, then pause the video, then click the part of the video they're skipping to, then wait for youtube to stop shitting itself and load a different part of the video instead of from the beginning etc etc etc. again this is really small stuff but it's beneficial and convenient to some people
>> ID: 1cd67d No. 7408
yes instead of just making a computer do what you want it to do let's compensate for its shortcomings

thanks, bawb

File 131684291233.jpg - (21.97KB , 321x218 , 1316739142603.jpg )
7394 ID: 3fdf63 No. 7394 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Turn FA back into a forum.
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>> ID: 12b0fc No. 7396
yes i want 2 more fields in which i can post anime girls
>> ID: 40c81d No. 7397
yes... registration must cost kalkinkash and in order to get kalkinkash you must spend real money....
>> ID: 5ab363 No. 7398
merge fa with sa and that way badposters and bad threads can be instantly gassed
>> ID: d274f3 No. 7402
like you lmao
>> ID: 5ab363 No. 7403


File 131698406222.jpg - (7.17KB , 300x200 , pee ess tripple.jpg )
7399 ID: dd0530 No. 7399 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
change the background of all boards to kalkin's face and loop "give it to me baby" in the background endlessly

File 131412599144.jpg - (162.91KB , 491x720 , KALKIN3.jpg )
6990 ID: 865b53 No. 6990 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
bring back rep
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>> ID: 2d23e2 No. 7177
i didn't think he'd listen
>> ID: 753209 No. 7188
ok now get rid of it again
>> ID: 25501e No. 7189
now globally disable rep
>> ID: 865b53 No. 7391
hahaha overall rep was brought back

i speak and kalkin listens
>> ID: 93e4e1 No. 7392
you should tell kalkin to murder you

File 131331043271.jpg - (121.43KB , 720x537 , what does gaben think of rep.jpg )
6455 ID: cabb31 No. 6455 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Alright so I've tried a bunch of different things with rep to make it interesting and add to the site and nothing has quite worked out, in the end no one's really been happy with the implementation. However when I removed rep entirely from the board people bitched that it was gone and seemed to prefer rep being there in some form so I don't think that entirely removing rep is a valid option as people consider it a close part of FA so here's some ideas on what I think we could do with the rep system that could work in an interesting way with imageboards.

The idea is pretty simple, basically rep would only apply to the original post of a thread and the rest of the threads posts would not contain any rep. Rep would again have the ability to go either positive or negative, and users would again be able to track the amount of total rep that they have accumulated based on currently generated threads on the boards. A thread that is -repped significantly, for instance let us say a thread that has -20 rep would become harder to bump. For example, let's say the mathackers decide it would be hilarious to make a mathackers thread on /b/ and spam it to hell and back, past -20 rep it would take two posts to bump that thread to the top of the board instead of one and the overall bump limit of that thread would be lowered so that the thread will hit its limit faster based on the amount of -rep the thread has. We can also take it a step further and say that after a limit of -100 rep or so a thread will become unable to bump at all and slowly fade to the back of the board.

On the flip side of this, a thread that gains plus rep stays able to bump on single posts and the more rep that this thread has, the bump limit of the thread would dynamically change to allow a longer thread lifespan so that really popular threads have the ability to go to 1000 posts without having to worry about hitting the bump limit. We can also introduce a new generated page for each board which will take the top ten highest repped threads active on the board and display them in order, making it easy to see good threads no matter where they are on the board.

A final possibility would be to ma
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> ID: a6e428 No. 7384

thats alot of words im not going to read!

cute dog pic though!
>> ID: c27170 No. 7385
>> ID: c27170 No. 7386
your email address doesnt work
>> ID: 68d5c7 No. 7387
My power went out and I lost all my bux. Working as intended, ect
>> ID: 746e1d No. 7388
Log onto steam, then post.

File 131548459720.jpg - (19.41KB , 300x144 , 1269989411689.jpg )
7313 ID: b26793 No. 7313 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
kalkin stop ruining the site
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>> ID: b26793 No. 7349
die kalkin die
>> ID: 5eb8c9 No. 7355
Bring back /nsfw/
>> ID: b26793 No. 7356
ban daed
>> ID: 66fa0a No. 7357
bring back /future/

I miss our space roleplaying
>> ID: b26793 No. 7359

File 131464976051.jpg - (57.70KB , 800x600 , Kalkin[1].jpg )
7022 ID: 498139 No. 7022 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
There's something weird going on with FA + steam logins. Seems like it's queuing posts, throwing an error at the poster, and then holding the posts ransom until you log out of steam and post. Then every post you made while logged into steam, that previously threw an error, shows up all at once. I'm assuming it's happening to more people than just me since I've seen a couple quadruple+ posts in threads by people logged in through steam.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 94a7b9 No. 7066
yeah i noticed this
>> ID: 3c57ba No. 7099
Fixed the problem bro
>> ID: 8d6c37 No. 7101
get it "bro" because jeffray is tech supports brother in real life
>> ID: 8ec785 No. 7111
i didnt know that, thanks anonymous
>> ID: 880a49 No. 7333
im tech support fool

File 131182865664.jpg - (518.32KB , 954x1468 , batman700.jpg )
6322 ID: e02d9b No. 6322 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
make anime its own board.. i'm tired of going into Animation and Comics and only seeing anime. nothing against anime.. just would love to see some shit on batman or whatever..
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 87cd67 No. 6988
you are a huge anime faggot who posts in every catherine anime shopkeeper anime touhou bad videogame thread
>> ID: e35798 No. 6989
and your name is from a 3 year old inside joke
>> ID: e7b0de No. 7002
>shit......i havent fulfilled my making fun of weeaboos quota today........there.....only 99 more posts to go!!! my quest to stop the ever-present weeaboo anime-fucking japanophile menace is long and hard......but someone's gotta man up..........hopefully one day soon they will all burn in their own internet auschwitz.......thanks to me
>> ID: e36e1f No. 7003
you mad anime scum?!? dont u have a cartoon to jack off to?!?
>> ID: 3d546c No. 7011
File 131456811210.jpg - (44.24KB , 300x389 , The_Terrible_Thunderlizards_by_Urbanpup.jpg )
Just make some threads, dickwads.

File 131335175217.png - (353.05KB , 709x515 , 1313289183420.png )
6678 ID: 8b1e2c No. 6678 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
remove post ids
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 52a9c1 No. 6847
give unique tripcodes based off ip
>> ID: b06e2b No. 6922
make posting anonymous cost money
>> ID: 5eb1e9 No. 6923
implement kalkin bux and make posting anonymously use those
>> ID: 2b109a No. 6933
you can get kalkin bux through credit cards, paypal, SMS payment, recieving +rep, and sucking dick

5 anonymous posts cost 1 $K
1 +rep costs 1 $K and gives the recipient 1 $K
1 -rep costs 1 $K and removes 1 $K from the recipient (going into $K debt if necessary)
if you -rep a post and it hits -10 rep or greater, your $K is returned to you

getting dubs gives you a 10% chance of receiving 1 $K
getting trips gives you a 50% chance of receiving 10 $K
getting quads gives you a 50% chance of receiving 25 $K
>> ID: 2b109a No. 6944
shit, how did I forget euro

File 130626525352.jpg - (41.14KB , 500x249 , EL_LOGO_BLIP_TV.jpg )
5466 ID: 6b623a No. 5466 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Blip.tv is fucking huge and is real cool about the content they let people get away with putting on their site.

Let us embed videos from there.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 6b623a No. 6344

You telling me you don't know how to block ads on Blip? What a scrub.
>> ID: cf01aa No. 6400
>using blip.tv in the first place
>> ID: bb4f52 No. 6401
Let me embed TED videos while you're at it.
>> ID: 6b623a No. 6444

If it's good enough for the sperglords in the Something Awful LP forum, then it's good enough for everybody.
>> ID: 254671 No. 6445
let me embed xvideos videos and im sold

File 130934268675.jpg - (38.05KB , 720x480 , Critic The - S1E06 - Eyes on the Prize_avi_snapsho.jpg )
5788 ID: 2bcba7 No. 5788 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
replace rep with thumbs up/down, and show the total number of each
>> ID: 23618d No. 5800
yes I too want FA to be reddit
>> ID: 93e106 No. 5811
On a serious note I would prefer it if the down or up i mean left or right arrow lit up so I knew which posts I had already upvoted
>> ID: 328088 No. 6312
Bring back neg rep
>> ID: 66dc56 No. 6438
allow us to neg rep so that it stores the -reps but doesn't actually show them but it's harder for the post to go positive

I'm just tired of having to come back to a shitty post just in case it has +rep so I can -rep it

File 131006574857.png - (66.07KB , 300x100 , 126321735976.png )
6066 ID: 0f9da0 No. 6066 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
can we please get rid of this banner now that the digusting furry fuck who liked it is gone forever
>> ID: f67cbf No. 6077
can we get rid of like all the banners because theyre all awful

hey look its anime-chan! time to type fighting amphibians on this and make a SICK banner
>> ID: 6cbb68 No. 6088

but he's still here
>> ID: 25247b No. 6266
File 13112604334.jpg - (161.18KB , 573x809 , 1123185346778_20050626.jpg )
posting it until you like it

>> ID: b720e5 No. 6300

What's wrong with those LEGS
>> ID: 6f2261 No. 6437
but i like renamon

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