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ID: 3fb031 3 No. 3952 watch
  marn appreciation thread
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>> ID: 39b6e0 0 No. 3953
Disgustingly fat.
>> ID: 47d798 0 No. 3957
cant embed but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uyj8pMTxsvg
>> ID: f698ca 0 No. 3959

it's from javier it's probably bullshit
>> ID: be6f29 3 No. 3980
  fuck that

chris hu appreciation thread
>> ID: 425994 0 No. 3991
Okay, so, besides being a fat fuck, why is Marn so unliked? Because he seems like the buttmonkey of the entire Street Fighter community.
>> ID: 2f3be0 0 No. 3992
the hate comes from him styling and taunting his opponents, and the post-sf4 community views that as SO DISRESPECTFUL JAPAN IS NEVER DISRESPECTFUL LIKE THAT THEY HAVE HONOR DAIGO IS 1#.
>> ID: 46cad0 1 No. 3993
i like marn..........
>> ID: 6cea0a 1 No. 3994
>> ID: f698ca 8 No. 3995

he treats people that are worse than him like shit

i remember during one match against CP he started blowing kisses to the crowd and throwing candy everywhere

while he was playing :|

normally this would be funny/awesome if he had enough charisma to pull of a stunt like that, but he doesnt so he just looks like a big creepy shit being a douche for the sake of being douche. not to mention cp really didn't deserve it he's a very nice guy and i don't think i've ever heard him talk shit

doesnt matter cause neither him or wong got paid for winning the tourney anyhow cause the con or business or whatever went bankrupt *laughs so hard his neckbeard spins around*
>> ID: ee3199 4 No. 3996
>> ID: 425994 2 No. 3998

Wow. Marn kinda sounds like me.

Except he's better than me at videogames and I'm not fat.
>> ID: f698ca 0 No. 4001

i was gonna post this but i was like everyone seen it already lmao
>> ID: 794679 6 No. 4002
  Another classic.
>> ID: 823d58 5 No. 4003
did he look for the candy after everyone left
>> ID: 8b471e 4 No. 4007

How about a twist on the ol' classic
>> ID: ea0ab9 1 No. 4016
marn story makes me laugh each time
>> ID: d272c9 4 No. 4017
File 129692411394.jpg - (65.09KB , 720x405 , it begins.jpg )
Marn of the year.
>> ID: da0e6a 1 No. 4018
Marn looks like a fucking caveman.
>> ID: d779c0 1 No. 4019
File 129692891039.jpg - (27.40KB , 400x400 , tumblr_laeaj9xO2e1qd00ia.jpg )
hu are you
>> ID: c917eb 5 No. 4021
  Mike Ross unpreciation thread.
>> ID: 0f3fb8 0 No. 4028
Mike's Blanka is ass, and many more of them will pop up with AE. Good thing we'll be playing a much better game by then.
>> ID: f698ca 3 No. 4029

arcana heart 3?
>> ID: d779c0 4 No. 4030
File 12970479762.jpg - (6.98KB , 156x156 , hilarious.jpg )

surely you jest
>> ID: 823d58 1 No. 4032
  empire on blast
>> ID: 0f3fb8 1 No. 4034
what the fuuuuuuuuuuck hahaha. I knew he was a creeper but I didn't expect it to go that direction.
>> ID: f5c859 0 No. 8677

rip marn
>> ID: ba57a7 0 No. 8688
the hell did he do

I'm going to assume illegal gambling
>> ID: 0f3fb8 0 No. 8699
The trolls were saying something about him groping some underage chick (even though he has a GF) but I'd bet that he got caught with pot on him.
>> ID: 608a85 0 No. 8700
whilst trying to rig a guilty gear tournament?
>> ID: 71ed97 8 No. 8711
arrested for trying to dine and dash after eating 2 whole grand slams at a dennys
>> ID: 10106f 1 No. 8722
Wait, wait, wait.

Marn plays League of Legends?
>> ID: f698ca 4 No. 8733
unpaid parking tickets.
>> ID: d8c66d 8 No. 8744
clearly slander

there's no way marn could dash
>> ID: ba57a7 0 No. 8755
Justin and Marn both play shitty games in their free time.
>> ID: 650d41 0 No. 8766

Justin wong plays DFO so anything is possible.(although DFO is a great game with a shitty american port IMHO.)
>> ID: ba57a7 1 No. 8777
justin tweets about LoL every so often too
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