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File 128344936527.jpg - (91.89KB , 600x550 , c7e7f9b2.jpg )
6378 ID: 1b8b05 -7 No. 6378 watch
its september kids f/w is creeping up so lets chat about outerwear!!

looking at my closet atm all i really have is 2 hoodies and a flannel, not much but i live in florida so its not a huge deal

im probably gonna buy a peacoat sometime soon, not sure where yet though, maybe http://sterlingwear.com/

pictured is another piece im looking at, from the engineered garments f/w 10. might get it might not depends how much it is seeing as how i havent found any stockists carrying it yet
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>> ID: 54a32c 0 No. 6379
cant wait to bust out the ol pea coat and scarf.

only think that makes winter around here not miserable is winter fashion tbh
>> ID: f1efdb -4 No. 6384
im too young to not look like a douchebag in a peacoat... fml
>> ID: 4fe0cd 0 No. 6385
i have this really old denim jacket but its all gross now, i love that jacket but the denim is discolored in a bunch of places and idk whut 2 do...
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6386
but fading on denim is cool so wash it and wear it maybe idk??
>> ID: 4fe0cd 0 No. 6388
its sorta brown near the hands which is really gross
>> ID: f1efdb 1 No. 6389
bleach it
>> ID: bf7550 0 No. 6391

cover it in patches of your favourite skacore bands
>> ID: c46581 0 No. 6730

engineered garments jacket is ~700 usd


(sold out here)
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6731
hmm yup fuck that
>> ID: 4fe0cd 4 No. 6741
700 dollar jackets frorm japan
>> ID: 10d926 -9 No. 6764
File 128477915191.jpg - (79.98KB , 375x500 , 201008193659_201027193522_IMG_0751.jpg )
Timbs, plaid flannel over a thermal and a hoodie for good measure.

s'what I wear at least.

but if I actually had the opportunity to wear something I felt GOOD in (during the winter at least) I would totally rock this
>> ID: 0ce61b 0 No. 6765
live in florida so winter wear is a long-sleeved shirt
>> ID: a66ba0 0 No. 6766
I got a really nice leather coat the other day. It was pricy but if I take care of it should last me the rest of my life. It's gets colder than minus 40C here, so I need something I can layer the hell out of.
>> ID: 571c07 6 No. 6769

"Yo baby I just got back from the post-apocalypse. What's say you and I get repopulating?"
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6770
ya i made a post about how atrocious that jacket looks but i was on vpn so post didnt go through

but yea that jacket is indeed atrocious looking
>> ID: 10d926 -11 No. 6780
kinda the point of wearing it if you ask me.
>> ID: d2df1f 7 No. 6782
yeah except nobody would ask you because you're an idiot
>> ID: 10d926 -11 No. 6786
i don't need any form of condescension from someone who validates intellect through FA.

thanks for that though.
>> ID: d2df1f 9 No. 6788
you're an idiot in real life, too
>> ID: 10d926 -8 No. 6789
don't do this to yourself.
>> ID: 9a7bb0 8 No. 6791
the general consensus is that that jacket is ugly as shit so stop bein mad lil faggot
>> ID: 1b8b05 8 No. 6792
dont do this to my thread

fuckin weirdo
>> ID: 10d926 -7 No. 6794
File 128499306115.jpg - (15.17KB , 320x366 , diesel-pea-coat hoodie.jpg )
well i have one of these too.
>> ID: 1b8b05 3 No. 6795
contrast lining and a hood on a peacoat gross is it at least detatchable
>> ID: 10d926 0 No. 6796
now I'm curious

what would you wear??
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6797
File 128500001282.jpg - (13.77KB , 480x480 , 77191_486x486.jpg )
as far as peacoats are concerned a simple gray navy or black with no gimmicky shit
>> ID: cb47b7 3 No. 6798
File 128500130446.jpg - (104.84KB , 632x467 , 1275146436140.jpg )
guys take it easy... peacoats have been over for quite awhile now anyway

ps mfw

>> ID: fce734 -2 No. 6799
I can't comprehend wearing peacoats with anything other than a naval uniform.

Why would you ever wear a pea-coat instead of a leather jacket or an overcoat?
>> ID: 4fe0cd 2 No. 6800
yeah peacoats look cool but i couldnt see myself wearing one to a show or a party or something id feel out of place
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6805
theyre horrible and not outerwear so why is it in this thread?
>> ID: 37b62a 5 No. 6840
peacoats are for girls
>> ID: 7f1f2c 5 No. 6846
am I the only one who thought dude in original pic looks like a thinner, Asian-version of rotted one/ Khlav?
>> ID: 4fe0cd 1 No. 6847
>> ID: 51f04c -5 No. 6848
wow you're a fucking racist
>> ID: 10d926 -13 No. 6904
File 128545796865.jpg - (88.27KB , 430x661 , il_430xN_177610692.jpg )
quality outwear
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 6927
File 128554707472.jpg - (211.07KB , 531x799 , b5de1148.jpg )
whats ur guys opinions on duffle coats

some i see i quite like but theyre usually too highly priced for me to bother buying since i live in fuckin florida
>> ID: fce734 -2 No. 6928

I have my dad's old one. It is nice. But unless you're going to be walking to class on a very humid, cold, and windy day then you don't need one.

However they are quite cool if you leave it open.
>> ID: a2c004 1 No. 6950
why do you even bother posting on this board?
>> ID: de0a5d 1 No. 6951

you might as well say that i look like a thinner, younger, and whiter oj simpson
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 6957


Also: >Food >Fitness
>> ID: 12a0a3 0 No. 6980
File 128573546193.jpg - (39.20KB , 295x450 , 230077-navyzoom1.jpg )
I just copped this as of late. Still, I have until mid Jan until hell freezes over here in Toronto.
>> ID: 1b8b05 1 No. 6992
File 128586533866.jpg - (87.14KB , 800x800 , r100721011a03.jpg )
lookin @ this on rakuten, http://en.item.rakuten.com/paty/r100721011/

decent price until you count the fiscal rape that is international shipping from japan but even then it comes out to like 110-130 which is still a reasonable price assuming it doesnt have awful build quality. i will prob cop whenever i find some more things i want from japan so i can combine shipping on them also good props to my friend/gentleman LH666L for finding a good proxy 4 me http://www.sutocorp.com/
>> ID: fce734 -3 No. 6995
File 128587664370.jpg - (71.30KB , 473x581 , stussy-gloverall-duffle-coat.jpg )


Enjoy your faux-Duffle.
>> ID: 1b8b05 1 No. 6996
why would you post a pic of a hideous collab with stussy instead of the vintage 60s you dumb faggot

also why the fuck would i drop cash on a gloverall if i live in florida youre fucking stupid gar get out of here
>> ID: f1efdb 0 No. 6998
damn i cant stand these they look weird maybe id change my mind if i saw em on a person but even then i dont like the strap ends imo...
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7000
i admit they look sorta gimmicky except not exactly but a word similar to that but i still like em
>> ID: fce734 -3 No. 7002

Because I didn't think you would fly with a vintage and wear the SAME COAT I DO.
>> ID: 1b8b05 1 No. 7003
well i wouldnt because a. too heavy duty for my use b.id probably have to get it tailored for a slimmer fit

personally i dont much like the look of original gloveralls anyways but i respect them
>> ID: fce734 -2 No. 7004
File 128589388230.jpg - (2.84KB , 130x97 , 2.jpg )

I saw you say tailored and I just can't even respond now. And I mean respond in any meaningful way, bomblol, so you don't have to go and say "but you did respond."
>> ID: a386e8 3 No. 7005
whats wrong with getting a coat tailored i dont get it is it unamerican or something
>> ID: f1efdb 5 No. 7006
gar is a fatass so all his clothes stretch to fit, its an alien concept to him
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7043
File 128600150182.jpg - (68.89KB , 540x720 , 62725_10150284347170646_679100645_15088217_3435486.jpg )
that raglan nigga

new set of winter varsities coming out from a brand called 'temple of jawnz'. its a 3 man outfit based out of south korea who handmake every piece. their shits pricy but then again so is all outerwear, these varsities will probably be around 250$ and you can ask for pretty much any customization you can think of

i will prob be getting one myself still thinking about colors though
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7047
ok maybe this post wasnt entirely accurate, new model is gonna be 325

gonna have 2 put that off until i get a job or just not get it since its a fuckin 300 dollar varsity jacket
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7048
>> ID: 180a84 0 No. 7050
File 128604044239.jpg - (54.81KB , 892x450 , Richmond and RVCA.jpg )
Just ordered these two. I wasn't sure about the black RVCA trast jacket but my friend has one with purple instead of blue and I really dig it. Not bad for like 100$ for both.
>> ID: fce734 -1 No. 7052

Because it's a huge heavy wool coat. You wouldn't get a ski jacket tailored would you? It just seems like a really pointless idea and it would probably just look worse.
>> ID: f1efdb 0 No. 7053
i got my midweight snowboarding jacket tailored
>> ID: 6dca5b -2 No. 7054
uh i dont even know what a ski jacket looks like but if it didnt fit me yea id get it tailored that goes for pretty much anything i can think of
>> ID: fce734 1 No. 7055
File 128605290992.jpg - (28.29KB , 500x500 , 41C6-U2fiKL.jpg )

It's a jacket for snow skiing. You wear it to keep yourself from dying. There is no reason to get it to fit your waist perfectly because you're going to be wearing a snow bib and sweater under it anyway and it's supposed to be loose. Duffle coats aren't supposed to fit your form either, they're supposed to hang freely and be worn as an overcoat. Getting one tailored to fit is as pointless as getting a ski jacket tailored.
>> ID: 6dca5b -4 No. 7056
File 128605801411.jpg - (45.92KB , 549x482 , aaaa.jpg )
who says they arent supposed to fit? i doubt sailors who wore the original duffle coat gave a shit about fit and rightfully so but this is modern fashion not whatever stupid shit your brain is stuck on
>> ID: fce734 2 No. 7059

Because, just like your picture, if it fits too tight it bunches up and looks terrible and is less comfortable than if it fits normally.
>> ID: f1efdb 0 No. 7060
no gar thats not called fitting too tight thats called fitting.
>> ID: d2bd63 -1 No. 7061
gar is fat/dumb get out my thread fool
>> ID: 068f31 0 No. 7062
yea gar that isnt tight looking at all
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 7063

anything tighter than loose is too tight for a duffel.


Gee, I'm totally insulted for trying to help a bro out. I think I'll just leave this thread and never come back.


Tightness is relative when you're talking about overcoats.
>> ID: d2bd63 0 No. 7064
>>anything tighter than loose is too tight for a duffel.

>> ID: d2bd63 0 No. 7065
File 12860789538.jpg - (118.01KB , 1350x2000 , m1_609176.jpg )
4got my iamge
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 7066

He's got it about right. Are you seriously taking issue with how this dude's duffel fits him?
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 7067

Also, this thing looks snazzy as hell in navy I would never have even thought it.
>> ID: d2bd63 0 No. 7068
i would say your trolling me but i think youre convince your dad/grandfather are the epitome of fashion also yes i do take issue with it because it fits him like a fucking monks robe
>> ID: 068f31 0 No. 7070
all of these coats are too fukin heavy looking like they look cool but i really couldnt have one to just throw around and leave on a bench at a party or a show or something it would be a pain in the ass i think i already said this but im gay whatever
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 7071

They're made to survive long damp cold days in the Scottish highlands. That's the whole point of wearing one.


If you really care about shit that much you are seriously retarded. If you want a warm coat that fits just get a goddamned heavy wool blazer or a leather jacket.
>> ID: 479457 0 No. 7072
"if you care about how your clothes fit you are seriously retarded" - gar, 2010
>> ID: 255c73 0 No. 7073
i'm gonna sig that shit
>> ID: 9a7bb0 0 No. 7077
File 128613317814.jpg - (46.53KB , 600x600 , carapace.jpg )
>mfw its going to be 50-60 deg and i can finally style on niggas w/ my carapace jacket
love me some oct chill
>> ID: fce734 0 No. 7079

"i would get my poncho tailored" - xoxo, 2010
>> ID: a2a977 1 No. 7082
my only outerwear i own is a straight edge varsity jacket
>> ID: 4d5ba2 0 No. 7087
I have:
Black wool coat, knee long (late fall, winter, early spring)
dark grey/red very light windstopper jacket (summer)
black with fancy cube pattern in light gray that looks hand drawn jacket, it's p. cheap and looks ok a bit childish for my age though (imo) but I use it when I can't wear my good stuff (winter)
a dick tracy jacket that I never wear
a leather (caprine nappa) jacket in brown, makes me look like a pilot when worn with some light blue jeans and optional aviator shades, I look great in it. (fall, winter, spring)
blue/sand winterjacket I use exclusifly for winter sports.

I had a gray herring bone sports jacket. it looked really great but it got stolen.

I guess I need a new piece for the summer months.
>> ID: 4d5ba2 0 No. 7088

I forgot my favourite, have it from my grandpa it is an old hunting jacket in olive green it has this military look to it.
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7094
just ordered that in that colorway will take pics when it gets here
>> ID: f1efdb 0 No. 7095
its ok gar you won xoxo finally admits tailoring is pointless >>7093
>> ID: 923f96 0 No. 7096
its true
>> ID: 068f31 1 No. 7103
i take all my shirts and cut them in half down the sides and resew it together with dental floss punk as fukk
>> ID: f1efdb -1 No. 7105
yo i realized i aint got shit besides ultra casual stuff so whats some good cardigans and thermals??
and also whats a type of jacket that doesnt look as douchey as a peacoat (i like them but 99 percent of the time when you see people wearing them in HS they just look like douches trying too hard to be fashionable usually drama nerds) but isn't for faggots like a military jacket or a hoodie
>> ID: b625f3 0 No. 7141
quit spergin' and get that peacoat if you really like them
>> ID: 87f95c 0 No. 7147
you gotta buy a junya rider http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=49958

stupid piece of shit fa wont let me attach my image
>> ID: c6927a 0 No. 7165
File 128659263829.jpg - (13.80KB , 467x467 , atticus-men-s-field-black-jacket-23715284.jpg )
I was able to get one of these really cheap. I'm 6'4 with dirty blonde hair so I guess I'll be like a nazi now I guess. It's really fuzzy though :3
>> ID: 49d28c 0 No. 7167

Can't find one under $120 in the US :|
>> ID: c6927a 0 No. 7171

i got mine at a surplus in connecticut for $80 new
>> ID: 54a32c 1 No. 7176

what surplus?

I'm within very reasonable distance of CT
>> ID: c6927a 0 No. 7177

there's a consignment shop near me that has ties with some shit, my friend work there. i told her i needed a coat and she like showed me this log thing and they had this there, but it's not like on order it's just a bunch of shit that they have at the time. i think it's stuff with like shipping errors or something i dunno really but it's in south windsor
>> ID: 54a32c 0 No. 7181

sheeit. might have to check it out.

funnily enough i might go to windsor to work at c&s wholesale again since they're hiring like 400 people now
>> ID: 9a45d6 -2 No. 7182
i always accidently click this board instead of drama and see this gay thread
>> ID: c5472a -1 No. 7188
File 12868198463.jpg - (128.13KB , 567x851 , 2-17-14083-F10.jpg )
I'm wearing this right now, Filippa K Canadienne. Very warm and cozy.
>> ID: 8a75e7 -3 No. 7227
File 128716518657.jpg - (68.75KB , 425x425 , tumblr_labmbydBYc1qznrwro1_500.jpg )
i want these kyute mits but they're girly mits... and cost 65 bux.
>> ID: c046f2 2 No. 7249
File 128736414689.jpg - (298.68KB , 484x902 , peecoot.jpg )
apparently there's a jcrew in the mall near my house, so i tried this on today.

if only it wasn't 255 bucks...
>> ID: d6e339 0 No. 7250
copt a pair of tims earlier this month.

jeans an tims got my armor on.
>> ID: efeae8 0 No. 7252
@vaalbara http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=203923
>> ID: 60baad 0 No. 7255

nigga i ain't made of cash
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