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File 128344936527.jpg - (91.89KB , 600x550 , c7e7f9b2.jpg )
6378 ID: 1b8b05 -7 No. 6378 watch
its september kids f/w is creeping up so lets chat about outerwear!!

looking at my closet atm all i really have is 2 hoodies and a flannel, not much but i live in florida so its not a huge deal

im probably gonna buy a peacoat sometime soon, not sure where yet though, maybe http://sterlingwear.com/

pictured is another piece im looking at, from the engineered garments f/w 10. might get it might not depends how much it is seeing as how i havent found any stockists carrying it yet
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>> ID: 180a84 0 No. 7264
not Jets but still.
>> ID: 068f31 0 No. 7266
fuckkkk thats good but i want the jets logo
>> ID: a2c004 0 No. 7269
get a patch and sew/iron it on
>> ID: 5a42cf 0 No. 7295

Sew it on, for the love of everything. Get your mom to sew it on if she has a sewing machine. Otherwise take it to a seamstress.
>> ID: 60baad 0 No. 7323
File 128821909619.jpg - (20.85KB , 450x450 , VintageRacerNavyA_MG_0461.jpg )
just bought this
>> ID: 068f31 1 No. 7325
all the good members only jackets sold out fuck you jackthreads
>> ID: 068f31 1 No. 7326
50,000+ metrosexuals rapidly f5ing jackthreads every day at noon
>> ID: ab7fec 0 No. 7327
File 12882259898.jpg - (25.33KB , 450x450 , WINE IS BEST.jpg )
9AM. Also you're high if you don't think this is the best.
>> ID: 068f31 0 No. 7329
12pm est vile west coast scum

also i wanted to get rust
>> ID: 0efa2d 0 No. 7330

yeah i was debating between navy & wine, but i have nothing in my wardrobe that goes w/ it
>> ID: 1b8b05 -2 No. 7331
File 128823418051.jpg - (161.41KB , 1161x1054 , wine.jpg )
the one true wine jacket
>> ID: 5a42cf -3 No. 7332

oh wow members only jacket nice. gr8 taste krmt.
>> ID: 1b8b05 -5 No. 7334
File 128824818081.jpg - (61.75KB , 574x640 , tojdr.jpg )
just ordered this jacket, rip my bank account
>> ID: 0fa13e -2 No. 7338
I see you're going for the "post-apocalyptic action hero" look
>> ID: 1b8b05 -1 No. 7393
~update~ i have upgraded my order from black lambskin to burgundy horsehide (also one of a kind since they only have material for one)
>> ID: 8fc3bc 0 No. 7394
File 128862082754.jpg - (676.77KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_1400.jpg )
I'll probably end up wearing my leather jacket all through winter. Its incredibly warm, and I can always fit tons of layers underneath.
I need to get some nice shoes that go with it though.
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7395
yea i too need shoes and probably gonna get a nice oxblood belt also
>> ID: 8fad30 1 No. 7396
i wanna get a black denim vest and put a huge backpatch on it
>> ID: 068f31 0 No. 7397
hey when is there gonna be a jackthreads sale on buttflaps
>> ID: 622885 0 No. 7398
tucking jeans/pants/chinos into shitty lace up boots is the worst fashion trend this season. Seeing this shit everywhere now. It look good in all the winter editorials and highstreet lookbooks but majoirty of people look fuking dumb.
>> ID: d2df1f 0 No. 7399
man seeing that buckle in the front is so disconcerting to me
>> ID: 1b8b05 -1 No. 7404
File 128885063395.jpg - (59.95KB , 640x585 , 67661_926670986910_15904009_49107570_8048676_n.jpg )
~~picture update~~
this is the hide for it damn thats a deep sexy ass burgundy ah damn
>> ID: a9b7a0 -1 No. 7417
I realized I grew out of my jacket from last year, so I'm thinking about ordering a new one.

This one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002Q4V8VI/

Should I get charcoal or black? I'll mostly be wearing it with denim (light and dark) until I get some corduroys later on.
>> ID: bc1136 2 No. 7418

looks super boxy
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7420
yea what he said fuck that peacoat

if u must have a peacoat and arent a baller get a sterlingwear
>> ID: 1b8b05 -5 No. 7437
File 128932682029.jpg - (1.78MB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0154.jpg )
varsity got here today sugoi

too bad it was like 40-50 last week and now its like 75 out goddamn i hate florida
>> ID: a02d9d -4 No. 7452
I just bought a Stone Island jacket today (http://www.norsestore.com/commodity/10894)
it cost me around 720 bucks B-)
>> ID: 068f31 6 No. 7453
sorry college is gonna have to wait i need to spend all of my loans on jackets
>> ID: a06981 3 No. 7454
i hope you're trolling
>> ID: 1b8b05 0 No. 7455
ya srsly i spend obscene amounts on clothing but 700 for that is just dumb
>> ID: 1b8b05 -4 No. 7456
never heard of stone island before but i looked up their stuff and most of it actually looks pretty decent, pricy as fuck though and way too heavy duty for where i live. seems like a good alternative to cg and the like i guess

shouldve went with http://www.stoneisland.com/item/store/STONE+ISLAND/tskay/4036416C/rr/1/cod10/41189868WR/areaid//sts/ imo, changes from solid dark blue to camo when it gets colder; only 1100$
>> ID: 1f8042 2 No. 7459
Why didn't you just go to REI or something? I got a better jacket than that for $150. For $750 it better give you handjobs or something.
>> ID: a02d9d -2 No. 7473
no :-)
people will give you handjobs if you own a stone island jacket. it's worth the money.

i don't know what to spend all my money on so i don't care about buying overpriced shit
>> ID: eb5095 1 No. 7478
buy me black ops
>> ID: f5bb82 2 No. 7482
fuck you man i fukin rolled a 2 when i said id roll a 2 you rolled a 4 when you said youd roll a 6 but fail and roll a 1
buy ME blackops. and a pc
>> ID: 5310d9 1 No. 7488
I want a pair of waterproof pants so i can cut a hole in the Nuts area and walk around in a pristine colorado creek in early spring skimming my balls along the surface of the water like a freakin angel
>> ID: ed2347 2 No. 7491

I nave only experienced this bare-legged. It is not the same. It is incredible nonetheless.
>> ID: ee09ea 0 No. 7497
File 129000763969.jpg - (41.43KB , 520x693 , on797034-03vliv01.jpg )
Just got this on sale, thoughts?
>> ID: 11aa9c 1 No. 7498
i have this same coat and i love it. warm as fuck
>> ID: 02cc84 0 No. 7594
So I got back from upstate NY in May, in Maryland I don't need a goddamn super-insulated jacket to go outside without freezing during winter. Now I'm looking for a leather jacket, something with an asymmetrical zipper type deal like >>7334 (but less gay). I've found these two so far, but each has something wrong with it:

Don't like the look of the non-leather stuff at the cuffs, waist, and collar.

Those fucking pad things on the shoulders, goddamn. WHY

Anyone else know of any leather jackets like them? I've got a pretty high price limit, but anything over 1K is just too much for me to justify spending for clothing.
>> ID: 02cc84 0 No. 7596
Just found this one:
Looks kinda brownish, but other than that it's freaking awesome.
>> ID: 1b8b05 -2 No. 7600
File 129118036097.jpg - (59.50KB , 476x640 , dsc08912r.jpg )
well its pleather and it wouldnt surprise me if the fit was awful on it too

if you want a good fitting asym leather jacket and are willing to spend a bit, there is no better than toj

they have a moto jacket but its regular symmetric zip, and they have the double rider i got which is asym. you said you dont want any of the details like the belts and stuff, and you can order it that way if you want, see attatched (you would have good timing on this as they just got a shipment of colored zippers in this week including black)

their leathers are 650 for the double rider and i think 550 or 600 for the moto, but toj is insanely good for the price, you wont find a better leather jacket within twice the price point.

you can find more pictures here http://toj.pixi.me

all the toj leathers are made to measure also and the guy who does their sizing is really good. they dont have an official website or a physical store, only way to get sizing advice and to order is to email them at templeofjawnz@gmail.com and to follow their thread on styleforum (http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=138419) and sufu (http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=153094)

the current ones they are making from the gallery are the fw 2010 moto, fw 2010 dr, fw 2010 raglan varsity, peacoat, chesterfield, fw 2010 bomber (also a nice leather although it doesnt seem to be the type youre looking for), and they have flannels and wool parkas in the design stage at the moment
>> ID: 1b8b05 -4 No. 7601
File 129118091068.jpg - (81.54KB , 480x495 , drrrr.jpg )
oh also worth noting the DR in this picture is their old 2.3 model, the current model doesnt have the shoulder thing

so you could get this with the minimalist style of the first pic if you wanted which would look really nice, here are some more pics of minimalist style

blistered lamb (no longer available): http://toj.pixi.me/v/toj2_3/blisteredDR.jpg.html
grey washed lamb: http://toj.pixi.me/v/toj2_3/Razele+3.jpg.html
>> ID: 1b8b05 -4 No. 7607
File 129118532528.jpg - (64.22KB , 642x720 , 76579_945854667660_15904009_49539772_740959_n.jpg )
and 1 more pic for good measure, this is the accurate color on my dr, should be here this or next week
>> ID: 02cc84 0 No. 7647
Damn, some of the variants actually look pretty nice. At the same time, I think this jacket got its price cut in half:

A bit torn between the two now, I guess I'll let /fff/ know what I eventually decide.
>> ID: 1b8b05 -1 No. 7671
File 129204680552.jpg - (287.84KB , 630x1126 , fnbpdz.jpg )
http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.php?p=3889774&postcount=7770 its beautiful
>> ID: e466b1 0 No. 7672
File 12920511125.jpg - (94.83KB , 650x650 , L13013436.jpg )
Just got this fucking thing as a birthday present.

I think I like it. It's comfortable as all hell.
>> ID: a047a6 0 No. 12500
>> ID: 2ff997 0 No. 12522
i really miss -rep
>> ID: 74a057 0 No. 12533
me too
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