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File 133880607561.jpg - (29.05KB , 347x403 , marlboro_red_box_king_US_version.jpg )
15360 ID: e0580e 0 No. 15360 watch
what's the deal with these things

i've wanted one for two weeks now and i don't ever get cravings. i figured this would be as good a time as any to bring it up

i used to smoke a shitton but only on offhand occasions. by that i mean at a party or between people. anyone here smoke?

do you smoke anything worthwhile or are you as dedicated to fucking your lungs up as I am

i mean it's really pretty distressing actually i feel like i can't calm down lately without one. and i haven't had one in a long time.
>> ID: 96fe1f 0 No. 15361
on occasion i will ironically smoke a cigar. i dont like them but it makes me look cool
>> ID: 79fc46 0 No. 15362

same actually. never had the desire to smoke ciggerates tho, but i enjoy the occasional cigar.
>> ID: c9f356 0 No. 15363
i got cancer for no reason and have to deal with taht my entire fucking life so i hope every smoking piece of shit who loves to wax about how they're killing themselves slowly damn theyre so dark and conflicted actually just turns into a giant tumor and drops dead
>> ID: e0580e 0 No. 15364
you did really


i'm sorry to hear that.

i've stopped smoking for a while now because my old boss was really overpowering about it, couldn't bare to be a traditional new yorker and blacken my lungs i think.

but some people actually smoke cuz it feels good. that probably sounds bizarre, cuz i don't even like smoking but i do calm down pretty well with one. everything about the habit is gross too, the smell the taste the dryness. s'all gay but that calm is hard beat.

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