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File 13371463526.jpg - (39.52KB , 800x294 , HONKO-2[1].jpg )
15345 ID: feda7e -1 No. 15345 watch
this sites dead as fuck so it doesnt matter but im gonna post this shit here anyways

just ordered a kagayaki carbonext 240mm gyuto + king 1k/6k whetstone
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>> ID: feda7e -1 No. 15346
also sorta old purchase but fuckin sickkk zojirushi rice cooker
>> ID: d6b289 1 No. 15347
nice you can make a lot of hamburgers with that
>> ID: be0b2e 0 No. 15348
when i have my own place both those things are first on my list of shit to buy. well i'm not gonna get a japanese knife cause i'm not a fuckin weeaboo who likes shit just cause its from nihon but yeah
>> ID: feda7e 0 No. 15349
like many things in life japanese knives are the best knives unless you have a huge hardon for the belly of german knives or the profile of sabatiers
>> ID: 30e549 -2 No. 15350
File 133733377025.jpg - (6.32KB , 254x229 , 1330882477636.jpg )

>japanese knives are the best knives
>> ID: af7b26 0 No. 15353
I have cheap ass sabatiers.

Even their low end set is surprisingly decent.

How much was the whetstone? I need a >1k one, 3000 or 6000 is good.
>> ID: cce19b 0 No. 15355
i had a vision once that told me xoxo was a butcher knife

cool guy was a veggie knife

gar was a survival knife

and caps was a butter knife
>> ID: af7b26 0 No. 15356
File 133833770514.jpg - (356.81KB , 1200x1600 , 0529121831-00.jpg )

This is true, Mace. BTW, I am tired of you posting anonymously.

I now dub thee, Scarlet Macaw.
>> ID: cce19b 0 No. 15357

@_@ yes massa

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