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File 133055405384.jpg - (9.49KB , 300x225 , 300px-Monster_energy_drink_feature.jpg )
15292 ID: 3c7ce8 0 No. 15292 watch
Maybe I'm just old but what is with all of the kids wearing the hats and the shirts and the stickers for their cars and everything about a damn energy drink?

It doesn't even taste good.
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>> ID: ae8ade 0 No. 15293
File 133055450768.jpg - (142.63KB , 640x480 , Monster_Energy_Kawasaki.jpg )
Because it's EXTREME for people who like EXTREME SPORTS.
>> ID: ae8ade 0 No. 15294
actually we had a demo at the airshow and were distributing them the year they came out back in highschool and one of our girls drank 3 and nearly killed herself.
>> ID: a3729a 0 No. 15295
energy drinks fuckin suck. i kinda like amp but its basically just mountain dew, and red bull is pretty good
monster is nasty. i think it must be the taurine or guarana cause all energy drinks taste like it
>> ID: 784dd6 0 No. 15301
>one of our girls drank 3 and nearly killed herself.

ah those retarded rumors about energy drinks that i used to hear in 2001

>> ID: 752922 1 No. 15302
File 133090427384.jpg - (98.52KB , 640x480 , 130_0901_15_z+formula_d_round_6+nos_350z.jpg )
it's all about the nos, bitches
>> ID: 9a9ce3 -2 No. 15303

100+ degree day, 90 pound girl drinks 48 oz of 1st gen Monster formula, out doors in the sun for 3+ hours, yeah she was taken away in an ambulance.
>> ID: 784dd6 2 No. 15304
>100+ degree day
>out doors in the sun for 3+ hours

yep it was the red bull
>> ID: 9a9ce3 -3 No. 15305

Don't be an assclown, if she had been drinking water like we were supposed to be doing she wouldn't have been carted off.
>> ID: 618a35 2 No. 15306
yea and if she was drinking coffee or mountain dews the same thing wouldve probably happened whats your point
>> ID: 9a9ce3 -3 No. 15307

>> ID: 3b9753 1 No. 15308

None of those things dehydrate you. They all have water in them. Caffeine doesn't dehydrate you.

It takes an absolutely STUPID amount of caffeine to put you in life threatening danger unless you have some kind of pre-existing heart condition.

Even a tiny girl would have to down 2+ grams of caffeine to die of caffeine toxicity.

I'm guessing she got trucked away because she started feeling sick after having several times the caffeine she usually consumes and she/other people thought she was dying. Caffeine will make you feel very ill far before you're at serious risk of death.
>> ID: 9a9ce3 -1 No. 15309

Which is what I'm saying. She didn't get dehydrated, she just started hyperventilating and had a way too high resting heart rate on an already hot day.
>> ID: 784dd6 1 No. 15310
gar this is like the time you said alcohol isnt a drug
>> ID: 1ea781 1 No. 15311

Yeah but caffeine's a diuretic. Couldn't it theoretically have exacerbated the problem? We should ask Gar if it seemed to him like she pissed a fairly high volume when he followed her to the bathroom.
>> ID: 3c7ce8 0 No. 15313

Yes but this would make it under the assumption that she pissed and didn't intake any other liquid.

However, considering the fact that monsters have a crazy stupid amount of sugar, caffeine, taurine and guarana, which have asbolutely no correlation with hydration, temperature regulation and metabolic rate; considering the fact that it's pretty much instantly excreted through the system, gar is wrong.

Unless the girl was 90 pounds soaking wet and drank half her weight in the stuff at the very most she'd have a drop in blood pressure and an increased heart rate, but kids these days are so immune to stimulants that I doubt it really did much and she's probably a pussy.
>> ID: 9a9ce3 -2 No. 15314

This was 8 years ago. Nobody drank energy drinks back then especially in high school. This was one of the promotional launch events for monster and they did it at the Wings Over Texas summer airshow. She was about 90 pounds soaking wet and she drank 3 16oz cans with the original formula.

I got this from livestrong: http://www.livestrong.com/article/446572-what-happens-if-you-drink-too-many-monster-energy-drinks/

Caffeine Toxicity

Signs of caffeine overdose include nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, nausea and vomiting. More serious symptoms of acute caffeine toxicity include tremors, tachycardia or rapid heart rate, psychomotor agitation, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, dizziness, numbness and fainting. In rare cases, death has resulted from drinking too much caffeine. In one prominent case, an athlete experienced cardiac arrest following the consumption of 64 ounces of energy drink in five hours. Excessive consumption of energy drinks has also been linked to seizures, mania and stroke.

She drank 48 ounces of the stuff in less than an hour. Combine those symptoms with having to work an airshow on a hot day and it's a recipe for disaster no matter how you look at it. And when I say hot I mean 95-100 degrees with 80%+ humidity.
>> ID: 22e0e1 0 No. 15315
I know if I have even a little caffeine I start to feel like I'm going to faint after it wears off because I rarely consume it.
>> ID: 10c75e 0 No. 15316
what the fuck
>> ID: 4b2523 0 No. 15317
dude it was because she had a b12 deficiency
>> ID: 9fccdd 0 No. 15318
full throttle is the best energy drink anyway

i can drink that shit forever
>> ID: 1ae1ad -11 No. 15319
File 133198179254.jpg - (29.80KB , 512x384 , Hay there.jpg )

I won a case of amp at a street fighter tourney once...

That's all I have to contribute to this thread
>> ID: 9fccdd 5 No. 15320

contribute you blowing your brains out
>> ID: 91eb54 -1 No. 15321
File 133212019913.png - (125.04KB , 651x481 , lnC6F[1].png )
>> ID: f5ece4 -1 No. 15327
please upload more pics of yourself cosplaying! they are so cute! <3 i will be your girlfriend
>> ID: 1442a5 0 No. 15341
the 5 hour power drinks are nice.

they have a small amount of caffeine in them but the crash is very light, almost imperceptible

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