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ID: 74461d 0 No. 15250 watch
  so /fff/ why arent you vegan yet? the raised estrogen levels from soy products will make your balls shrink so bad youll last FOREVER in bed
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>> ID: 4e4c28 0 No. 15251
Oh yes you will last forever in bed as your boyfriend rearends you because of the cleansing action of a healthy, colon friendly diet.
>> ID: bafc96 1 No. 15253
hahahahahahhaha holy shit that's hilarious I hope no poor fuck falls for that.
>> ID: 1ff1bd 3 No. 15255
1 year of being vegan has rendered me completely impotent and partially transgendered because of soy milk
>> ID: 43e772 0 No. 15256
i would say i'm surprised that peta would come out with a commercial like this considering most of their supporters are female but they're probably already used to being giant tools anyway.
>> ID: 201392 0 No. 15257
Are you kidding? Most of their adds already contain naked women and the last thing I heard about them was that they're creating a porn site to promote their movement. Sex is the only thing they've ever used to get their message across and besides, the kind of women that support them either view it as "liberating" for women (bra burners and the like) or are the kind of radicals that will justify anything for the movement (like the ones that support the ALF bombings).
>> ID: 38871b 0 No. 15258
just watched the ad and it comes off as really sexist and ambiguous (i didnt notice the woman slightly smiling at the end of the video). a disgrace to us vegans...
>> ID: fad8cb 0 No. 15259
File 132952797038.jpg - (22.57KB , 300x450 , Eternal Cunt Devestator.jpg )
As much as PETA says they care about animals, their ads show that they're pretty fucking backwards and ignorant when it comes to people.

Also seriously? You're trying to sell me on a diet by saying that will make me able to "bring it like a tantric pornstar" and the guy who you cast as this drywall-ruining sex God looks like a(n even) less-virile Christopher Mintz-Fucking-Plasse? It's like PETA forgot how to be complete fuck ups at advertising properly.
>> ID: a5a3f6 0 No. 15260
I hate PETA

as a possible future climate scientist or ecologist it's pretty easy to see they've done far more harm than good by creating huge opposition through their retarded campaigning

seriously, it's not even just a dumb organization with shitty marketing, it's hurting the tiny bit of actual cause that it was created for in the first place
>> ID: 43e772 -1 No. 15261
are you retarded

>> ID: 201392 -1 No. 15262
File 132975468330.jpg - (232.78KB , 1280x1024 , googlepeta.jpg )

No, i don't think I am. I'm still pretty sure I've still never seen an ad from peta that didn't use sex to sell their message.
>> ID: c97ad6 1 No. 15283
lasting forever in bed is fucking awful
>> ID: 8e5463 0 No. 15296
i'm a vegan at heart
>> ID: 8e5463 -1 No. 15297
whats wrong with the animal liberation front?
>> ID: cd621c 0 No. 15298
File 133058552724.jpg - (16.57KB , 250x250 , deity of intercourse.jpg )
the only reason vegan's make better lover's is because the meat eater's don't have time to fuck around with sex because they actually have jobs.

also, what girl would want to date this scrawny runt? he don't even look like he could lift 20 pounds much less fuck like a supposed sex god
>> ID: fd8063 1 No. 15299
theyre domestic terrorists
>> ID: 3686e5 0 No. 15300

>whats wrong with the animal liberation front?

>ALF bombings.

This should be self-explanatory.
>> ID: fd1d7c 0 No. 15312

It has its perks.
>> ID: 8e5463 -2 No. 15322
theyve never hurt anyone
>> ID: fd8063 1 No. 15323
setting fire to buildings it ok as long as nobody gets hurt

>> ID: 8e5463 -3 No. 15325
yes thats right.
>> ID: ffa8b3 1 No. 15326
aight so ud b totally cool w me setting fire 2 ur house while ur out
>> ID: 7a2ff0 1 No. 15330
epitomized bomblol philosophy right here

absolutely perfect
>> ID: 843182 -1 No. 15332
yeah dude we gotta have a civil rights march for these cows

there's nothing wrong with direct action you capitalist pigs
>> ID: 7a2ff0 0 No. 15333
i would say sabotage is a lot more objectifying and a philosophical impediment to any lofty good will message. i would also say that this reason alone explains the unspoken tension people have about the matter.

i don't think anyone actually cares about direct action, it's just absurd that people go about bombing shit to save animals.
>> ID: bb8f31 0 No. 15334

the anc's anti-apartheid campaign lead by nelson mandela mainly consisted of bombing, but people agree that it was justifiable for the cause. what exactly makes it that different from doing it on behalf of animals and nature?
>> ID: f8cf08 0 No. 15335

I could bomb your house for your crimes against reason right now and everyone would agree that it was justifiable.

PS not everybody thinks that mandela's crimes were justified, they were still crimes and that's why he went to prison.
>> ID: f8cf08 0 No. 15336
blowing people's shit up because you disagree with them strongly is the same as a child breaking something because people won't let them have their way. That's how wars start. People with a lot of influence start acting like huge babies and blow something up to get what they want.
>> ID: f8cf08 0 No. 15337
just gotta add this before some smartass starts strawmanning me like the little douche he is:

of course there are extreme situations that merit blowing someone's shit up when it accomplishes some strategic purpose like ending a war or assassinating a dictator who is perpetrating real evil against your people.
>> ID: 14dc32 -1 No. 15338
>> ID: 7a2ff0 1 No. 15339
>but people agree that it was justifiable for the cause. what exactly makes it that different from doing it on behalf of animals and nature?

sabotage is always a huge ass block in the way of a credible peace movement. the wrong questions are always asked when it happens too: should people have done this? is it justifiable?

sabotage is always going to be an appeal to sympathy because the cause must somehow outweigh the damage done, but interestingly enough, everyone pretty much agrees that no one should be going around blowing up the shit of others or finding themselves ruining property for the sake of a message unless there is no other means of broadcasting your concern to the public.

so sabotage appeals to your sympathy as a human being, but it also ebbs against your natural instinct for protection. that's why it's very vindictive and a shitty mode of conduct if you are seriously adamant about your cause. sure the cause can be worthwhile and outweigh the damage done, but if throwing shit at someone is what i have to do in order to gain my freedom then that doesn't make the means for communicating my message any cleaner.
>> ID: f9457b -1 No. 15351
People shouldn't go veg or go vegan because they want better sex. They should do it because they want to make a lifestyle change.

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>> ID: 7a2ff0 0 No. 15354
File 133833185817.jpg - (199.12KB , 550x510 , de niro.jpg )
Listen to you. The fucking honesty.
>> ID: cdb60b 0 No. 15368
File 134021661726.jpg - (20.95KB , 410x379 , Bush_smirk.jpg )
should I care that my meat was once was alive?
>> ID: 972e29 0 No. 15374
Cause cows are cool

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