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File 128519196794.jpg - (74.62KB , 400x264 , button_fly_400x264.jpg )
6851 ID: 323a3a 3 No. 6851 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
why do these exist
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>> ID: 67d189 -5 No. 7197
I didn't like them at first. They're a part of me now. Zips are inferior.
>> ID: 6d6670 1 No. 7205

Something gets caught in the slider/teeth.
>> ID: dd9bf2 0 No. 7206
I've had the teeth break apart for an unknown reason on a jacket that was zipped up and do you know how hard it is to fix that? I've also had a zipper just break off completely like a giant piece of shit.

Bonus to button flies: you're never going to have the buttons embarrassingly unbutton themselves.
>> ID: 7398c5 0 No. 7207
I always forget to put these back on when drunk
>> ID: d6a3ac 3 No. 7208
i saw a man wear this in a porno today, the lady seemed to enjoy popping those things and they make a cool sound *pop pop pop pop* and bam presto, cock

File 128616771988.jpg - (50.12KB , 377x373 , 140.jpg )
7080 ID: 36b3aa 2 No. 7080 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
hey does anyone else know someone that you see only semi regularly but they change their hair constantly so you dont even recognize them whenever you see them

yeah i hate that shit
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>> ID: f5b0c4 0 No. 7174
I change my hair color/facial hair a lot. People still recognize me though.
>> ID: 51a683 3 No. 7175
you sound creepy using any words at all
>> ID: 04df5a 0 No. 7178
Given the evang bomblol situation i dont think he's one to talk
>> ID: 6ccebc 0 No. 7179
i havent changed my hair style in 5-6 long years.
>> ID: 7af8b9 3 No. 7180
Don't be so mean just because you're sore about your recent haircut, sweetie. It's not becoming!

File 128555405260.jpg - (721.78KB , 2792x1627 , 1281800130414.jpg )
6931 ID: 3669ef -8 No. 6931 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, question about staying up. I was thinking about staying up for 128~ hours, starting sunday and ending on friday evening, so I can get in some work. I have a lot of questions about it though; basically will I be able to function in society for those five days? Towards the end would I like...faint/?? cause I would literally die of embarrassment if I fainted in class. also if i slept on friday evening for like the whole weekend, wouldn't i like get a urinary tract infection from not pissing for three days. also any testimonials from people who stayed up for a long time, i've never done it past like 24 hours

also, any methods for easily doing it? i figure caffeine would put you to sleep faster in the long run
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>> ID: f7045d 2 No. 7010
when was the last time flandre posted? I think he might be dead...
>> ID: 9d6ff5 3 No. 7018
>> ID: 3669ef -7 No. 7029



nah haha i lasted until about wednesday night, wednesday itself was probably the most unproductive day of my life because i felt like i was drowning in a sea of exhaustion!! hardest thing i have ever done u guys were right

ty all
>> ID: 7409e9 0 No. 7046
so how many hours did you make it in the end
>> ID: 6275f9 4 No. 7083
youre going to die

File 128528013897.jpg - (406.82KB , 1600x1200 , buckhorn.jpg )
6865 ID: b476f0 2 No. 6865 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
let's talk about some local restraunts that you've eaten at

This is The Buckhorn, it's in a town that's about twenty minutes south of my college and it's a pretty awesome burger joint. They have one of the best green chile cheeseburgers I have ever had. They also have some pretty good onion rings. If you're ever on the south side of I-25, you should most definitely stop there.
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>> ID: d0d97f 0 No. 7028
dude that is impossible first of all how do you breathe/eat?? im calling that right now
>> ID: e4528e 0 No. 7035

You're correct, I do have a neck. Looks like anonymous has been leading us all in a farce!
>> ID: f336ff 0 No. 7075
I went to a Wendy's nearby and they had some pretty rockin frosties.
>> ID: d0d97f -1 No. 7076
its all about those $1 spicy chicken nuggets

best value of any fast food ever
>> ID: 119ed2 -11 No. 7078
agreed, the cheapest way to die a slow painful death due to eating poisonous disgusting fast food

File 128451519289.jpg - (19.81KB , 640x363 , ark3.jpg )
6694 ID: ef0d45 -2 No. 6694 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I put down 2200 yards in an hour monday and plan on dropping 2000 yards 3 times a week. What can I expect in health concerns and what kind of serious weight loss can I expect with that kind of mileage?
18 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 1c0ba2 2 No. 7040
ya see hes only a fat moron dont slander his name like that
>> ID: ef0d45 1 No. 7041

Thank you.
>> ID: a38979 1 No. 7057
well obviously your mother is also from NY but struck it west to become a big name actress but became lost and destitute and ended up doing porno and thats when her gay theater play-write brother's bisexual lover discovered her and they had a threesome and bang here we are

anyways i want to swim more often its one of my favorite activities but idk i just haven't lately
>> ID: ef0d45 -2 No. 7058

still not inbred, but okay! You should swim a lot more, bob, you might lose some weight!
>> ID: a38979 -1 No. 7074
im actually underweight but thanks

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