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File 128919061275.jpg - (82.21KB , 800x600 , 232756.jpg )
7419 ID: 323124 -12 No. 7419 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This was ~13 peep marshmallow ghosts.
I found 6 3-packs of them at Walgreens for 18 cents each. They're now microwaved and they will be in my tummy soon!

uhhhhhhh, this thread is about cool post-holiday food deals and gross foods and stuff that makes you vomit
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>> ID: ea187d 4 No. 7431
Might as well nuke a styrofoam cup so you actually get some nutrients out of the whole shebang
>> ID: 323124 5 No. 7432
File 128927583812.jpg - (25.35KB , 853x479 , krap eating approximately 13 microwaved peep ghost.jpg )
What are you talking about? It is an expression of my will to eat approximately 13 peep ghosts.

For the record, I am not a fat person.
>> ID: ff0a78 16 No. 7436
File 12893242275.jpg - (320.54KB , 648x747 , Vidyassassin poses with Deiter.jpg )
don't worry everyone

they are ghosts

ghosts clearly have zero calories
>> ID: f127a8 -1 No. 7449

If only whataburger offered Ghostburgers . . .
>> ID: 53f188 -7 No. 7450
and you guys say Im fucking crazy

File 128824827198.jpg - (122.25KB , 568x585 , chem1spray_dees.jpg )
7335 ID: 768d1b 0 No. 7335 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
as ive mentioned before ive lost 50 or so pounds since march and keep losing about a pound a week. this is awesome but what sucks is that clothes are rapidly becoming too big on me.

basically im askin whats some really fucking dirt cheap clothes that i can buy that i wont get pissed about replacing in 2-3 months. ive bought bulk shirts from hanes/fruit of the loom but theyre so goddamn bland and i usually hate wearing them

on top of that i could just use general tips about sizing, size L shirts are fucking baggy on me now but i bought a levis denim jacket in L and its really fucking tight on me (plus i got it from a place with a no return policy so it sucks pretty bad)
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 768d1b 0 No. 7385
bulk white tshirts scream i dont give a fuck about how i look and i kinda wanna change that also they just look bland

i hate having tons of weird shit written on clothes i wear but sometimes its ok
>> ID: 8f763d 1 No. 7386
But how you choose to dress is directly affected by your personality and obviously reflects on you in at least a small way.

So if you choose to dress like a boring nerd faggot in your plain supermarket tees, etc then guess what...
>> ID: c26608 -3 No. 7402

You generally wear white T-s under stuff. That stuff is what you change to make your look. Get some actual shirts, jeez.
>> ID: 0ca25d 2 No. 7412
Spend fifty bucks at a good thrift store, get a million pieces of clothing. May not be especially attractive, but it's no worse than bulk clothing and generally is cheaper.
>> ID: a0f6b0 1 No. 7413
thrifts stores are for finding cool shit not for building a wardrobe weirdo

File 128595616837.png - (97.21KB , 300x902 , cheeeeeeeeeen.png )
7021 ID: f33784 0 No. 7021 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I've never made soup before, but I have a ton of frozen vegetables in my freezer (like 5 bags), as well as onions, garlic, potatoes, and my friend told me I could make dumplings to put in it to make it a little more filling. I also have rice, two cans of chicken, and chicken broth.

The thing is, I've read this site about the basics of soup-making, how it takes a broth/stock, ingredients, spices, a flavor base, but I don't know how to cobble these things together into a soup.

I was going to roast the vegetables in my oven for a while with oil and salt to caramelize them, then stick them in a pot with the chicken broth, water, and oil and simmer that with spices for a while, and maybe drop dumplings and/or rice into it later.

Would that work? How the hell do I do this? I also have no money to go buy anything else.
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>> ID: 8f669f -1 No. 7187
File 128681468228.jpg - (45.88KB , 250x148 , no yolks about it.jpg )
Anytime I make a soup I throw in a can of whole tomatoes(that I've hand crushed/beat with a potato masher). The soup never tastes like tomato when it's done but the broth is so good with it.

Barley and egg noodles are awesome too.
>> ID: f33784 -3 No. 7212
Yeah, the noodles absorbed a bunch of the liquid, and I was like "I'm sure it'll be fine in the morning".

It wasn't, and I guess reheating it evaporated some of the liquid and the noodles absorbed the rest of it, so it burned.
>> ID: cfd04b 0 No. 7213
It's funny.
I was remembering how my mother makes her chicken soup.
She prepares everything individually (potatoes, noodles, chicken/broth) and then puts them together. She doesn't like mushy noodles or potatoes.
>> ID: 7e362c -2 No. 7300
You dumb fucking kids, you use potato flakes to thicken up soup, take fucking broth or bouillion, get that shit in a slow cooker along with some chunks of cooked BEEF, not hamburger, not pork, not chicken. Add in whatever other fucking shit you want in it that IS NOT PASTA,
then fill the rest with broth or water. Slow cook the shit for a minimal of six hours, add your pasta, cook it for another 4 or 5 hours. You are fucking finished. CONGRATULATIONS YOU MADE GOOD SOUP.
>> ID: ccb691 0 No. 7405
Sure, if you hate having any variety.

File 128812934981.jpg - (95.47KB , 998x864 , 1275519030352.jpg )
7312 ID: c5ade0 0 No. 7312 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do you do cardio immediately after weight lifting?
17 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: b58951 0 No. 7377
i really find the hardest thing to do is to find someone to help you with form

telling people just to follow a routine off the internet filled with strongman shit like squats and deadlifts will probably wind up in failure unless you have someone there to help you out

i have a cousin that used to be a personal trainer and shes been helping me alot but she doesnt really have me doing anything huge. mostly shit like lat pulldowns, cable rows, (assisted) chinups, iso bench press machine, and a couple of exercises with two dumbells. we add shit here and there but im still not doing squats and deadlifts like i want to but hey im losing tons and tons of weight (my first goal) while still upping the weight on the exercises i do so i cant really complain. i'd like to lose 20 or so more pounds of fat before i start trying to really gain muscle and im probably gonna figure out what to do next then
>> ID: 74cc66 -1 No. 7387
>If you've been inactive mostly your whole life
dont gotta worry about this
>> ID: ebd016 2 No. 7389
Tell her to get bent.

Do squats alone in the woods.
>> ID: 8773e0 -2 No. 7401
since like 4 people have asked on steam yes madrhetoric's giving good advice and i haven't added anything because i've already said this shit a few dozen times and i'd just be me-tooing everything in this thread
>> ID: 28a531 7 No. 7403
but we need ur guidance daddy

File 12883287833.jpg - (21.66KB , 320x243 , LadyAristartle-1.jpg )
7349 ID: 9ad27a -9 No. 7349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Let's see 'em! Show us yer candy stash, your threads and your gore!
19 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 578174 3 No. 7384
File 128850860994.jpg - (39.28KB , 480x640 , roman_az.jpg )
My shorts aren't supposed to be showing.
>> ID: 4f88c5 0 No. 7388
My costume included a toga, but yours is hella nicer. Mine was just 5 yards of brown fabric, no trim or anything.
>> ID: 80ea8f -4 No. 7390
File 128857337249.jpg - (50.52KB , 404x720 , 67714_1271472431543_1371840502_31198731_2734742_n.jpg )
I worked really hard on it
>> ID: 80ea8f -6 No. 7391
File 128857455882.jpg - (36.51KB , 720x540 , 74862_450783751715_556216715_5922675_165377_n.jpg )
DJ Caesar. Was suppose to be jesus but it turned into this.
Kaosillator in hand + portable speakers in pocket.
>> ID: cceab6 1 No. 7400
File 128867547680.jpg - (68.35KB , 720x540 , photo.jpg )
I did not make a costume this year but one of my friends followed the tutorial from that one guy's site for making a big-head paper thing so I'm posting that instead

File 128772448927.jpg - (407.78KB , 640x427 , BISE (1).jpg )
7274 ID: 60b7fb -2 No. 7274 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: c53504 -2 No. 7305
File 128805998024.jpg - (38.68KB , 400x400 , asian_cowboy.jpg )
Whoa, this is an awesome fashion blog. Definitely a nice change from seeing Black people dressed urban, thug or gamer all the time. Although I can't help but feel the style is basically "How to dress like a White person as a Black person without looking too White." Nothing particularly wrong with that, of course. I believe it's my thought process that's wrong, not the style.

Maybe I should throw a fashion curve ball and pull off the country & western look.
>> ID: aacb2f -1 No. 7333

looks more like they're pulling off a classic 60s ivy leaguer look than trying to look white to me.
>> ID: ed99f4 -1 No. 7337

Is there a difference?
>> ID: aacb2f 0 No. 7356

White people don't dress like that anymore.
>> ID: d44d8c 1 No. 7368
File 128842540382.jpg - (215.73KB , 640x427 , bucks11.jpg )
Where can I find good, cheap bucks?

File 128634483599.gif - (4.90KB , 171x95 , zambonifk4.gif )
7106 ID: 450f74 3 No. 7106 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
why do i have the most energy at the gym when im on barely any sleep

the last two times i was able to do 4+ miles on the treadmill i had slept less than 4 hours the night before
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 701896 0 No. 7240
I get the same energy he's talking about, but I don't go to the gym like he does. At most I'll walk the dog around the neighborhood or rarely go swimming. Thing is that it still happens when I don't do anything hours before I feel it.

It most likely explains his situation, though.
>> ID: 231328 -6 No. 7247
Focus intently and concentrate when you feel tired.

Stay awake for hours longer.

It's like manually forcing your brain to release endorphins into your system. Like the force.
>> ID: b63cb9 0 No. 7260
Most nights I got to sleep early about 10pm. Get up about 5-6am and then do about 20-30km on my bike.

So generally I run on 6 or 7 hours of sleep and I never feel shitty.
>> ID: d31562 0 No. 7340
how do i get to sleep faster. at around 11pm i generally get off any screen-based things, read for an hour or so with a desk lamp on my bedside table then turn it off and go to sleep. but then i usually cant get to sleep for hours after that?

also, i havent had a chocolate bar in like 2 months and most of my food is homecooked from basic ingredients. i only drink water and milk, and at the moment im not even drinking alcohol.

is there something i can do/eat/drink to help me get to sleep faster? i lie there from midnight to 3am or 4am most of the time and end up getting up tired at 11am, rather than refreshed at 8am
>> ID: d43c34 0 No. 7342
Easiest way would be to buy a small bottle of melatonin off any pharmacy shelf and use that for a week to establish the sleep cycle you want. Assuming that stuff works for you, of course. Take 1-2 pills 45 minutes before bedtime and do nothing overly stimulating, drink no caffeine, etc. Melatonin's made of natural stuff so it's generally tolerated really well, though it doesn't work for some people at all.

Tea or hot showers directly before lights out also help if the melatonin doesn't work for you. Try not to exercise or do anything stressful 3 hours prior to bedtime.

File 128646386962.jpg - (157.77KB , 574x638 , GJTav.jpg )
7127 ID: 5c98e7 -4 No. 7127 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What i'm looking for is tips on how to get rid of my horrible and boring dressing habits without making myself look like a douche.

Because i've always been a social recluse, on top of having the fashion sense of a caveman, i only go clothes shopping when i ABSOLUTELY have to. I started using braces (suspenders) as an experiment and i've grown fond of them - they feel more comfortable than a belt for me, and since i keep them under my shirt/jacket they dont even show outside

I'm 185cm (6' 1") and weigh around 90kg (scale keeps jumping between 87 and 93, i dont trust that thing too much). This in combination with my flimsy arms makes me look like some sort of horrible fleshy snowman.

I don't even KNOW what kind of clothing would fit me. I just want something other than t-shirts and jeans.
37 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: f9113e 4 No. 7281
File 128778747148.jpg - (42.88KB , 512x384 , CP.jpg )
get off this board loser
>> ID: 8ff003 0 No. 7291
same here, but that's the perscription you SHOULD GET CONTACTS AT

with that bad eyes the glasses will actually end up making shit so small you can't see it far away anyway, contacts fix a lot of that because they are directly on top of the eyes

get contacts
>> ID: e6f8a3 0 No. 7310
There's some nom de guerre on plndr for some reason, missed out on some cheap white jeans cause I'm in class and the fucking professor handed out quizzes while I was trying to buy them
>> ID: 58bcec 1 No. 7311
File 128812122832.jpg - (50.17KB , 295x450 , ssbuttonzoom1.jpg )
me on my phone, i did manage to get a shirt from the sale though, paid 15$ after shipping DAMN
>> ID: 8afb03 0 No. 7339
nearly all shoes look good or at least acceptable

File 128725131627.jpg - (34.99KB , 590x365 , notch-interview-portrait-e1280400228443-590x365.jpg )
7229 ID: 8d438f 2 No. 7229 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Now I don't wear hats except beanies so i feel free to judge people who do, and living on campus gives me endless supplies of tasteless people who don't understand how to dress themselves.

But I've come into one general rule that pretty much hasn't failed me yet:

Pasty white people shouldn't wear hats

My god when did neckbeards and tall skinny comp sci majors find it acceptable to wear tophats and fedora's in public.

The only people that can rock those kinds of hat's are the tall bald or very short haired people who are physically fit. Black people especially rock fedora's.

Ugh, I have more things to add but i'm out the door at the moment.
12 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 350682 -15 No. 7245
File 128736366571.jpg - (771.27KB , 1280x960 , sweet bro.jpg )
Berets are cool.
>> ID: 350682 -5 No. 7265
/fff/ still doesn't like jokes I see.
>> ID: 904c8e 1 No. 7267
muzzle discipline
>> ID: 5163ff 5 No. 7268
Theres this guy on my campus who looks like he never washes his hair, has a giant neckbeard, and wears what looks like a replica of Jack Sparrow's tricorne.

It's pretty awful.
>> ID: 577c84 6 No. 7273

File 128676791965.jpg - (81.35KB , 600x480 , deliciouscookies.jpg )
7184 ID: ce8a3a -2 No. 7184 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I was talking to my friend who has never had orange cookies before, and it got me in the mood to bake.

I found this recipe: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/beths-orange-cookies/Detail.aspx

I was just going to make that, but then I realized that I have a can of frozen cranberry juice concentrate that I could use instead (since the recipe calls for orange juice concentrate rather than orange juice or flavoring) and just nix the orange rind.

Do you think this would work to make delicious cranberry cookies? Because I love them more than oranges, goddamn. Also, then I don't need to go buy oranges and orange juice concentrate.

Either way, it's an idea. I only ask this because baking is pretty delicate and a simple mis-substitution can fuck up your whole recipe, and I don't want to waste the potential of cranberry juice on cookies that may come out like ass.
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 674e39 27 No. 7199
File 128689258297.jpg - (24.70KB , 419x349 , paaaaaaaatt.jpg )
>Food ALLERGIES???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
>> ID: 62a4f7 2 No. 7200
this for christs sakes >>7195
>> ID: 5e83f8 -10 No. 7201
File 128690161822.jpg - (57.12KB , 481x271 , cookies.jpg )
>> ID: ce8a3a -3 No. 7210
God I love Russian tea cakes. Those are one of my favorites, too.

I just bought sour cream on my trip home tonight, so I will tell you how they come out when I bake them.

Also, perhaps pictures.
>> ID: ce8a3a -3 No. 7235
The recipe is quite misinformed.

I used a 1/2 tbsp instead of a measuring tsp for dropping the cookies onto the sheet (meaning they're larger) and got over a hundred goddamn cookies, as opposed to the 72 the recipe claims it will make (using a teaspoon).

Also, I found the cookies began to burn if they were in the oven any longer than 8 minutes, while the recipe calls for around 10. Glad I didn't follow that.

The icing recipe is also *quite* off. I had to double the amount of icing I made in order to frost all these cookies.

Swapping cranberry for orange worked out pretty well, but the coloring isn't as nice; the cookies are whitish with pinkish frosting, as opposed to the yellow-orange uniformity of orange cookies. However, they taste pretty good, so no harm, no foul.

The flavor's a little odd though (cookies are too bland while the frosting is too sweet/sour), so maybe I should've stuck with orange. Honestly, exchanging orange for cranberry, they taste kind of like strawberry pocky. Strange.

File 128654410937.jpg - (37.87KB , 500x425 , the-meat-grinder-gun.jpg )
7152 ID: fb425a 0 No. 7152 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I bought a cheap sirloin steak yesterday thinking I would make delicious hamburgers with it, WRONG there's little fat so it's extremely dry and bland. So what do I do with a pound of unappealing ground beef?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: be1ee3 0 No. 7169
chili, beef stew, spaghetti are all nice applications of lean meat
>> ID: 897e8e 0 No. 7170
Try marinating it
>> ID: fb425a 0 No. 7173
Ran it through an old metal hand crank grinder once.

>> ID: b1bb6b 0 No. 7189

Spaghetti Bolognese
>> ID: e893fa -1 No. 7211
Definitely tacos.

The leaner the meat, the better the tacos, and this sounds about as lean as it gets.

File 128362605781.jpg - (7.43KB , 250x250 , DXM02.jpg )
6428 ID: 9ad653 -6 No. 6428 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I just drank a bottle of robotussin

drug thread.
73 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 9b12f8 -5 No. 6854
File 128519473252.png - (43.30KB , 159x600 , ad.png )
>> ID: 298f69 -2 No. 6863
>> ID: 46b4e2 -7 No. 6867
I took acid last friday and it was pretty fun.
Stepping it up with two tabs this saturday
>> ID: a4320f 13 No. 7086
u can fit like 3 cigs vertically up your butt to sneak past mom..tried it and it WORKS
>> ID: 0deabd 1 No. 7209
Had about 270mg of codeine friday night I know it's a shitty opiate but I wanted to get rid of it.

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