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File 130324440764.jpg - (141.25KB , 500x667 , 1302759574138.jpg )
8611 ID: 82efd1 0 No. 8611 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
yo i need shoes

problem: size 13 4E feet (wide as fuck)

what do i do help me metros
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>> ID: f7cfa3 5 No. 8633
stop bein a fat pease of shit!
>> ID: 82efd1 8 No. 8644
says the anonymous nerd before hes crushed beneath my nightmarish 6'5'' frame
>> ID: 95cd65 5 No. 8655
>> ID: 882e03 1 No. 8677
wear those little foot gloves around people will think you know what you're doing at the gym
>> ID: 1dce76 4 No. 8688
birkenstocks with white socks

File 130158312021.jpg - (43.45KB , 550x412 , 969.jpg )
8080 ID: 17e7c6 2 No. 8080 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Okay so ill buy a pair of dumbbells with adjustable weights.
What are good excersises for beginners.
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>> ID: 175613 0 No. 8111
you can do alot more with a bar
>> ID: 7bfb57 0 No. 8122
dumbbell bench press is better for you but its more difficult to do so its not recommended for beginners, at least tdesigner handbags what rippetoe says
>> ID: 2e15bd 0 No. 8166

yeah but if you go to the gym you can use their bars/anything else and the dbs are small enough for him to have in his little space/room (as i highly doubt any FAer is a house owner (prove me wrong spidermans)
>> ID: 7bfb57 0 No. 8177
a home gym is seriously always better, but yeah i dont have space for any of that shit so i go to a gym
>> ID: b6488f 0 No. 8211

its certainly more convenient to work out at home and its harder to make excuses and miss work outs if your gym is literally 5 feet away but I prefer the gym for two reasons

1. working out at home its really easy to get distracted. when you're resting its tempting to go have a seat at your computer for a second or go try to do a quick chore or something. At the gym there's nothing to do BUT work out so its hard to get distracted unless you start like looking at facebook on your phone or some shit or start trying to flirt

2. this one really only applies if you're doing barbell excersizes. If you're at home you have no spotter so at best you're more cautious with your lifts and at worst you get stuck or hurt yourself. At the gym you're guaranteed to have plenty of people around to help you out if you injure yourself and you'll always have a spotter if you want one. It means you can go for that extra rep on bench with your spotter giving you just a tiny bit of help, or squat feeling more safe

File 130058202819.jpg - (12.55KB , 275x359 , tn2_keurig-b30-blk102108083602.jpg )
7941 ID: 374eb0 12 No. 7941 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
just got one of these

will probably never sleep again
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>> ID: d3e63c 1 No. 8061

Also known as a French Press. There literally is no better way to make a single cup of coffee. Just remember the number one rule, never put boiling water in your coffee. Hit 170 degrees for optimal coffee flavor. That's what a good machine is programmed to do and it makes a huge difference.
>> ID: 828ec4 3 No. 8062
typically I put the water on to boil, then when it starts whistling let it sit for 2-3 minutes while I grind beans / clean the french press

but yeah there's literally no better coffee than fresh from a press
>> ID: d3e63c 1 No. 8067

shit listen to this guy he knows exactly what he's talking about.
>> ID: d36353 1 No. 8071
cups aren't overpriced. $10 is cheap as hell. also i have one of those too and i absolutely love it although it isn't the exact same model. mine cost $150. :9 you can probably find it if you look it up on their website.
>> ID: e8f458 0 No. 8081

They're called cafetieres in cultured Europe

I hardly ever drink a regular black coffee because double espressos are many as fuck but when I do I use a cafetiere with some freshly ground coffee beans that I stored in the freezer. The freezing this is probably superfluous but whatever I feel cool using them.

File 130099357118.jpg - (324.07KB , 1128x1531 , 1294943290659.jpg )
8004 ID: 24eacb 0 No. 8004 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I guess this counts as fashion:

I need a new messenger bag asap, mine is being held together by threads. Many people recommend Timbuk2 bags but they're very sporty/utilitarian and I'm not sure I'm ready to make that jump. What do you guys use to carry around your shit?
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: ac4f3a 1 No. 8014

i smoke dope so I use a canvas military one. fallin apart though gonna have to get a new one
>> ID: 0eb1c6 5 No. 8017
File 130107147517.jpg - (1.87MB , 3264x2448 , people who believe caps is straight.jpg )
and ur gay don't forget that part.
>> ID: ac4f3a 17 No. 8018

i use my bag to carry my furry commisions and ass lube ofc
>> ID: 1b67d3 1 No. 8038
File 130128424652.jpg - (54.36KB , 500x375 , hcrxdcf.jpg )
Pac design bags (http://www.pacdesigns.com/) are fucking amazing.

I got one when I was working as a bike messenger and you can carry so much shit in them and still be comfy. It's less comfortable than some bags while walking because it's designed for biking so if you just wanna be hip and have a shoulder bag just get something cheap.

I have friends with bags from http://www.chromebagsstore.com/ and http://www.cocotte-equip.com/english/items/fred.html that are just as awesome.
>> ID: 269957 3 No. 8049


cheaper UTG shit

File 130064520935.gif - (93.25KB , 489x540 , CookingTime.gif )
7947 ID: 6e164a -6 No. 7947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I fucked up the egg drop soup
I'm taking some vitamin C after this is over so hopefully I don't catch food poisoning or some shit

Kids, remember to have BOTH BOILING WATER, and do not whip the shit outta your eggs.
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: f5b1ef 3 No. 7993
I like my ramen how I like my eggs: fried and mixed with eggs
>> ID: 4c673a 14 No. 7994
what the fuck is wrong with these fucked up people who draw anime girls cutting themselves and shit... hehe look its anime chan shes so cute when she cuts herself look shes baking a cake w/ her blood! :3 the fuck. hell even you fucking freaks who save images of this shit are fucked up seriously what the fuck
>> ID: a13ac9 5 No. 7997
i agree entirely i fuckinjg cringe at that pic
>> ID: e6736a 6 No. 8002
remember that scene from matilda where matilda insults the school chef's cooking so the headmistress forces her to eat a chocolate cake the size of a tire? and the headmistress is all like "poor chef put his sweat and blood into this cake you wouldnt want to let it go to waste that would be insulting"

i just figured she was a sucker for the hiv
>> ID: 0f3efa 2 No. 8030
you gotta admit that shit looked fucking tasty

ID: f7336a 1 No. 8001 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  wish i had a place like this ;_;
>> ID: fcca04 4 No. 8003
yea no wonder europe is so fat they dont have gyms like america!
>> ID: 795cd4 8 No. 8006
File 130099656144.jpg - (22.56KB , 164x279 , cr_snork.jpg )
>> ID: 4efa41 5 No. 8029
gay as fuck

File 129921418398.jpg - (27.17KB , 400x400 , sizzurp_tshirt-p235232997056044366qtdg_400.jpg )
7859 ID: ad29f5 8 No. 7859 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i woke up this morning & there were ants crawling around my butthole

what did i eat that causes this
>> ID: 0cc8e2 8 No. 7861
File 129921591445.jpg - (28.08KB , 400x400 , ohgawd.jpg )
your internet girlfriend
>> ID: 5b2cbb 25 No. 7864

File 12980012119.jpg - (347.01KB , 2048x1536 , 2011-02-17 22_16_44.jpg )
7784 ID: 1bd486 11 No. 7784 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I need a haircut, but at the same time I like having my hair long. Is there a way to reduce volume without length?
11 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: ac820b 0 No. 7848
go for the dreads man
>> ID: b968ff 0 No. 7849
Totally go for dreads. You have a good face for it, something most people don't have.
>> ID: 498c06 6 No. 7850
Don't curse your blessed hair to be hidden in dreads.
>> ID: ff1829 7 No. 7851
dreads are cool but honestly your hair is cooler right now
>> ID: a1565e 19 No. 7852
please keep the vegeta hair on at all times

File 129815186874.jpg - (1.21MB , 2592x1944 , DSCF3020.jpg )
7804 ID: a55c7d 3 No. 7804 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Bought some Slicks today.
10 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 7546b1 1 No. 7838
*rides at 45mph along pavement*
*runs over small child causing massive brain hemorrhaging and death*
>> ID: a55c7d 3 No. 7840

*child is so stupid it walks on the main drag instead of sidewalk*
*world done a huge favor*

It's a college town moron, no one has kids.
>> ID: cb5be3 0 No. 7841
If this is still a sports gear thread, let it be known that Zivkovic grips are fucking bullshit.
>> ID: 3cda18 5 No. 7842

people besides college students live in college towns too
>> ID: a55c7d -3 No. 7845

not by the college. we have major roads around our university and both have houses around them and it's a huge downhill which i get kiler speed on. every house there is owned by students.

File 129808559737.png - (188.10KB , 661x275 , hmm.png )
7796 ID: d13992 4 No. 7796 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I need a replacement cable for my headphones, and I have these Visa gift cards with more money on them than I need for the cables. I want to order some good food off of Amazon with the leftover money. What is some neat stuff that I wouldn't be able to find in a regular store? I'd like something I could get with Amazon Prime, since I'm impatient, but it's not necessary.

I was thinking shit like Vegemite or specialty foods. Be creative!

I'm also thinking some kind of kitchen appliance like a quesadilla maker or something, something not too hard to use, but with a lot of versatility and that is capable of making quality munchies.

Ok, so basically what foods or food-related items should I get from Amazon? If you can think of anything else really good that's not on Amazon, that works too. Fuck I keep adding shit to this post.
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0f588d 1 No. 7819
File 12982771284.jpg - (34.32KB , 476x350 , grossss.jpg )
durians are so gross no ew they smell really weird too
>> ID: d13992 4 No. 7821
File 129832755445.jpg - (101.42KB , 480x360 , pomelo1[1].jpg )
Pomelos, however, are pretty great. I haven't had one since I lived in Hong Kong back in '98-'99. The Filipina housekeepers there ate them all the time, and they'd dip them in balsalmic vinegar. It sounds gross, but it's actually genius. The juice-pod-things, segments, whatever, are huge, and the texture is great. They'd also dip green apples in balsamic vinegar.
>> ID: d13992 -4 No. 7823
File 129832765940.jpg - (121.69KB , 500x400 , zIj2Z6w0ip3xuotpyENNXabIo1_500[1].jpg )
They'd also dip this balut shit in balsamic vinegar. Fertilized duck eggs. I never tried them.
>> ID: b84d66 15 No. 7827
File 129836183023.jpg - (3.38KB , 211x152 , pooping.jpg )

I'm all for trying new foods but uh yeah no thanks I'm just not that kind of person
>> ID: 8c6a13 9 No. 7832
  stallman eating his toe cheese.flv

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File 129826304924.jpg - (55.81KB , 600x600 , the_meal_that_eats_you.jpg )
7817 ID: c67f28 -4 No. 7817 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What are some good brands of canned soups? I've recently been trying some from Campbell's and most of the both look and taste like somebody puked into a bowl and sold it.

Also somehow accidentally made the thread on /v/ instead whoopsiedoodles
>> ID: cbfb36 -3 No. 7818
I've only ever tried progresso and campbells and I preferred progresso generally but it wasn't that much better than campbells
>> ID: 094028 11 No. 7826
campbells chunky aka salt with water

File 129818209260.jpg - (61.53KB , 257x524 , 1298150801790[1].jpg )
7814 ID: aa041f 3 No. 7814 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 43e102 4 No. 7820
mmm i cant w8 to feel that hot sticky semen slither down my throat

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