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File 132271410988.jpg - (59.86KB , 420x420 , gayliquor.jpg )
15101 ID: 88c512 25 No. 15101 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
“Yippee!” exclaims xoxo as he skips to a nightclub on a special Saturday night. It’s xoxo’s twenty-first birthday, which means he can finally do what he’s always wanted to do: make love to a woman. “Oh boy!” xoxo thinks to himself as he imagined the avalanche of phone numbers that he was undoubtedly about to acquire. Xoxo isn’t worried about girls rejecting him, because he has something that other men don’t: an impeccable sense of fashion.

Xoxo arrives at the club in $120 tight-fitting gray cotton twill pants held by a black goatskin belt, $220 black side-zip boots and a $170 Brooks Brothers slim-fit white dress-shirt, topped off with his favorite $800 custom-tailored ToJ leather jacket. “Working at Circle K for 200 hours really paid off!” says xoxo as he admires his outfit in the bathroom mirror of “The Roxbury.” He does a fashionable twirl and stops his inspection at the back of his pants, staring at the mounds of meat that lie underneath the hand-stitched twill exterior. “No!” xoxo cries as he quickly turns to face the glass. “I like girls,” xoxo reminds himself. He quickly regains his composure. “I’m gonna go talk to a girl, and make her take a seat on my penis!” xoxo exclaims in the same way a football coach motivates his team. At that, xoxo dashes out of the restroom with a happy-go-lucky smile.

“That’s weird,” xoxo thinks to himself as he enters the chaotically loud dance floor. “Why aren’t they playing progressive rock?” Instead of the magical artistic wonder of prog filling xoxo’s ears, it is some sort of harsh electrical noises whose cruel vibrations assault xoxo’s delicately attuned cochlea.
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>> ID: d359cc 0 No. 15108
File 132275373470.jpg - (29.07KB , 554x415 , hats.jpg )
>> ID: fc74d7 0 No. 15111
File 13227862118.jpg - (50.76KB , 415x641 , SkorzenyOtto.jpg )
>> ID: a84112 0 No. 15112
File 132284737786.png - (4.52KB , 303x243 , 1252584312215.png )
>> ID: 56a3b4 0 No. 15113
>> ID: 70594c 2 No. 15134
File 132586886193.png - (1.26KB , 162x41 , s6rwhc.png )

File 131975538248.gif - (3.40MB , 200x150 , 1316253453499.gif )
15041 ID: 5e656e 0 No. 15041 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
been having insane fucked up dreams lately, they were really bad over the past weekend where every time i went to sleep i woke up screaming and yelling. theyve gotten gradually less intense like saturday night i had a dream my face was melting and then it tapered off to a dream where i was getting fired from my job tuesday i think and then last night i just had a dream about someone i knew that died like 10 years ago sorta sad but not insane or fucked up

help me coolguy am i being attacked by freddy kreuger the only thing im doing differently is ive been eating alot of soup lately also ive been without internet so maybe thats making me insane
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>> ID: 58459b 0 No. 15065
i stopped eating so much soup and they stopped happening
>> ID: 45af8c -1 No. 15067
it was all those cancerous dangerous preservatives in your soup
>> ID: 97480a 0 No. 15073
cool what soup was that
>> ID: 4feeb9 2 No. 15097
>> ID: 546087 -1 No. 15133
File 132584118068.jpg - (60.63KB , 350x530 , The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud.jpg )
read it its good

File 129718762640.jpg - (27.82KB , 343x293 , ghost-chili.jpg )
7742 ID: 703a82 5 No. 7742 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Ordered 2 oz. of this, powdered.

I'm gonna use it to make chili. Any suggestions? (Other than lots of milk, paper towels and a bucket) Recipes?
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>> ID: 38de6d 1 No. 12922
File 131118940916.jpg - (67.62KB , 600x450 , weed.jpg )

then hop in the pot and get baked jeffray
>> ID: 77c6c9 0 No. 14488
i didnt make this thread fyi
>> ID: aa64db 10 No. 14489


no, really? dumbass.
>> ID: d189c9 0 No. 15129
just ate some bhut jolokia sauce i got at the mall, i put it on a pizza that already had jalapenos and banana peppers on it

i know its probably less potent than the powder, but im seriously fucked up right now. it wasnt terribly hot in my mouth but now that its in my stomach im sweating profusely and my nose is running like crazy
>> ID: 9d8ed9 2 No. 15130
  don't do it kids

File 131777521367.jpg - (94.52KB , 566x549 , croppednotignoringyou.jpg )
14936 ID: 724f58 0 No. 14936 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Would you?
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>> ID: 75679c 0 No. 14968

FUBU for autistic people. You weren't invited.
>> ID: ed0cf3 0 No. 14969
File 131828147926.jpg - (21.45KB , 400x509 , autism-technical-clothing.jpg )
You're in luck

>> ID: d8e903 1 No. 15125
File 132405312315.jpg - (138.45KB , 812x558 , FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT AUTISM EUTHANIZE MOTHERS AND.jpg )
>> ID: 50ec11 0 No. 15126
wow that's pretty impressive i wonder how they diagnosed a bunch of dead people with auti-HEY WAIT
>> ID: d6db50 0 No. 15128

wait a second

u're not famous

File 128433891915.jpg - (45.21KB , 450x338 , this_foods_dope_rating_is.jpg )
6651 ID: 2736d2 0 No. 6651 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How high do you even have to BE to think up something like this?
23 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 17ec55 0 No. 15037
was it really necessary to bump a year old thread
>> ID: 31d4a1 -3 No. 15038
was it really necessary to bump a year old thread
>> ID: 3813be 0 No. 15115
File 132305926245.jpg - (123.79KB , 500x667 , 1281468714512.jpg )
>> ID: 92342f 0 No. 15122
I'm literally going to vomit.
>> ID: 1bd710 3 No. 15123
i hope you didnt put that ketchup in the fridge before using it

File 131934458221.png - (190.42KB , 320x304 , YA DONT NEED TEEF.png )
15019 ID: 04a1c4 0 No. 15019 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0b7749 0 No. 15098

are those like lemon-heads?
>> ID: 10378a 0 No. 15099

not quite, they're softer and much chewier. They don't have that hard inside, but are still solid.

It's kind of like a candy coated gummy, but it's so much better. Believe me
>> ID: 7fac1a 1 No. 15100
File 132270286757.jpg - (175.64KB , 1280x1027 , astros__37252_zoom.jpg )
holy shit I miss these
>> ID: c9d9aa 0 No. 15109
File 132275851334.jpg - (2.89MB , 3968x2976 , PC010362.jpg )
so as it turns out my dad really likes wild bills and orders from them by the boxes, it works out pretty good for me

probably not related to the thread subject but just wanted to share
>> ID: 48476b 1 No. 15110

why cant you be as cool as your dad

File 131759525611.jpg - (8.98KB , 270x243 , goldendeliciouspage.jpg )
14916 ID: 7c22d5 0 No. 14916 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
After receiving inspiration from neorussia's world famous image macro, I have decided that we need our very own 10 second lunch thread. I'll start:

Large golden delicious apple and a good size block of gouda. Mmmm mmmm good.
14 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 12707e -1 No. 15023
>> ID: 7c22d5 0 No. 15026
File 131941769255.jpg - (124.35KB , 1152x864 , Vista_Ultimate_Wallpaper_Black_by_dj_corny.jpg )

>doesn't know his FA injokes.
>> ID: be4c84 0 No. 15053
  eat a garlic clove

keeps vampires and ladies away from your animes
>> ID: c75e1d 0 No. 15093
Ripe tomato, sunflower seeds, gouda

Garlic if you have enuff seconds for a teethbrush
>> ID: de9149 1 No. 15094
roasted garlic is fucking delicious but its such a waste of a full bulb of garlic

File 131862311093.jpg - (53.92KB , 345x493 , 1316913264091.jpg )
14976 ID: 6cecb8 0 No. 14976 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
someone last night gave me the idea of tailoring t-shirts

has anyone tried doing this and is it worth it (yes im talking about shitty graphic t shirts but i have tons of them since losing weight and some of them have sentimental value)

thanks and fuck yall
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: e32628 1 No. 14983
the point of the grey lines should meet along the sleeve-hole stitch but you get the idea
>> ID: 693248 0 No. 15018
instead of tailoring them just cut off the sleeves (seriously)
>> ID: 9aa92e -2 No. 15045
now you gotta tattoo the videogame graphic tees to your flesh, that's much cooler and also rad.
>> ID: 870baf 1 No. 15061
File 132035582676.jpg - (88.66KB , 720x540 , im fawkin zeez bruh.jpg )
>> ID: 99cbcc 0 No. 15062

File 131721499038.gif - (2.86MB , 200x200 , 1316044780434.gif )
14888 ID: ade51e 0 No. 14888 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
hello fa i'm finally moving out and am looking for inexpensive food/meals, im looking to spend 40 dollars a week or less on groceries

im not really looking for meals that require a large amount of preparation since i dont know how to cook, but am willing to attempt to learn

so far i have shit like peanut butter sandwiches (which i love and 3 dollars makes 10 of them a week) and shit like those 79 cent personal pan pizzas but im not sure if i'll die if i eat them every day. and then theres ramen
12 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0467e0 0 No. 14961
>40 dollars a week or less

Why the fuck are you asking for advice, that's ridiculously easy to do, just don't buy fucking lobster and sirloin steak, jeez.

Anyhow, watch your grocery store's sales, I guess, and plan ahead. If beef, chicken, or pork are on sale, buy them ahead of time, separate them into portions, and freeze them. What I do is just buy meat or vegetables ahead of time and look into recipes later, when I'm going to use them, and buy the rest of the ingredients if necessary. You'll eventually get a feel for what to keep around for your typical meals, like spices, etc.

Also, this. I find garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, chili powder, and ground red pepper go into most basic recipes (that I cook anyhow). Salt and pepper, too, of course. You can get those at a dollar store (or get the grocery store's store brand) for $1 each and they'll last you months.

Also, don't buy too much frozen shit. Typically it's cheaper to buy fresh and prepare it yourself. The only exception I can think of is pizza; cheese and toppings are expensive as fuck. On that note, canned is usually cheaper than fresh, too.
>> ID: 20e877 3 No. 14967
dent your canned food to get half off
>> ID: 1ffe6f 3 No. 14971

if you're going to play the system just eat garbage like Mayor McCheese
>> ID: 9f1fc2 0 No. 14972
if you can live through the sodium content ramen is actually really easy to spruce up. Throw your favorite hot sauce in (sriracha is best imo) or even a bit pf peanut butter since you mentioned you love the shit.
>> ID: 97a024 0 No. 14973
yea if you get canned food thats canned in water like black beans make sure you wash the shit out of them first as canned food has a huge amount of sodium in, although youre better off just buying dry beans and soaking them over night, canned food isnt something you wanna be eating every day

File 128318107928.gif - (14.57KB , 317x321 , man_nobkgrd.gif )
6200 ID: 887b0e -9 No. 6200 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So I spent 16 hours of last weekend at a medical seminar, mostly about "upstreaming" the healing process. What this basically means is that you go beyond the cause right in front of you to combat something at the source. A good example was a rheumatoid arthritis case that the lecturer cured (yes, cured) by observing that he could stop the alien clumping of DNA by putting large amounts of green vegetable and garlic nutrition into the blood, to neutralize the free DNA strands that became the alien clumps.

At one point during the morning of the second day, the lecturer was talking about the overall immune burden that your body is handling every day - basically, even when you're not 'sick', you're fighting however many infections anyway. This can be a critical thing to realize when you're already stressed out and tired. While demonstrating the concept, the lecturer managed to prove I was harboring a low-grade staph infection.

In response, I've researched the usual regimen for staph infections, which turned out to be one herbal product from Standard Process named Zypan on the 'alternative medicine' side and a cocktail of about 3-4 antibiotics on the contemporary medical side. I checked these with the lecturer, and he recommended I use the Zypan if I really wanted to do something about it.

So, I'm going to be taking 5 of these chewables, 2 times a day, for a month. The entire program is costing me about 40 dollars, which is appropriate because there's not really much to these pills. Some bovine pancreas, some extra hydrocholrides (same junk that's in my stomach), and ovine spleen. It's day 2 and I'm already draining some of the most god-awful yellow goo out of my nose and eyes that I've ever seen. It's way beyond any snot that I've ever blown out of my nose - this is only classifiable as slime.

I checked with my internist (a completely separate doctor) and she concurred that this is consistent with the end stages of an infection. I'm half considering saving a sample of the slime and having it tested, but by the same token I'm not sure I want to waste my time
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
178 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: d88e19 7 No. 14935
day 30: im afraid i dont have much time left...its time to come clean...yes, i have in fact been posting anonymously to defend myself...i had to do it so i could throw off the agents of big pharma that lurk this very site...im sorry for deceiving you all...
>> ID: d88e19 9 No. 14939
day 31: my organs are shutting down...with my last breath i will hit the "reply" button...remember me and learn from my experiences...big pharma got to me but it cant get to you...shanitos...if youre reading this...i love you...goodbye forever
>> ID: d88e19 10 No. 14940
File 131786025195.jpg - (74.87KB , 500x376 , rip.jpg )
>> ID: 2d0b2e 2 No. 14944
r i p
>> ID: aa81d0 0 No. 14947

File 131153805649.jpg - (31.14KB , 300x300 , scrambled-eggs.jpg )
13002 ID: a89257 2 No. 13002 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
how do you take your eggs
24 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 93523f 0 No. 14399
Overeasy, scrambled, boiled, sunny side, omelet... Shit, as long as it's egg, and you don't throw out more than half of the yolks.
>> ID: 3876f6 0 No. 14840
how does a man poach his huevos
>> ID: 1efbbd 1 No. 14843
File 131620856552.jpg - (53.86KB , 500x357 , chicken period in bread.jpg )
I made eggs in a basket today for the first time, it turned out really good. Normally I'm a sucker for sunnyside-up with toast though.
>> ID: 111250 0 No. 14861
Shit is amazing when you put sausage and bacon between it.
>> ID: 8f2ac4 0 No. 14906
only women have eggs

File 131555057411.jpg - (113.88KB , 830x415 , shoe5[1].jpg )
14788 ID: a89bd8 1 No. 14788 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 7e6a50 0 No. 14804
It makes them more appealing to the Knight of the unknown orders who will wear them.
>> ID: e9fe8c -3 No. 14805
I have never met a Knight of the unknown order that had $5,000 to spend on ANYTHING, let alone shoes.
>> ID: 7e6a50 1 No. 14806
Yea I guess you are right... not everyone has spaceship money lying around.
>> ID: 2dadda 1 No. 14807
they don't even look good
>> ID: 00b920 1 No. 14883
  I would pay anything to look like a bojo.

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