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File 134185252932.jpg - (21.89KB , 228x430 , Meltman.jpg )
61256 ID: 496317 1 No. 61256 watch
I have found gar's fa rpfoiel
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>> ID: fa6163 0 No. 61257
File 134187072764.png - (76.24KB , 246x184 , 314cwnk.png )
how could you even think that we're the same person?

I mean he mains pyro for christsake (oh shit did you actually think I'm GARticuno? ahaha n00b)
>> ID: affad3 0 No. 61258
that would be a silly assumption. You're very texan, where as GARticuno is from Michigan.
>> ID: a8668b 0 No. 61259
oh god damn it not pyrokai

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