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File 130143575237.jpg - (1.10MB , 2592x1944 , 127370645052.jpg )
42531 ID: fbb1d0 43 No. 42531 watch
>rep is disabled on /ani/
lmao kalkin whats the matter afraid of getting -repped for discussing your gay ass anime faggot shit (yes)
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>> ID: fbb1d0 15 No. 42532
or did 1 of your anime loving friends complain about the mass -rep they were getting???
>> ID: 974a94 11 No. 42534
maybe it was so people wouldn't make shitty ANIME SUCKS topics just to drown in +rep because all of FA is secretly ashamed by the fact that that masturbated to kodomo no jikan
>> ID: 78798f 17 No. 42535
no for real why did you merge two boards that absolutely hate each other i dont get it
>> ID: 60e339 12 No. 42536
File 130143709579.gif - (417.16KB , 1039x672 , motd v2.gif )
>> ID: 054f60 -2 No. 42537
boku no pico*

but on a more related note, i think having -rep for anime is fine, most of the ANIMESUCKS posts were pretty funny anyways
>> ID: 973dcd 4 No. 42538
OH MY GOD....who the fuck willingly plays Hydro?
>> ID: 069011 -9 No. 42541
File 130144266825.jpg - (59.76KB , 284x400 , banzai.jpg )
TBH combining them is 1 of kalk's most brilliant moves in a while because it naturally suppresses the more embarassing sides of both the weeaboos and the toyfags by forcing them to do everything in front of each other. Why he removed rep, idk, i wasn't there when whoever bitched about it in chat.

I can tell u what's what though, it was definitely some toycaver faggot that asked 4 it to go cuz they know forsure that the anime fan base on FA is at least twice the size of their ppl so now they can trollroll every thread in peace whenever they want w/o fear of endangering their circlejerk inflated repcounters.
>> ID: e4c433 2 No. 42542
>> ID: e65aa0 14 No. 42543
there are people on fa who feel legitimately uncomfortable discussing k-on and venture bros because of fucking numbers
>> ID: 974a94 -2 No. 42545
I love all three of these things.
>> ID: 069011 -8 No. 42548
File 130144824299.jpg - (372.66KB , 1290x947 , SUPERFINE.jpg )
I disagree, red is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and alluring of all the colors that exist ESPECIALLY IN BOLD.
>> ID: e170cc 4 No. 42551
weren't the two threads with the most negative rep on that board ones you started? didn't one of them already have negative rep before it was even moved over to /ani/? i think it's got more to do with people thinking your threads are dumb than just people from /coy/ trying to troll any anime they see. the chart threads didn't even have any more negative rep than they would have had if /moe/ was still around.
>> ID: 974a94 10 No. 42552
File 130145006819.jpg - (319.80KB , 420x600 , delrito.jpg )
that's incorrect, the easiest color on the spectrum would be white

*me puts on sunglasses and backflips onto motorcycle, misses backflip, sunglasses shatter and jam into my eyes rendering me permanently blind*
>> ID: fbb1d0 3 No. 42557
white makes right
>> ID: 78798f 3 No. 42561
i dont think its that i think its the people who rip off halplander's anime gimmick only do it unfunny and too much (this is approx 85% of the posters on fa)
>> ID: d069c0 -7 No. 42562
keep -rep
get rid of +rep
>> ID: 30de68 2 No. 42567
I truly dislike anime, you could ask me anything about any anime and I honestly wouldn't know about it because I don't watch anime.
>> ID: 974a94 -2 No. 42568
But if you haven't watched any how do you know you dislike it

Like if you ain't interested in watching anime that's fine but stop posting about how bad it is
>> ID: 30de68 6 No. 42571
Because I see images posted and it makes people act retarded and creepy both online and IRL.
>> ID: 974a94 2 No. 42572
People acting retarded and creepy on Fighting Amphibians? Well I never.
>> ID: 30de68 4 No. 42573
It's not just FA.
>> ID: e3c017 12 No. 42574
real fucking talk if you dont approach anime objectively like any other form of media youre an idiot
that said alot of it is pedo/fetish/oversexualized shit that panders to otaku. that stuff is ok to hate
>> ID: 0d220e 2 No. 42576
File 130146306235.jpg - (51.76KB , 479x600 , normalface.jpg )
>> ID: decf2c 7 No. 42578
it is physically impossible to dislike anime
>> ID: 069011 -6 No. 42579

Sacrifices for the greater good must be made. Besides, we can't not have the Grand Register not getting massive -rep that's like a crime against nature.
>> ID: e4c433 6 No. 42581
That was so many double negatives that I couldn't understand you.
>> ID: 069011 -5 No. 42582

i was implying that it should always get -rep and if it's not getting -rep that's stupid.
>> ID: 501d7c -1 No. 42583
File 130147005044.jpg - (63.04KB , 512x290 , 1298753383108.jpg )
Thats an amazing image
>> ID: e3c017 6 No. 42586
No I'm saying like any form of media, anime has some good shit and a lot of bad shit, the problem is theres a big market for creepy fetish and pedo shit because otaku will pay absurd amounts of money for merchandise so alot of jap companies are shameless and will pander to them (hint: this is why anime is looked down upon and made fun of so much because that shit is seriously pathetic)

it has nothing to do with "liking anime for the right reasons" since a lot of inoffensive anime is still garbage
>> ID: 5db396 -6 No. 42587
>implying negative rep is a bad thing
>> ID: 3a9a8f 5 No. 42590
File 130148608112.jpg - (185.89KB , 1280x1024 , ene.jpg )
>> ID: 3a9a8f 5 No. 42591
File 130148608856.jpg - (179.12KB , 1280x1024 , mai.jpg )
>> ID: d3839b 10 No. 42593
you know knowing the dubious tastes and mental faculties of FA i feel a lot more comfortable saying something they DON'T like

getting +rep would mean my opinions are favored by a bunch of disgusting nutcases
>> ID: e46df5 -13 No. 42596
File 130149991468.jpg - (146.16KB , 800x600 , giant mio.jpg )
I love anime
>> ID: 78798f 1 No. 42602
ehehehe i love anime + weed.....
>> ID: 78798f -1 No. 42603
>> ID: fbb1d0 12 No. 42604
and andrae complains about other people ripping off halplander
>> ID: e46df5 1 No. 42605

noob you can't understand andrae's biting satirical irony
>> ID: 315fb9 -7 No. 42607
File 130151283210.png - (651.51KB , 750x972 , my animes.png )
I see you are still throwing around this toycaver conspiracy theory, garchan. Isn't it just that EVERY animes was getting -rep because it is animes.
>> ID: 974a94 13 No. 42608
if ripping off halplander is ironic, then FA has enough iron to arm a peasant militia.
>> ID: 069011 -10 No. 42609

tbh i have no idea who would complain to kalkin about rep but the toycavers are the only people who would care enough to have it removed. kalk might have done it of his own volition.
>> ID: 8b0513 15 No. 42614
>what could i say that's actually meaningful

dr seuss reaches critical levels of self observation

if only he would leave
>> ID: 78798f -3 No. 42615
damn son you cant even detect irony in an ironic thread?
>> ID: de10a4 1 No. 42619
>ironic thread

this thread looks serious to me, no rep on /ani/ is a big deal!!!!!
>> ID: 69999d 1 No. 42621
stop be ironic self depreciating while i be double self depreciating ironic biting satire starcraft
>> ID: 78798f 1 No. 42624
im not even like the most into starcraft out of anyone here i would probably say bronz or aifp or jeffray are alot more into it than i am

try harder anon
>> ID: fbb1d0 27 No. 42628
on fa "irony" isnt actually irony its actually a simple process that when explained seems complex

1. person 1 tells a shitty unfunny joke to person 2
2. person 1 knows it's a shitty unfunny joke but tells it anyway
3. person 2 knows it's a shitty unfunny joke
3. person 2 knows that person 1 knows it's a shitty unfunny joke but tells it anyway
4. person 1 & person 2 laugh because you see it was a shitty unfunny joke and everybody knew it but person 1 told it anyway how epic!!!
5. im hanging myself
>> ID: a2d2d7 9 No. 42629
how ironic
>> ID: 3a9a8f -8 No. 42630
>> ID: de10a4 17 No. 42634
4:07 AM - xoxo: also out of curiosity whyd you disable rep on /ani/
4:08 AM - x6.Kalkin: on a whim

(whim meaning "i dont want my anime pals like yorkie to get -rep cause i love anime")
>> ID: 52c296 25 No. 42635
charles barkley the anonymous coward
>> ID: e7f740 4 No. 42637
im glad kalkin removed rep from that board

the bold red numbers distracted me from all the posts
>> ID: 3a9a8f 4 No. 42665
>> ID: decf2c 25 No. 42671
File 130160980976.jpg - (81.16KB , 500x227 , goodpost.jpg )
>> ID: 974a94 6 No. 42676
File 13016100815.jpg - (2.54KB , 77x120 , 1300132535291.jpg )
i don't get it, why do you have an image that says the sky is green???
>> ID: fbb1d0 2 No. 42711
rep is back on /ani/ thatguy has seen the error of his ways
>> ID: 4607ae 0 No. 42744
my bad :(
>> ID: d40c0c 2 No. 42811
wheres my bold text for 10 and up
>> ID: 4607ae 0 No. 42822
its still there
>> ID: f8a31e 9 No. 42833
i wonder what neorussia thinks about the way we use his pics. hes not even mentioned in this thread but his face and trip to nippon has just sorta become the embodiment of "f.aggot"

its p funny
>> ID: f7332c 5 No. 42844
time to start using a trip i guess
>> ID: fbb1d0 7 No. 42855
shut the f*ck up tripf*g
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