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File 130175348035.jpg - (13.94KB , 739x672 , cunt destroyer.jpg )
45433 ID: bf18f6 30 No. 45433 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
thatguy is making every post pairs not for an april fools joke but so he can artifically inflate the post count on all boards and feel better about himself

youre pathetic bitch
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>> ID: bf18f6 1 No. 46011
"m*oney isnt a common word" - klakin
>> ID: 605e4c 4 No. 46033

>> ID: 90a910 43 No. 46044
File 130185359180.jpg - (37.96KB , 417x600 , KALKIN.jpg )
>> ID: d1a27f 11 No. 46099
it certainly isn't a common sight for thatguy
>> ID: 6eb0d6 1 No. 61184
google image search for cunt destroyer

File 133502216944.png - (222.05KB , 430x310 , ben bernanke.png )
61174 ID: 4cdaf8 2 No. 61174 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello there, Spencer
>> ID: f061c9 -1 No. 61175
does this video exist anywhere. someone had to have ripped a copy before it went down
>> ID: 4cdaf8 5 No. 61176
>> ID: 1fab03 0 No. 61178

Watch the camera man silently laugh as he films. It's now all you'll ever look for.
>> ID: 703f4d -1 No. 61180
A FURIOUS magician!

File 133081516827.jpg - (400.48KB , 3000x3000 , kolkin.jpg )
61107 ID: 29dd7e 10 No. 61107 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
"comp tf2?!" kalkin kramers in the door and just keeps kramering, sliding off around the room, bouncing against walls. he kramers against your toilet, busting it up big time. you get the feeling he's trying to say something to you but he's kramering at such a high velocity you just can't quite make it out. as he finally nails a window and falls you think you hear him exclaim "I'm a comp tf2 player, that's what's so CRAZY about this"
>> ID: bc24c5 0 No. 61169
File 133462782825.jpg - (43.66KB , 919x195 , kalkinsucksdick.jpg )
>> ID: 68b28f 0 No. 61179
Would someone please be kind and post a clean picture of bomblol? I'd be very grateful.

File 133500725453.jpg - (12.83KB , 180x156 , music related joke.jpg )
61173 ID: 8d31d9 0 No. 61173 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 133437101480.jpg - (602.74KB , 959x2343 , waifu.jpg )
61145 ID: e17b27 4 No. 61145 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
ban tatara kogasa
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>> ID: 56fea4 0 No. 61154
i bet you have a fetish for men as well lmao
>> ID: 8a36e7 -4 No. 61155
i love my gf
>> ID: 8a36e7 -2 No. 61157
File 13344729501.jpg - (28.22KB , 377x458 , yes.jpg )
i agree with the sentiment tho op
>> ID: 54d599 0 No. 61158
But I just think she has a nice butt
>> ID: 8a36e7 -3 No. 61171
me too

File 133229686326.png - (127.83KB , 985x468 , Untitled.png )
61127 ID: 0de934 0 No. 61127 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
this thread is to call out the shitty ass mod who banned me (but was later overturned) for reporting his toycave butt buddies (he literally banned me for reporting shit posters)

your gay
>> ID: 0de934 0 No. 61128
p.s. nice ban image kalkin you fucking queer
>> ID: 213b19 2 No. 61149
every FA mod needs to be named and shamed. right now god damnit. stop hiding who the mods are from us you nazi.
>> ID: cb180f -6 No. 61160
File 133455382927.jpg - (9.23KB , 241x240 , Im going to laugh even harder.jpg )

tbh i banned you for being a terrible poster and used your abuse of the report function as an excuse to do it.
>> ID: 213b19 0 No. 61164

is this that KingArthur or w.e his name was gaylord
>> ID: 3a9117 0 No. 61168

naw i forgot my log in info rip king louis

File 133428808511.jpg - (86.64KB , 400x400 , mein10years.jpg )
61140 ID: 6b5507 1 No. 61140 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

The sweaty ass of kalkin's unshowered butthole rubbing against the seat of his moped caused great discomfort for kalkin as he rode with his butt buddies the philosoraptors. "Stop guys my butthole is hurting!" Kalkin whined, the group of buttbuddies and nerds halted their 3 mph moped caravan to let kalkin rest his butthole. Kalkin's greasy, unwashed hair flowed in the wind as he looked along the dirt rode he was riding on. "Look ahead, my buttbuddies, there lies our destination." Kalkin pointed ahead to a large temple with high pillars that stretched into the air. The pillars were encrusted with sparkling diamonds encrusted in gold at the tips, the doorway to the monastery was large enough to be seen miles away and had intricate patterns carved into the wooden door. The philosoraptors began to question kalkin on the destination of their journey but he quickly stopped them. "Silence you insolent fools, the word of kalkin is god for I am a pro tf2 champion and none of you idiots can best me." Kalkin hopped back onto his moped, his butt sufficiently recovered from his ass pains; he began to ride slowly towards the temple with his fellow circle jerkers.

Meanwhile in Nevada the great and mighty Sigma began to gather his supplies for his conquest of the lands of Fighting Amphibians. He gathered up 4 anime porns, 6 blunt wraps, and 3 oxen before setting off on his quest. He set off on his journey, carrying only a backpack where he can keep his supplies and a rope tied around the necks of all 3 oxen. His first stop was a small inn on the outskirts of Nevada, inside was a barmaid and a crowd of wenches. The barmaid began to offer the wenches service to the all might Sigma who respectfully refused until he saw the finest wench of them all, Milo. Immediately she caught his eye, her supple breasts attracting him and her vicious body odor arousing the wild best inside the man. Sigma walked up to the beautiful wench Milo slowly, bowing his head down to the lady "May I ask you to retire to my chambers, ma'am?" Sigma raised his head, waiting for an answer. Milo quickly responded, "Oi, who da fuck do yo
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> ID: 118bec -1 No. 61143
cool sigma

File 13333098461.gif - (1.69MB , 320x240 , KickItToTheLimit.gif )
61130 ID: 33acf5 0 No. 61130 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
You can do better than that, KALKUNT
>> ID: 70e7a4 0 No. 61131
Kalkin can't do anything right lmao
>> ID: 2ee96f 1 No. 61142
i fought the wall and the wall won

File 133421981871.gif - (189.27KB , 372x276 , keep off the grass.gif )
61136 ID: 4038b8 0 No. 61136 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: 5c66be 0 No. 61137
cool gif i gave u a rep
>> ID: 4038b8 1 No. 61138
ty vote ron paul

File 133132249827.jpg - (75.34KB , 824x505 , kalkin.jpg )
61125 ID: 7f1cbe 1 No. 61125 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 133100747429.gif - (7.78KB , 250x100 , me.gif )
61122 ID: ab455d -1 No. 61122 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
/dra/ isnt the same

File 133081947145.png - (8.80KB , 180x344 , never forget.png )
61108 ID: c9a9a3 0 No. 61108 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
rip hitler
>> ID: f07f4d 2 No. 61109
rip (the bong with) hitler
>> ID: beacd5 -3 No. 61120
you know why kalkin doesnt put the diamond board back?
he doesnt want inappropriate pictures of miners

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