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File 135235532023.jpg - (271.42KB , 640x551 , meaning-of-life1.jpg )
2194 ID: 5a987c 0 No. 2194
I was born into a world you may not understand.

Where I come from, everything is the same.

Everything that exists there performs some sort of function to maintain it's existence.
It ruthlessly consumes the resources around it, hoping that they will give the satisfaction it so desires.
It enjoys consuming these resources, but when it is without them, it suffers. No matter how much it consumes, the satisfaction is never permanent.
But it still doesn't understand. "Maybe it needs more?"
So it continues it's days, consuming as much as possible. And in the end, it has finally consumed everything, and it still isn't satisfied.
Ultimately, it dies.

If only it had understood the futility of it's efforts.
If only it had realized that all the things it wanted would eventually go away.
But it couldn't understand, it couldnt change, because It didn't even know what it was doing.

But one day, something was different.
Awareness came into this world.
It saw the suffering it was causing itself.

It stopped searching.

It never needed anything at all.

It already had what it wanted all along.

It was alive. It was aware.

And it became Satisfied.

It now saw all the damage it had caused trying to become something more through external sources.

It began to repair itself.

Story Written by: Dan The Liberator

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