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File 132224439789.png - (33.70KB , 300x300 )
2080 ID: 7013f5 0 No. 2080
Oh god help me this tablet is mean.

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>> ID: 7013f5 1 No. 2081
File 13222646935.png - (347.91KB , 800x600 , O ldold giuy man hgfh.png )
paint tool SAI is kinder!!
>> ID: 7013f5 2 No. 2083
File 132232235829.png - (235.90KB , 800x600 , rolikon car owner.png )
>> ID: 7013f5 1 No. 2084
File 132232402114.png - (243.38KB , 800x600 , SP2.png )
>> ID: 7013f5 2 No. 2085
File 132242031570.png - (291.38KB , 800x600 , average jp poster.png )
>> ID: a62d03 1 No. 2087
spooky scary skeletons
>> ID: e69b1a 0 No. 2089
File 132276969076.jpg - (104.06KB , 900x1099 , squirrel swag.jpg )
First try on corel painter 12, still getting used to it!!
>> ID: 0e3741 0 No. 2090
Use photoshop
>> ID: e69b1a 0 No. 2091
Like I HAVEN'T been using photoshop for the past 10 years, pshhhh. That's why I need to get used to painter all of the shortcuts are different.
>> ID: 636902 0 No. 2093
Why would you want or need to get used to an inferior drawing tool that no one would expect you to use?

Use Photoshop. Or don't.
>> ID: e69b1a 0 No. 2095
uuuhhh... both programs are good and used by professionals. The files are also compatible, so I can switch back and forth. Most artists try new things all the time, I don't really understand why you have a big problem with it.
>> ID: 46a89f 2 No. 2096
He works for Adobe.
>> ID: 63ed55 0 No. 2101
You are spending your time fighting the interface and shortcuts with corel instead of learning and practicing how to draw. Again, why spend time learning an inferior and less widely used drawing program when all that matters is the drawings themselves?

Tell me, what knowledge have you gained about drawing from switching to corel? None. Use what you are familiar with (Photoshop as you have said) and learn how to / practice drawing. Once you have an intimate knowledge with that, learn other programs.
>> ID: e69b1a 0 No. 2105
I've had the same intuos tablet for about six years? so I don't know what you're on about. I was just trying out Corel and I got used to it rather quickly really, most of the time I use a program for more than 5 minutes before I learn it which is about as long as it took me to make that drawing. I have a tablet with pen-tilt and photoshop doesn't have many default brushes that use that, or default brushes that are any good at all really. You have to edit them, make your own brushes, or download custom ones if you're going to make art that isn't obviously made with photoshop.

>>Once you have an intimate knowledge with that, learn other programs.

Yeah that's what I'm doing, lol. Are you maybe confusing me with the OP and their new tablet I was just posting in their thread because I was also trying something new. :Y derp
>> ID: 63ed55 0 No. 2108

Guess I mixed you two up, and that's my bad. Sorry. Just don't see the point in trying something like corel except for shits-n-giggles

I will say though that the default photoshop brushes are actually really strong when you figure out good uses for them and changing their settings is as easy as hitting one button or checking one box in the brush settings.

Sorry I'll stop bitching and moaning.
>> ID: 3c8934 0 No. 2109
yo how do i get grain textures when using a hard round brush on mix brush mode
>> ID: e69b1a 0 No. 2111
yo dawg I heard you like brushes so I got you some


there are some neat ones in there and some derf ones
>> ID: 3c8934 0 No. 2134
sweet, thanks, i'll start trying em out
>> ID: 2ec19b 2 No. 2164
File untitled9.swf - (78.63KB , 540x405 )
Maybe if I animate a POS a day I'll get better at drawing.

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