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File 135476375855.png - (187.93KB , 306x600 , 306px-Old-anonymous-vs-new-anonymous-2012.png )
202763 ID: af08c8 0 No. 202763 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm sick of people trying to define Anonymous, sick of hearing about new operations that will garner no support, produce no lulz, and, more importantly, produce no results aside from a couple of retweets on twitter and a self congratulary slap on the back from those that retweeted it. What the very fuck is going on?

We are citizens of the Internet.

I was raised on DOS and IRC, on ASCII art and Back Orifice, Sub Seven and MSN Messenger, WINMX, Soulseek and Napster. We trolled IRC chats, Geocities guestbooks and sent viruses to pedophiles over MSN. We sent people to Goatse and Rotten.com. Google did not exist. I had a modem which you had to lift the reciever of the phone. I watched War Games, Hackers, Lawnmower Man and lapped up the coming technology. We played Lemmings and Doom and Zelda and owned a NES. We knew more about computers and the online world than our parents and teachers and used that to our advantage. And with the birth of the Chan culture, I realised there were MANY more like me, who liked to cause electronic chaos. And our name was Anonymous.
There were raids, and trolling and we enjoyed ourselves in our own digital playground. the Internet was ours and the newbies were clueless and ours to produce lulz from. They were the lolcows and we were the farmers, doing anything to produce humour at others expense, regardless of how stupid or infantile it may seem. As long as there were laughs to be had, we could team up and produce them. they were the good old days of the Internet, and keeping with the Internet culture that had always been there from the first moment I had heard the sweet tones of a modem signal. If you didnt understand the culture, then you deserved to be raided. This is perhaps the reason for the rule "LURK MOAR".

Project Chanology changed everything. Anonymous was suddenly unleashed on the real world. A concious stream of idiocy and retardation that had decided to force itself upon Scientology. Mainly because we collectively thought Tom Cruise was a fucking douche. Scientolgy had struck out at YouTube and similar video hosting sites, which, at the time, were communities in a similar veign to the Chans and Forums we called our
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>> ID: 560670 0 No. 202764
Nice copy and paste

File 135317271221.png - (907.95KB , 802x1001 , 1345811774770.png )
202700 ID: 5dedf3 1 No. 202700 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
haha holy shit this shithole is still around

does anyone even come here or is it just spambots and a few dusty old skeletons
>> ID: 8cf26c 1 No. 202701
wow so edgy
>> ID: 18019a 0 No. 202753
File 135414941436.jpg - (92.24KB , 500x500 , tumblr_lq7euxhNa31qj3452o1_500.jpg )
So what is the topic of this thread?

File 134987925541.jpg - (234.88KB , 712x712 , kitcheen.jpg )
202570 ID: fb3d62 0 No. 202570 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Please FA remaining posters, leave this place.
Go back to https://boards.4chan.org/v/.
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>> ID: ffc52e 0 No. 202691
File 135268679090.jpg - (140.22KB , 500x407 , din buns.jpg )
>> ID: ffc52e 0 No. 202692
File 135268681186.jpg - (76.14KB , 467x700 , roadside buns.jpg )
>> ID: ffc52e 0 No. 202693
File 135268691046.jpg - (53.01KB , 500x375 , timestamped buns.jpg )
>> ID: ffc52e 0 No. 202694
File 135268704866.jpg - (33.69KB , 371x468 , couchside buns.jpg )
>> ID: ffc52e 0 No. 202695
File 135268706996.jpg - (66.03KB , 500x625 , targeted buns.jpg )

File 133852434460.jpg - (1.39MB , 2944x1280 , night desktop.jpg )
201648 ID: 68e0bf 0 No. 201648 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Desktop thread, Share your desktops!!!
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>> ID: be7e5a 0 No. 202590
File 135153528114.jpg - (92.03KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mcm9muCwmE1qk9yd4o1_500.jpg )
whether it be lucky charms or coco puffs
>> ID: be7e5a 0 No. 202591
File 13515353817.png - (49.50KB , 1600x900 , 1350755767882.png )
a true admiration for the cusp of the divine

a bowl of hot corn flakes
>> ID: be7e5a 0 No. 202592
File 135153566480.jpg - (146.01KB , 1579x888 , 1350807511930.jpg )
a misty morning with nothing but corn flakes and tears.
>> ID: be7e5a 0 No. 202593
File 135153593970.jpg - (83.24KB , 1920x1200 , 1342733349969.jpg )
staring westward it becomes apparent that it's all fake.
>> ID: be7e5a 0 No. 202594
File 135153605248.jpg - (265.89KB , 500x696 , tumblr_masjqsa2zR1r7lnkuo1_500.jpg )
tears season my cereal.

i have no desire to recompense anyone.

File 135028255955.jpg - (29.84KB , 300x342 , MENTOK_the_MINDTAKER_by_KidNotorious.jpg )
202574 ID: 60639a 0 No. 202574 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: ecfe02 0 No. 202575
remember the guy named mentok who killed himself?

yeah i dont either cuz nobody gives a fuck L O L
>> ID: cb3b2b 0 No. 202579
get rekt

ID: f0978d 0 No. 202571 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  fuck /swag/
>> ID: 575c76 0 No. 202572
File 134997982560.jpg - (21.61KB , 544x288 , hm.jpg )
Swag doesn't really stick with the indignant.

ID: b77a96 0 No. 202528 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 134851450535.png - (496.29KB , 671x637 , 1348512109209.png )
202526 ID: a72256 0 No. 202526 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
emperor chrustler thread

File 134375577096.jpg - (95.39KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m7zlewRhsJ1qhttpto4_500.jpg )
202339 ID: c20f69 0 No. 202339 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
what alcohol will get me to vomit heavily
42 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 0690ac 0 No. 202505
Every time I let a really nice smelly one rip I instantly think of this girl.

Thanks FA
>> ID: 9e0fb4 0 No. 202507
Just wondering, where did people smell her? Otakon meetup?
>> ID: 496ffb 0 No. 202508

iduno i think she was going out with miniman or whatever that douchefaggots name was.

and he basically spread it around. or something.
>> ID: d4dcda 0 No. 202516

also im pretty sure milo was in the hospital while going out with miniman and he never once visited her because "LOL I GOTTA PLAY Tf2 AND GET MY AUTISM ON."
>> ID: c56f84 0 No. 202520
please come back milo
i'll visit your anus everyday

File 134548278437.jpg - (38.66KB , 640x480 , 1338355768559.jpg )
202477 ID: 0f7ac4 0 No. 202477 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
who is the gayest faggot to have ever posted on fa
my vote goes to justiceinacan
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 721cd6 1 No. 202481
Tie between myself and Mayor McCheese
>> ID: 782063 0 No. 202483
emperor chrustler.
>> ID: 78bf93 0 No. 202484
boen saw ehs a fagot
>> ID: 4fdabb 0 No. 202486
who's that fat kid that used to post?

oh wait.
>> ID: c836a2 0 No. 202502

File 134615091674.jpg - (25.98KB , 639x272 , hypnobond.jpg )
202492 ID: 2bf611 -1 No. 202492 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I thought he was a good guy?

File 134554664639.jpg - (41.65KB , 400x300 , bond.jpg )
202482 ID: ffc61b 0 No. 202482 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sometimes, typing out an email is harder than you might think!

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