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File 136820691899.jpg - (17.04KB , 288x285 , AvocadoPhoto.jpg )
203039 ID: 97f60f 0 No. 203039 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I miss FA :(
why cant there be an fa renaissance
lets do darkfall again
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>> ID: eab11b 0 No. 203095
>> ID: e716c7 0 No. 203098
File 138792132641.jpg - (248.31KB , 1200x1600 , merry christmas.jpg )
>> ID: 839484 0 No. 203115
Anime sucks
>> ID: 9f4621 0 No. 203116
File 138808286080.jpg - (27.66KB , 317x342 , 1368210164103.jpg )
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> ID: e64de8 0 No. 203117
Big Gurk (no space)

File 138797331686.png - (35.56KB , 579x329 , FA.png )
203112 ID: 4c85c3 0 No. 203112 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Merry Christmas FA

File 138794348750.png - (518.03KB , 640x663 , 35943495.png )
203111 ID: b78a1f 0 No. 203111 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
hee haw

File 138791304656.gif - (954.06KB , 330x220 , 8SlUh.gif )
203091 ID: 9743f0 -2 No. 203091 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
lol if you unironically hang out in the FA IRC
>> ID: df19d3 -2 No. 203092
What the fuck is mibbit?
>> ID: a042b5 -2 No. 203093
web based irc client
would not use

File 13413730204.png - (98.58KB , 256x256 , demoman.png )
202161 ID: b48a97 21 No. 202161 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Remember when we used to play TF2?

Remember how this community was formed? Just a bunch of regular people, coming together over their love of a game. Chatting over the mic while blowing each other into bits in a virtual world.

I remember when FA first debuted. Three or four boards, one of which was an Audiosurf board. It had about three or four posts a day, mostly people complaining about being banned.

I remember watching it blossom into a thriving community. More servers were launched, cliques were formed. People had a tendency to be nasty to each other based on their affiliation to a group or server, but we were all still there, scrolling down the same boards and discussing the latest updates and maps.

FA became more than simple /v/ offshoot. It became own rightful community, developing its own unique jokes and memes. Notable members in the community became well known for better or worse and heavily shaped the community's development, for example when Gurk was the big player, there was a huge crackdown on simple fooling around in servers, and players were forced to play normally. And emperor chrustler initiated a huge split in the community by creating skirmishfrogs and later briefly turning FA into a phpBB forum.

You'd almost expect it to be saddening to see FA in its current state, but I don't. The golden age is over, but looking back, it was one hell of a ride. It's funny to look back at everything that happened and how I acted. I feel like I was pretty immature at times, but I don't regret any of it. Growing up takes acting stupid when you're young to really work. I was just a teenager when FA began, eating doritos and playing TF2 until two in the morning and trying to maintain a pretend social status on an image board. Like I said, I was definitely a twerp but I still had fun through the good times and bad. All good things must come to an end. I'm just glad I was a part of it.

So to everyone who was a part of the community, regardless of when you joined, thank you. I wish you all the best

-Voodoo People
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>> ID: 458ee3 0 No. 203075
Hey guys. Miss this community, happy vidya everyone.

Anyone know a good micspam hoard?
>> ID: b299ad 0 No. 203079
www tell me your life story
>> ID: 6eb838 0 No. 203083
File 136993880836.jpg - (74.91KB , 500x400 , teen gurk.jpg )
fuck lusca and his toyfort buttbuddies

fuck the nerds that shat on /tf2/ daily because muh art style

fuck that closet pedophile atmuh

fuck gabe or whoever thought it was good to have 50 different niche boards and slowly kill the site
>> ID: 6ae22c 0 No. 203086
File 13879128668.png - (99.61KB , 500x500 , devil.png )
lol you, kalkin and emperor chrustler killed the site

glad it's dead bitch
>> ID: b6563c 0 No. 203089
File 138791296248.gif - (1.94MB , 310x325 , 1378085325601.gif )
The Tranny Illuminati strikes again

File 138791292366.jpg - (31.76KB , 403x403 , ron paul will make anime real.jpg )
203087 ID: 1477a4 0 No. 203087 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
rip in piss, fa

File 13879128333.jpg - (95.80KB , 1024x768 , 124526464431.jpg )
203084 ID: 1122b6 0 No. 203084 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 136985810648.jpg - (68.79KB , 450x675 , 1369812518172.jpg )
203081 ID: ad046d 0 No. 203081 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
♫ I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my THOUSAND YEAR REICH ♫


pic unrelated

File 136944330075.jpg - (420.18KB , 1280x960 , 0524131921a.jpg )
203072 ID: b45f0f 0 No. 203072 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
dumpster fest 2013
>> ID: b45f0f 0 No. 203073
File 136944337049.jpg - (408.42KB , 1280x960 , 0524131921b.jpg )
>> ID: bc83bb 0 No. 203076
Whats the best thing you've found in a dumpster cheese?

ID: 5920e7 0 No. 203066 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  emperor chrustler?
>> ID: b2319b 0 No. 203069
chrustina wouldn't make such a gay video even if she were high on hrt

ID: f52395 0 No. 203034 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  lisa needs braces
>> ID: 020cb8 0 No. 203062
  dr zaius

File 13685985739.png - (236.94KB , 516x339 , behold.png )
203053 ID: 514d80 0 No. 203053 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> ID: d23879 0 No. 203054
who teh fuck r u
>> ID: 0b11ba 0 No. 203057
he bought me an sa account and for that i will forever love him

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