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File 132915780560.jpg - (97.98KB , 800x1159 , rrr-2867247.jpg )
19315 ID: 8de42d -3 No. 19315 watch

yo this shit is like ippo except good and not this dbz crap
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>> ID: a51e8d 0 No. 19316
the dbz crap is the fun part though
>> ID: 8c221a 0 No. 19318
gotta power up dat dempsey roll
>> ID: 8de42d 0 No. 19319

this was really good too
>> ID: c1a8c2 0 No. 19320
They're doing that shit where they strap weights to your limbs and body, isnt that shit supposed to fuck up your body pretty badly?
>> ID: 0e9a18 0 No. 19321

Not any more than humping an 80 pound rucksack for a 3 day weekend in the bush. So not really that's a myth.
>> ID: 61caf0 0 No. 19323
File 132921052382.jpg - (398.56KB , 800x892 , buyuden-2414083.jpg )
implying i read manly shit and not cute girls hitting each other

of course its good, its by fucking inoue
>> ID: 8660fd 0 No. 19325
File 132923116699.png - (475.84KB , 653x647 , erJyO.png )
ran out of chapters to read, v. enjoyable >>19315
>> ID: 8c221a 0 No. 19326

>> ID: 8c221a 0 No. 19327

wait, I use my left hand to masturbate too

am I secretly left handed?
>> ID: c1a8c2 0 No. 19328
I just remember hearing/reading somewhere that running with weights in your hands and strapped to your feet is bad for your joints, could just be bs though.
>> ID: bcd07e 0 No. 19329
Running when you are 200 pounds overweight is also bad for your joints. If they're using so much added weight strapped to them that it causes damage, they are fucking something up.
>> ID: 0e9a18 0 No. 19350
running period causes damage to your joints unless:

1. you're under weight
2. have the properly matched shoes to your feet
3. are running on an appropriate surface (soft track/dirt, not concrete)

and that's why I swim.
>> ID: 57e5c3 -1 No. 19352
are we talking some sort of lasting damage or the sort that is the whole point of training (damaged cells get replaced with stronger cells)
>> ID: 0e9a18 -1 No. 19353

We're talking "needing knee surgery when you're in your 40s" damage.
>> ID: 91108b 0 No. 19357
File 133041042233.jpg - (129.86KB , 800x1235 , family-compo-1368407.jpg )

gay and good
>> ID: 7f6e59 -1 No. 19358
>> ID: a246f4 0 No. 19405

very good historical type manga

the main character is a beast
>> ID: 30ed5c 0 No. 19415
this makes me want to start boxing
>> ID: fb52c5 0 No. 19433
i don't understand how sora and yukari's relationship work. If sora straight up thinks of himself as a man, wouldn't he want a wife that doesn't have a cock? vice versa for yukari.
>> ID: 57e5c3 0 No. 19434
maybe he thinks he's a warrior from ancient Greece where it was very manly to be gay
>> ID: 30ed5c 0 No. 19435
You can't control who you love. I'm sorry that you will never understand that.
>> ID: fb52c5 0 No. 19436
i can make my mom buy me w/ever i want so i dont know wut u mean?
>> ID: 563aac 0 No. 19437
great ending
>> ID: ad7991 0 No. 19438
Apparently, they either don't have sex at all or they do it very weirdly. According to one chapter, Sora only ever had sex as a woman that one time in order to conceive.

Either Sora straps one on every time and does Yukari up the ass all the time (strap ons aren't manly for men) or Yukari fucks Sora up the ass (assuming you can be manly and enjoy dick, but only in the ass like gay men).

It's complicated. And unnecessary to think of. Ever.
>> ID: fb52c5 0 No. 19441
yea sora pegging yukari is the only thing i can see them ever actually doing. and that has got to get old fast.

or maybe they just became full-time wizards after having shion.
>> ID: 8b407a 0 No. 19444
y does this even matter
>> ID: fb52c5 0 No. 19448
because its super hot
>> ID: 8c221a 0 No. 19449

this manga fucking ruled thanks for posting it
>> ID: 2e44cf 0 No. 19451
np i love reading manga
>> ID: 2e44cf 1 No. 19463

this manga is great. goes from one thing to another and the characters are awesome
>> ID: 2e44cf 0 No. 19464
also great art
>> ID: 7a3f26 0 No. 19465
this ruled thanks for posting it
>> ID: 7a81b1 0 No. 19467

Wow. It's like if HOTD was actually good.
>> ID: 750687 0 No. 19475
Two volumes read so far.

Characters so far I don't hate: 0

If volume 3 is full of more retards who can't figure out the best way to deal with the walking undead is NOT to ask them why they're eating your flesh and deciding they just need a hug, fuck this.
>> ID: 57e5c3 0 No. 19476
later chapters have 4cha- i mean, 2ch users dealing with them, so you do have something to look forward to.
it does seem to be set in a universe where zombies never became part of popular culture though because god damn characters do some stupid shit
>> ID: 7a81b1 0 No. 19477

Actually its set in a autistic ddisappointingtion of Japan where people are controlled by deeply ingrained social conditioning from a pretty repressive society. That's what makes it so interesting tbh. This is literally how Japan would react under a zombie apocalypse.
>> ID: 57e5c3 0 No. 19548
File 134090498726.jpg - (152.99KB , 1200x847 , i-am-a-hero-3390993[1].jpg )
volume 9 available since a week ago
>> ID: 12a532 0 No. 19549


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