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ID: 788b61 0 No. 18799 watch
  hoyl shit i hate cg that tries to look hand drawn

i hate it so much
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>> ID: 03b68b 0 No. 18801
is the CGI method like cheaper or something I see no other reason to ever use it lol
>> ID: b128ad 0 No. 18802

its like a thousand times cheaper, easier, and faster.
>> ID: edb614 0 No. 18804
It doesn't look that bad.
>> ID: 06622a -2 No. 18805
File 132028472151.jpg - (98.46KB , 667x440 , 1307085625851.jpg )
Shut the fuck up you big takei babies, this looks amazing.
>> ID: 14e324 0 No. 18809
It doesn't look too bad, but the only problem is that the battlefield scenes in the trailer look like they're lagging, which is ridiculous. When it's just Guts or a few people on screen it looks great, like when he turned the Behelith in his hand. If the entire thing was as fluid as that, that'd be great, but if it lags it'll suck shit.

Also it feels Korean made almost.
>> ID: 9b46be 0 No. 18810
got no quarrel with the animation or anything

but gutts face looks less manly
and casca face looks less feminine

...i dont like that
>> ID: 262f5b 0 No. 18811
File 132034587162.jpg - (176.26KB , 540x1260 , iiiits za warudo.jpg )
The "lag" is because they can't draw the 3d frames faster than what the frames the hand-drawn animation is in because if they did the non-CGI parts of the movie would look like they're "lagging". In truth they are but that's because drawn frames are never consistently above 30 frames per second.

Also, you BET korea has everything to do with any animation nowadays, outsourced or otherwise.
>> ID: a6cb35 0 No. 18826
File 132118258412.jpg - (12.45KB , 315x315 , 1312220711174.jpg )
>that music
It seens like a Disney movie
>> ID: 219c02 0 No. 18865
>> ID: 29a8a3 0 No. 19544
Twas great but it needed more Hirasawa.
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