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ID: 0cee57 10 No. 13388 watch
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>> ID: bdec51 0 No. 13399
I didn't like Doug or Keenan and Kel. What now?
>> ID: e7c29d 11 No. 13477
File 131051977264.png - (116.80KB , 320x240 , fuck the haters.png )
>> ID: 9cb46f 6 No. 13566
File 131054642466.jpg - (21.04KB , 293x250 , 127436147293.jpg )
God DAMNIT I need cable NOW.

I saw Lori Beth Denberg the other day she's surprisingly fatter.
>> ID: 0564d3 1 No. 13588
oh nice this starts on my birthday

i hope i find a stream
>> ID: ed6eac 0 No. 13633

Why are you surprised?
>> ID: 284590 0 No. 13734
What a terrible time slot. It'll fail horribly.

>90s Nick

There are only a few years worth of people left that are still considered "teens" and grew up in the 90s.
>> ID: e7c29d 4 No. 13799
why don't you judge every other network that doesn't directly correlate their programming to their channel name?
ex: cartoon network, the "history" channel and MTV
>> ID: 9cb46f 2 No. 13833
I don't know, you would think she would have peaked at a certain weight class.
>> ID: 73d72c 2 No. 13866
looks good
>> ID: e70eb6 3 No. 13877
I'm looking forward to it, but I'm worried that I'll only enjoy watching the shows for nostalgia.

>> ID: c22042 0 No. 14277

Me neither. Only thing i watched on Nick was Rocko's Modern Life. Everything else was pretty damn bland.

Also it was bound to happen for Nickelodeon to capitalize on this manchild obsession. CN's been doing it with Boomerang for years now.
>> ID: 585f35 0 No. 14301
fuck you all I loved this shit when I was little
>> ID: 0c2a94 1 No. 14312
No Clarissa explains it all?

Fuck that.
>> ID: e7c29d 0 No. 14688
File 13112625055.jpg - (25.30KB , 640x480 , holla.jpg )
just checked my dvr, it'll be on at 1am tuesday morning
so fuck YOU
>> ID: e7c29d 6 No. 15433
  he put that screw in dat tuner
>> ID: 9d54eb 14 No. 15444
  Nadine is why I started hating people.
>> ID: 36e207 1 No. 15588
>> ID: 3bee12 8 No. 15688
  god damn videos of terrible nick game show contestants are awesome
>> ID: e7c29d 1 No. 15744
  and the kid still got fucking silver
>> ID: 29294d 0 No. 19569
Nice tits- err, I mean shirt. Ok, I mean tits.
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