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File 131692212053.jpg - (65.15KB , 1200x450 , help.jpg )
18163 ID: 0de7a2 -1 No. 18163 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

on one hand shana is my wife but that also means i already have a few shana figures...
on the other hand i could always use more rie kugimiya figures and the idolmaster show this season is really good and iori owns...
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>> ID: 752fd9 0 No. 18178
Iori 100%
>> ID: bae3ae -1 No. 18182
Gar how can I become an anime what's your secret???
>> ID: 7de8bb 0 No. 18183
File 131701656444.jpg - (75.55KB , 500x500 , spelling rurus.jpg )

quit using my name, jeez
>> ID: bae3ae 0 No. 18186

not you, the cool Gar.
>> ID: 7de8bb 4 No. 18187
File 13170214456.jpg - (6.43KB , 192x144 , 20050618175425999_1.jpg )

Get the hell out of here, Denton.

File 131570765941.jpg - (32.63KB , 624x352 , mike tysons punch out groin edition.jpg )
17943 ID: b972f0 0 No. 17943 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
season finale of futurama was yesterday, did anyone else see it?
if not http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6661798/Futurama_S06E26_HDTV_XviD-ASAP_[eztv]
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>> ID: c9e529 0 No. 17946
I heard this season was really bad like worse than 5
>> ID: 079c89 0 No. 17947
i stopped watching it

its really gona downhill, or at least it cant live up to its early seasons
>> ID: 590dc3 0 No. 17954
better record than the simpsons
>> ID: 5320ec 0 No. 17958
It's definitely not as smart as previous seasons, but I think it's still good. The first couple episodes of the season seemed to be leaning towards the "constant, pointless pop-culture parody" format that a lot of bad shows go for, but as the season went on the episodes got pretty good. Then again I'm not one of those people who looks at the most recent episodes of a show and says THIS SEASON IS NOTHING LIKE MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF THE SECOND SEASON AAAAAAAAAA(spergs)
>> ID: ba6c2e 1 No. 17970
season finale was very nice, season as a whole was a lot better than nothing imo

except "Yo Leela Leela"

File 131560110734.png - (255.16KB , 544x460 , aww yeah.png )
17933 ID: 747722 0 No. 17933 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
the first wave of the new 52 came out did you buy any and do you plan on buying any that havent been out yet

also i bought kingdom come and the first two thy kingdom come books recently and they are nice

what about you FA
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>> ID: c51eb6 1 No. 17935
File 131561174056.jpg - (45.09KB , 259x400 , What-IF-052.jpg )
nope sorry i'm too busy filling out my What If? collection
>> ID: e66fe2 0 No. 17936
File 131561229133.jpg - (95.71KB , 494x747 , spectacular-spiderman-76-1983-marvel-comics-0dc76.jpg )
i'm readin' the SPECTACULAR SPIDERMAN comics and they are pretty good

if FA would be so kind, i'd like it's members to recommend me some BATMAN and SUPERMAN reading material b/c i'd like to understand more the nature of these colossal heroes and their justice
>> ID: 941dc6 0 No. 17939
I don't read much superman, but What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow was a really nice read that played to the character's strengths. All-star Superman is another series that you should definitely check out. While it isn't exclusively superman, Kingdom Come has some nice Superman and Batman bits and is worth looking into for the art alone.
>> ID: 747722 0 No. 17941
I second Kingdom Come, a big conflict in it is Superman's ideology in extreme circumstance vs Batman's which is kinda what you're asking for.
>> ID: c51eb6 0 No. 17942

All-Star Superman
The Man of Steel (1986), start of post-Crisis Superman. Great place to start if you're new to Superman.
The Death of Superman run (1992 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Death_of_Superman)
Superman for All Seasons

Basically all of Frank Miller's big stuff (Year One, Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again) is excellent.
Other good runs include The Long Halloween, Arkham Asylum, Hush, and Broken City.

Plus there's the bigger-world books that DC likes to put out like Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC: The New Frontier (one of my all time favorites), and Kingdom Come that are also definitely worth picking up.

ID: 0cca2e 7 No. 15966 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  Just a friendly reminder this is officially released tomorrow on bluray in Japan so expect it soon on the internet.
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>> ID: cc9afe -3 No. 17855
A net book wouldnt be able to handle a 720p/1080p video. Look for a 480p Xvid encode.
Enjoy this post or find it helpful? Consider +repping this post!
>> ID: 6f4a70 0 No. 17877
yeah in order to watch the 1080p version MKV i had to get coreAVC and use BS.Player in order to get it to run smooth, still messes up if you try and skip
>> ID: 01bf61 2 No. 17911

If you really want to watch it NOT SUCK you need

x32 version of MPC-HC
madVR as your renderer
CCCP Beta, uninstall the old one
and Haali's matroska splitter


This is the link that will let your mpc run Hi10P encodes. However, I find that it's less of a resource hog and runs much better than anything regardless of what mkv encode you're watching on it.
>> ID: bc422e 0 No. 17922
The 1080p one was all out of sync for a while until I found out that MPC was using VSync for some reason. I didn't even know it had it. Shut that off and it worked perfectly.
>> ID: ae7838 1 No. 17937
i jus had had cccp w/mpc installled default settings and this ran perfectly at 1080p

i'm the guy who freakin hates anime and i thought this was pretty enjoyable liked the music and artstyle best

File 131446039788.jpg - (57.18KB , 525x300 , Persona_4_anime.jpg )
17048 ID: 495f1b -1 No. 17048 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Persona 4 the Animation

26 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 135eed -2 No. 17600

Chris, Mark, Lisa and Ulala would have made great fighting game characters.
>> ID: 32aa88 -2 No. 17611
They won't, but still doesn't stop me from wanting to play as Maya or Jun

Also here is a portal site
That links to the sites for P4:G and P4U
Nothing yet, but good to keep your eyes on
>> ID: dddc2c -5 No. 17622
File 131504872711.jpg - (17.77KB , 241x230 , king protag aka me.jpg )
Let's be honest though, who even wants to know who that queer Demifiend is anyway? He's a shit character.

>> ID: 090e91 4 No. 17623
File 131507405620.jpg - (124.93KB , 780x749 , this entire fucking thread gets told.jpg )
>> ID: 81e88a 1 No. 17899
  Oh hey a trailer.

File 131192941057.jpg - (40.95KB , 704x396 , higurashi-no-naku-koro-ni-kai-01-large-27.jpg )
15488 ID: 0b3b97 -4 No. 15488 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any good anime in progress?

Currently re-watching Black Lagoon, but I'm kind of in the mood to follow a series
14 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 9a68ff -2 No. 16799
I watched the first 6 episodes of mawaru penguindrum tonight holy shit it is the best thing ever.
>> ID: 6ed389 -2 No. 16822
Shit like yuruyuri is a the trash killing the industry.
>> ID: b84e2e -4 No. 16833

Shut your stupid face. Yuruyuri is golden and will save the industry.
>> ID: 9a68ff -2 No. 16877
It is about girls who like anime what could you find wrong with that.
>> ID: e0be30 -2 No. 17736
it had some funny jokes from the bit i watched

but fuck fanservice

ID: 92a869 0 No. 16866 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Watch this! its fantastic!

Its a Classical japanese horror, separated into 5 different stories. Its very stylized and well written, filled with symbolism and cultural references.

Is there any other animes or movies similar to this style?
>> ID: a245c9 0 No. 16888
Animatrix probably
>> ID: 08f349 0 No. 17047
What about it are you interested in finding more of?
>> ID: 212d26 0 No. 17077
I thought it was boring but I think its because I'm not a wap faggot and don't understand their culture or symbolism.
>> ID: 8eb6e4 0 No. 17299
i wathced it earlier this week it was really good particularly the 4th and 5th arcs
>> ID: ddd124 1 No. 17735
The plot didn't attract me so much but the animation was fucking beautiful

File 131482927865.jpg - (43.52KB , 626x348 , Shallow Gravey.jpg )
17433 ID: ce6e5b 1 No. 17433 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So this came out...

Anybody know if it means season 5 is around the corner?
>> ID: 4fd389 1 No. 17544
  Theres no word on when season 5 is coming out yet, but we should hear something soon
>> ID: 144d5b 0 No. 17588
It's actually a good song, too.

ID: 203cae 0 No. 17200 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  hi everyone please check out my fan-art and vocal cover from Uta no Prince-Sama.
>> ID: 203cae -1 No. 17211
File 131466995899.png - (180.18KB , 500x313 , tumblr_lqgasqJHhi1qj3zpso1_500.png )
Face of a cutie, body of a MAN.
>> ID: bd8737 -1 No. 17222
Where's my Tiger & Bunny OP 1 I requested also good job it was very kawaii
>> ID: f02658 -1 No. 17233
I actually want to do it, but there's no official instrumental release (there won't be) and there haven't been any good ones on YouTube yet. The usual vocal-track remover trick with Audacity didn't work, so I dunno how else to create my own instrumental track off it.

File 131320109465.png - (411.80KB , 640x432 , BATMEN OF NATIONS.png )
16255 ID: f0a1f3 0 No. 16255 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Four Star Spectacular

Crisis 23,000 Miles Above Earth

Mitefall (The FINAL episode)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 9a845a -1 No. 16300
File 131325265065.jpg - (29.60KB , 129x189 , GreenLatern.jpg )

Mitefall (The FINAL episode)

9:45 - Batman: This calls for action. TO THE EXTREME!

Jesus, why did they end this show. I rather have this over "serious" batman any day.
>> ID: f0a1f3 -1 No. 16333
File 131330491933.jpg - (41.78KB , 500x279 , Ambush_Bug_02.jpg )
Oh Ambush Bug, you are a scream!

Trust me, I share your feeling.
Too bad some of my closest friends prefer the "realistic" and "grimdark" bats over this one.
Apparently, isn't enough dark or believable for them.
>> ID: 2ed8a9 0 No. 16788
>> ID: ff28f6 -1 No. 16900
please stop it with the gimmicks
>> ID: 1db8e8 1 No. 16901
  this fuckin show

File 131285032664.jpg - (11.39KB , 460x258 , BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER.jpg )
15922 ID: 4f28ea 6 No. 15922 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: 68ebcf 0 No. 16366
That title still belongs to G4.
>> ID: ca6321 0 No. 16377

uh no I'm pretty sure its spike
>> ID: ca6321 0 No. 16388
actually I change my vote to MTV
>> ID: 49dfb2 0 No. 16766
The Boondocks meets Undercover Brother
>> ID: 6ca751 0 No. 16911
That shit's fucking great

ID: c6cadd 0 No. 16699 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  omg its leaked finally
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> ID: c318e1 0 No. 16722
I didn't really like it until the ending
>> ID: a219d8 0 No. 16733
It took like 11:30 to get to the punch line.
>> ID: 247ad1 0 No. 16744
it was girly and annie may but the animation was really fucking good and the innuendos were funny.

the ending made the whole premise forgiveable and yeah it was a good punchline
>> ID: 0d052b 0 No. 16745
im jerking off
>> ID: c318e1 0 No. 16755
hey anonymous i think you already posted in this thread >>16702

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